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  1. Bruce, how did everyone figure out you're Batman? Geocachers...
  2. I just did one today where there was a container without a lid, and the log was wet. Based on the logs, this had been the case for quite awhile. I have a kit in the car for such occasions, and had a container that was similar in size and color. So I replaced the plastic bag, dried out the log the best I could, and dropped some swag. Is it wrong to be a cache angel and take care of someone else's cache? I made pretty much the same case in my log for why I did it. Now it's a better game piece for those that come after me.
  3. I picked up a travel bug, and the owner asks for pictures to be uploaded. Is this something that can only be done by the owner and I need to send the pictures to them, or is there a way to do it that I do not see when I bring up the travel bug? It's not very clear how to do this. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  4. I found this article that has 10 geocaches to do in LA. I might have to make this a to do list of my own. (I'm northwest of LA). http://discoverlosangeles.com/play/activities-and-recreation/activities/search-and-enjoy-geocaching-in-los-angeles.html
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