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  1. I have had the same problem since I updated firmware 2.3 on my Legend HCx. And I can't load firmware back to 2.2, I think we have to wait for firmware 2.4 expect to be released soon. Just a thought. Are you hiking near a road and have lock on road turned on?? I have seen this effect my 60cx. I have lock on road turn on and start to walk and it never moves. As soon as I turn this off it is fixed. Worth a shot.
  2. I second GenTYP. Cypherman has made this process a lot easier. GenTYP is a great program and enhances your maps greatly.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to make this program. I will be working on this and trying it out as soon as my 6th month old decides to take a nap for a while. This is something again that will help take the gps to a new level.
  4. If you have jpeg files you can use applications mapman or oziexplorer. These programs will open your jpeg then you simpley calibrate your map base on two points then you can import your tracks. I would use mapman. You will calibrate the map, import your tracks and then you can export them to .mp file that gpsmapedit will open or mapman can make the .img file for you but since I already knew mapedit I stick with it. I misread your post but mapman will allow you to draw whatever tracks you want. I should work fine and it is free for basic version that should do everything you want.
  5. Try this free paint program Paint.NET v3.08 I tried it and worked great. A little bonus is it has a bunch of brush patterns. I did a little test with it...created a 32x32 file...turned the grid on so I had a guide to follow with the brush...zoomed it to 800%...selected the brush tool...set brush to 4 pix...tried several of the brush patterns and whipped up many different images in no time. Of cource you can draw freehand images too. Thanks for the help and tips. This got me on my way. I am understanding the process better now. Now to find the perfect design so I can see the borders and get the most transparent maps
  6. I tried this out and got something but didn't like how it looked. I used photoshop at work. The problem is I can only make it at work then bring it home and try it out. Is there a way to use a free program on windows to do this. I am running xp. If not I will have to make it at work and try it at home. Also I made a square box but it didn't look to good. Can you send me your .bmp file. I will pm you my email. I would like to look at somthing in case I have to do this at work.
  7. Here's a screenshot with a semi-transparent polygon custom map on top of City Select. I created the example polygon to cover water, land and roads to show how they show through. I used a typ file to alter the State Park polygon (x20) using a bitmap to color in green leaving some transparency to allow the City Select map to show through. The bitmap can be adjusted to let more (or less) of the underlaying map show through. The example should maybe have a little less transparency to give it more green and the bitmap would have to be adjusted some to get rid of the blank lines. Page 55 and 56 in the cGPSMapper manual covers how to typ a polygon. Thanks for the example. It looks pretty good. I use cyphermans gentyp program to do this stuff. I find it more user friendly and less learning curve. I will look at page 55&56 of cGPSMapper to see if I can translate that to gentyp program. Unless you know already how to do this?? Thanks for the help.
  8. Do a Google search for a .wmv to .mov converter..... rws had a quick question. I just got some .shp files of park borders. They are polygons. I am trying to get them into the gps and be able to see city navigator roads, waterways, etc through the polygons. I tried to make a .typ file using cyphermans gentyp but had not luck. I set the color scheme then set the priority of the polygon to 8. Thought this might work but my custom map again was on top of all city navigator items. Know of any work around?? Thanks for the help.
  9. Just an idea to golfers out there. You can trace your local golf course and use the data when you play.
  10. I'm not sure which one to send you, I'm working with a set of a little over 3500 .mp files. I've got more issues though, when I save all the .mp files that dem2topo makes into a single .mp file it saves just fine, but when I load it back up I only see about 5 contour lines, a far cry from what should be there. After playing around with this I finally got GPSMapper to export. What I did was change the contour intervals from 20,200,500 feet (as mentioned in the .pdf) to 40,200,1000 as mentioned above. Finally, some progress. HOWEVER, I started looking closer at the map and noticed a lot of spots where the contour lines weren't matching up, like they were offset a bit. This whole process is very frustrating. Now to mention I've been waiting for about a week for my hydro data. I was relying on the high res hydro data to point out some good hunting spots deep in the woods. I would be happy to send whatever files you need to pinpoint the issue, but I'm not sure which files out of my working set to send, as I said, I'm trying to compile a high-res topo/hydro map for the entire state of Texas. As for your hydro data put in another request and see if that helps. My suggestion is to start off small. Start off with a very small area and get that to work then think bigger. I know if you use to large of areas things get very tricky. Send me a small area that you already did the modifications in gpsmapedit and you can't get it to work and I will look at it.
