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  1. Check out the Garmin Etrex 10. It is lacking some features like the ability to download new maps I believe but brand new is in your price range or close to it. I have the 20 and love it.
  2. Figured it was something like that. Thank you!
  3. Just wondering why my posts here aren't showing that I am a contributing member? Thanks. -WRTB
  4. It truly is an addiction! I predict many late nights of solving puzzles and many early mornings of starting our searches! Much easier being able to see the clues on my GPS instead o trying to remember them all!
  5. Going with the 20 may be a good reason to get out on longer hikes instead of the other way around. If you can do the 20 I would, it is better to grow in to something then have to spend the money twice to upgrade. I you can't do the 20 right now, I am sure the 10 will suit you well for geocaching.
  6. I just got the Etrex 20 and the only thing I really wish it had was a digital compass but it is really not a big deal. This thing has way more features than I expected which is great because I hike and fish as well.
  7. Thanks guys! We will both be paid members in the near future for sure. I will be in a few days, just waiting on my paypal funds to clear. Looking forward to being active with this awesome group of people!
  8. Just a quick one. I just started geocaching and my girlfriend will be doing it with me. She also created a name here but I am wondering if it is important to have 2 paid memberships right now? I am out of work for a bit so I would rather not spend twice as much right now but there are a couple paid member only caches. Should I just note that she found it with me in the log and then when we upgrade her account, update the find on here at that time? Thank you! WRTB and MinnieLizzy827
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