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  1. UPDATE: Even tho this query didn't appear to get much traffic, I wanted to put out that the backlight is working again. Was out on a cache-dash today and saw that my batteries were running low. So I swapped them out with a pair of regular alkalines (had rechargables in there for some time). For S's and G's, I tested the light and it worked. Not sure what the correlation between the 2 types of batteries was, but it's all good to go.
  2. Thanks for the replies....I normally keep my backlight set to 50%, and it's set to that now. The button lights work, just no screen light regardless of what page I'm on or pressing the power button. I've got it connected to the PC via the USB, no light...disconnected and pressing the power button, no light. The icon at the top of the screen says the backlight is on, but only the button lights are on. I've had no issues with powering on/off either. What brought my attention to it was driving home from work the other day, out of the blue, the unit chirped. I looked at it and no backlight.
  3. I noticed recently that my backlight no longer works. I'm hoping it hasn't completely gone "nipples north" on me, but that's what it's looking like. I power cycled the unit, downloaded latest s/w version, and eventually did a hard reset all to no avail. (I know those were futile attempts at best, but ya never know what might work!) I can't seem to find any in-depth info on the backlight either to help. Anyone else come across this issue with their 60CSx? I've had this unit for about 2.5 yrs if that helps any.
  4. Here are a couple (GC14R8G and GC119TH). They are on opposite sides of I-81 about 15 mins south of Harrisonburg, VA. i haven't made my way to them yet myself, but they are loaded in my GPS awaiting the opportunity to get there. Hope this helps. Sidewalksailor
  5. Not an ET...but I was a CTM, same thing as far as the Navy is concerned anymore. 12 yrs, still active, but now an IT (RM to you older Navy folk...comms weenie to you non-Navy types). Stationed in Guam, Diego Garcia, Maine, Diego Garcia again, Norfolk, and West Virginia.
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for an automated triangulation tool....whether it's a website, program, or if there is a GPSr that provides this. I want to be able to plug in my location at "Point A" and take a line of bearing and enter that, go to "Point B" and take a line of bearing on the same object to get a more accurate lat/long than I'd get by using a paper map and drawing my LOB's on it. I'd love to see this as an option on GPSr's but as far as I can tell, it doesn't exist. I've googled this topic and get nothing but an explanation of how GPS works. Any help would be appreciated. ~Sidewalksailor.
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