  11. No, that's not it. Even when I get this error I can select Level 0 in Map Edit and see the entire map. I do this from habit now before saving the map. I've also never entered something before Level 0 in the Levels page, I've always added them at the bottom. What's worse, I can trim out portions of the mp and leave all the settings alone and get around this error, so it's not a setup or configuration problem. I will pm you my email. Send me your .mp file and I will look at it.
  12. As for the layer 0 cannot be empty it has to do when you set up your levels. If you take one of your maps and click on view then levels and select 0 you will not see anything. The reason is when you go to add a level(I do not have the instructions right in front of me) under file,map properties, levels tab you select level 0 and then insert before. What you want to do is highlight the bottom level whichever it is and select insert before. This also might be causing the Bad Allocation during the processing. Try this and get back to me. I know Cobber99 got it to work and if I remember right this was the problem.
  13. TotemLake has more than a few enemies; it may not be in your best interest to wear this hat in some places. Any advice would also be welcomed here. Pants and underwear suggestions along with a shirt would be good.
  14. If you search the threads you will find info on custom maps. You can simply trace in GE then convert to .gpx file and then use gpsmapedit, cgsmapper, mapsettoolkit and make a custom map of the bounderies. All of these are free and you won't loose anything once uploaded.
  15. The "lock on road" feature is definently the problem. I had the same thing happen to me last night for the first time. I pulled off in a parking lot next to a road and started to walk and looked at the map and nothing was happening. I then turned off the "lock on road" feature and the map started to move.
  16. I have tried both and I would go with GSAK. You can try it for free for 20 days or so. Give it a shot and see. After that you can continue to use it you just get a nag screen. I tried it for free and by the time the period was over I thought it was well worth the 20 dollars.
  17. I don't use the compass or the "goto" feature. I prefer to see the cache on the map screen as I move towards it. I don't use an in-car charger. It's the map screen which locks up. It goes just as if it was a printed picture. Moving about or rotating the GPSr makes no difference whatsoever. I can move through the different screens as normal. It's just the map page which seems to stop updating. I asked the question because I wondered if it was a common fault on this unit, but it seems not. I will try and keep a close watch on it next time and see exactly when it happens. Do you have the lock on road feature on? I will ask this again because this seems like that is what is wrong. What the lock on road feature does is if you are close to a road it will automatically put you on the road on the map screen. Try to turn this off and see if it still happens. Or try to get out of your car and start walking and keep walking for a good distance off road into the wild and see if the gps corrects itself then.
  18. I can't see that that will make any difference. I only have to get out of the car with it my hand and stand beside the car - two feet from where it was on the dashboard, and it still does it! Which screen are you using when this happens? Is it the map screen? Or have you tried to rotate the screen when getting out of the car. Maybe a little more detail will help. What do you mean by freezing? Can you rotate through the screens or are you stuck on one screen?
  19. Do you have the lock on road feature on? This might cause you position to stay on the road even when you are heading off road?
  20. The 60csx builds some type of index of the mapset (you can see it do this when you insert the microSD card into the gps and turn it on for the first time, you'll see a status bar across the bottom of the screen). The more segments the bigger the index. The index is stored in internal memory so it's size is limited by the amount of internal memory, which limits the number of segments you can have loaded. In this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=160774&hl= I explained that the topo maps can be regenerated with larger segments and said if enough people were interested that I would write a program to automate the process. Not a single person responded that they would be interested. I would be interested in something like that.
  21. Sorry The Sticker City product seems clearer to me. Edited the original post to clarify, thanks. How about a field test?? Maybe drag it across a few rocks or take it bushwacking??
  22. There is no mention of locked on the page for it. AFAIK, the locked products are done so due to agreements with their data provider (NavTeq) I have to say that I expected the scale to be better. Also I would like to see it on the gps. The shading is nice but if it doesn't carry over to my 60cx then I do not think it is worth it.
  23. Convert them to POI and load with POI Loader. I tried this yesterday. the process I followed was: 1. Save all caches in GSAK as a single gpx file. 2. Load the GPX file to 60CSx with Garmin POI tool. The problem I encountered is that this jsut did the same thing as GSAK in that it loaded the caches into the 60CSx's memory and there were no options to load them onto the Micro SD card. Infact Garmins POI loader has no options at all from what I can see. If you run garmins poi loader it automatically puts it on the micro sd card. Go to find and see if you have a custom POI folder there. This is where it should put the caches that you load up. Also you could go to mass storage and look and see if you file is there also.
  24. I saw your post on map authors?? I am not sure how to do it but where did you finally find the data?? If I can find some here for PA I will try it to see what I get.
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