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  1. Sounds like these managers didn't know the rules. Best to post notes about these ones to get them removed, based on the system-wide Refuge container ban. A better option might be to contact the refuge manager directly. I would not presume that a handful of geocachers and/or USFWS employees, especially if they are not employed at the NWR in question, know the details of the situation better than the person who gave permission for the cache placement. If the listing was submitted with information indicating that permission was obtained, the volunteer reviewers shouldn't put themselves in the position of interpreting the internal policy of a federal agency. If Groundspeak was to be directly contacted by the refuge manager, however, the listing should be dealt with appropriately and immediately.
  2. According to this definition, a form is not an absolute requirement. Perhaps that is why geocides are often temporary. If we can develop a standard geocide application procedure, complete with a binding regulation to back it up, maybe we can ensure a more permanent removal process. TPTB should appoint a committee...
  3. It's interesting that the people who talk about how dangerous Florida is don't even live here. I guess the same could be said about New York City... There is a grain of truth to the statements above, but my esteemed colleague from Alabama is venturing into the realm of hysteria. It's true that our non-urban areas have their share of wildlife, both venomous and non-venomous (nothing is poisonous except the plants and mushrooms). But the majority of alligator incidents can usually be traced to human instigation - swimming at night in a canal, feeding the gators, or attempting to get close to them. Almost all snake bites occur when people try to catch them. And the majority of Florida is NOT built on swamps, bogs, moors, or similar wetlands. It's interesting to note that the majority of Disney property is built on filled wetlands but the remainder of the state (excluding the Everglades) is not. Maybe if people visited more than Disney when they came here there would be a more realistic understanding of our natural resources. I agree that you shouldn't reach under logs or into holes without checking first. It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen and carry lots of water, especially if you aren't used to the climate. I have strong allergic reactions to poison ivy and I would defintely recommend learning more about this plant if you plan to venture beyond concrete and Mickey Mouse. Please contact me through my profile and I'll give you some more information to help you plan some geocaching in the Orlando and central Florida area. I hope you enjoy your visit. **Edited to correct spelling. Gee, I wish more people would do that!**
  4. The Space Coast Geocachers Association is an organization of geocachers in east central Florida. Current membership stands at 128 and they sponsor regular events. In addition, they are an authorized Groundspeak distributor with a storefront in Merritt Island.
  5. Please remember to be extra careful when you visit The Villages!
  6. I usually make note of these "useful" hints in my cache log. I find that the rate of change to the hint is directly proportional to the amount of sarcasm used in the log. And that rate is further increased proportionally to the number of other cachers that follow suit.
  7. This is less of a posted guideline and more of a matter of personal preference. There has been discussion on this site (and others) as to whether it is legitimate to log an event cache multiple times to correspond with the number of temporary event caches. Some people feel they should get credit for every pocket cache, film can, and tupperware that was made available during the event. Others feel that a single log for the entire event encompasses the whole enchilada. Choose your preference and judge not the preference of others - unless it's your event, in which case you should be allowed to make the choice for everyone in attendance.
  8. If one creates more than 10 lame micros in a year, that activity probably falls within the description of a MicroSpewery and the appropriate license should be prominently displayed in a public place. Fewer than that probably meets the criteria for private consumption.
  9. Which MapSource data set are you using? I use MetroGuide and get most of the central Florida area in just a few maps. Contact me directly and we can discuss this further. FWIW, I started a bookmark list for people visiting Orlando. It's a totally arbitrary compilation of caches that excludes most micros and park-and-grabs. Some may find it useful.
  10. I'd like to keep this one Florida specific for several reasons. There are numerous sites throughout the state so this one won't be considered too limited in scope; there are currently 450+ locations and new sites are added every year. The referenced project is managed by the state's fish and wildlife agency, which has a widespread reputation for excellence, so the project will not be short-lived. And I think that the overall point of interest is different enough from a general category of worldwide birdwatching areas that both categories can function independently. Thanks.
  11. I've just started a new group for the purpose of managing a waymark category for the Great Florida Birding Trail. Information on the GFBT can be found here. If you're interested in this topic, please consider joining the group. Thanks.
  12. You can contact either the owner of the travel bug or the owner of the cache where it is listed. They both have the ability to mark it as "missing". I would leave it up to the TB owner to contact the person in physical possession of it and give a gentle reminder to log their retrieval.
  13. I got some neat buttons from Honeychile that I leave in every cache I visit. They may not be worth much now ...
  14. I'm happy to report that I was able to get photos of Mt. Dora today. I'll upload them at the Sisters cache ASAP.
  15. JetSkier managed to find Magellan's San Lazaro's Loot cache this afternoon, before the actual coordinates were posted. A horde of us descended upon the Lower Wekiva River State Preserve, hiked miles of trails, and whacked the bushes for many hours. JetSkier outlasted us all through heat and thunderstorms to take the grand prize before the coordinates were posted for the rest of us mortals. Outstanding!
  16. Hey, this one is practically in my backyard! I'll try to get you a photo at an interesting location by the weekend.
  17. I have 3 Garmins: 12XL, III+, and the V. I have no complaints about the III+. The V often loses all satellite signals, even if I'm in an open field with no tree cover and clear skies. It does it often enough that it doesn't surprise me any more, although it almost always happens when I'm within 100' of the cache! I have the same battery trouble. It's my understanding that rechargeable batteries are slightly smaller than regular alkalines and don't fit exactly right. I will be ordering my battery spacer tomorrow. Also, the auto-routing isn't very useful if you're not on a major highway or numbered road. And it doesn't have the capability of storing an off-route track for future reference. The latest CD doesn't show the new toll road around Orlando and it blows a gasket every time I drive on it. I have never liked the 12XL for geocaching, although it's very good for my job (biologist). The proximity indicator limits out at 0.1 mile and isn't stable enough to get me very close. I do a lot of brush-busting when I geocache with this one. One the positive side, Garmin has given me great latitude on warranty service (which I have needed quite often).
  18. Several of us have talked about setting up some sort of meet-n-greet event cache before the end of the summer. Let me know if you're interested in helping out on that one and we'll all get together.
  19. There isn't a formal group in the Orlando area, but there are several groups of folks who cache together or have lunch on occasion. There have also been several events for people to meet each other and swap stories and ideas. Nothing is planned anytime soon, however. There is a strong group in Tampa and another loosely knit group in Melbourne. Hopefully, someone else can add to this and put you in touch with others. Welcome to the fold and happy caching!
  20. There were three caches at UCF. Danalstace is the existing physical cache. Listen by the Pond is a virtual cache. There was also UCFi, which vanished and was archived some time ago. Come on by and check them out. The Danalstace cache always has a problem getting damp, so bring something to wipe the container out with!
  21. Sure, why not? For more on this subject, allow me to Markwell you to this thread.
  22. Sure, why not? If a person wants to restrict it to cache only transactions it does seem to circumvent the wheresgeorge rules and turn it into a travel bug. Doesn't bother me too much and I'll play along. But I also feel free to spend any other bill I find in a cache, as long as I've traded fairly for it. I also carry a stash of my own bills as emergency trades.
  23. Oh, you said I should do a "tick" check! BTW, this is me and I love the captions!!
  24. I recently began using the MapSource waterways and lights (v 3.01) with my III+. However, when I turn the map on I get a series of horizontal and vertical lines that make it impossible to see any detail. I also tried loading a set of maps from the roads and recreation set but it made no difference. I have been unable to find any help on the Garmin site. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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