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  1. Just curious as to who out there has geocaching.com accounts for their geo-pets and what there caching names are. We will be getting a new puppy and I already have my new caching buddy setup as Sierra Willow.
  2. I think his name is Jake. Anyway, Jake hasn't logged into his account (Team Jsam) since February 10, so I think he is just long gone
  3. I do have finds on two of my caches, but I found them when they were originally placed by another cacher. That cacher moved out of the area and I adopted them when she moved. So my point is, there are cases where you might have logged finds on caches you now own.
  4. Since I retired 13 years ago, the only clock I'm ever on is my own.... Oops, just got a nudge from the wife; I guess sometimes I'm on "her" clock, so my answer would be yes
  5. I do hope that all of you who lost money with coinswag.com do either get your items or your money back. I do believe in giving someone the opportunity to correct their mistakes. However, given the number of delays, misrepresentations and out right lies by coinswag.com, the old adage. "fool me once..., fool me twice..." comes to mind. Good luck to all.
  6. LOL I always wondered what happened to mom after she took that government job!
  7. I came across this container hidden in a hollow stump yesterday in Northern California. It belongs to Bobolu who always seems to come up with cool containers
  8. The worst I've found are: 1) a book of matches in a cache in the forest, 2) a 3 pack of condoms and 3) a live 30-06 round. I removed all of these and trashed them.
  9. For me, the worst place is within a ten foot radius of poison oak. These hides are especially bad this time of year because the foliage is gone (the warning leaves of three) and just shiny harmless looking sticks are showing. Anytime (well, to be honest, most of the time ) I'll pass up caches hidden anywhere near poison oak.
  10. The CoinSwag.Com website is gone. For those of you with pending orders, I hope you got your money back.
  11. Just curious, is the vendor Geoswag or Coinswag? I have never had a problem with Geoswag. I recently purchased some items and thought the company was Geoswag, however the name was Coinswag (guess I just don't pay close enough attention sometimes) and I had to go to my credit card company to get my money back from Coinswag as they never shipped my items and kept giving bogus reason for the delay.
  12. I too had to go to my credit card company to get my money back from this vendor. I guess there are several lessons to be learned here. 1. Don't trust a vendor who bills you for a product prior to its shipment. 2. Dispute any charges for an item if you have not received it in 40 days of being billed; NO matter what the vendor claims to be the cause of the delay. 3. Always use your credit card with PayPal, because when PayPal won't stand behind you, your credit card company will.
  13. For those who may be following this dialog, it is important to note that you only have 45 days from the date of the original purchase to file a dispute of charges with PayPal. It seems some businesses know how to string you along to run out the clock on this time frame. A big red flag on any purchase is when a company charges you for your items prior to their being shipped. I hope this information will be of value to others. One final note to make, the company I'm having problems with is Coinswag.Com, please do not confuse this company with Geoswag.Com, with whom I've never had a problem.
  14. I contacted Coinswag and they canceled my order on September 25, however, my credit card has yet to be credited. I sent an e-mail today informing them that if I did not see the credit by September 30, I would contact both PayPal and my credit card company to file a complaint. Thanks to SerenityNow for letting me know that others out there have been having the same problem with this company.
  15. In July, I ordered a Travel Bug decal and a Travel Bug patch. Since then I have received several messages from the vendor stating that my order has been delayed because they have not received their orders from the wholesaler. The last e-mail I received was on August 27 stating my order would be shipped in 2-3 weeks. I still have not received these items. Is anyone else experiencing delayed orders? Thanks for your help, Sierra Rat
  16. "Trash talking a business on these forums concerns me. Especially without merit. " WOW, I must admit I'm more than surprised by this response. I don't believe I "trash talked" anyone. In fact, I said in my original post, "I believe this is an honest business." However, there are events that have caused me concern and these events were stated without "trash talking" the business or anyone connected with the business. Fact 1) Item ordered July 8 and credit card billed July 8th Fact 2) An e-mail response on July 29 stated, "you should expect to see your order on your mail box by the end of next week." Fact 3) An e-mail response on August 12 stated, "[your order] will be shipping on the 17th. Sorry for the delay." Fact 4) An e-mail on August 27 linking to an order update site and that site stating, "your order will ship in 2 to 3 weeks." My quest here is not to "trash talk" anyone. In fact, if I haven't made it perfectly clear, all responses by this business to my e-mail inquiries have been timely and friendly. However, with the constant delays I just thought I would inquire here to see if anyone else is having problems, that's all. If no one else is currently having or has not had any problems in the past, then I will wait patiently for my order. However, if others are having problems I would like to know about it so I can request a refund.
  17. On July 8, I ordered a TB decal and TB patch from Coinswag.Com. A few days later they billed my credit card. I haven't received my items yet and every time I e-mail an inquiry I get a reply that that the items are back order and I will get them soon. The last e-mail I got back from Coinswag.Com stated my items would ship in 2-3 weeks, that was on August 27. While I believe this is a honest business I'm getting concerned and my patience is starting to wear thin. Also, the fact that my credit card was charged immediately, rather than when the items where shipped also concerns me. Anyone else with delayed orders from Coinswag.Com. Any opinions about this business? Thanks, Sierra Rat
  18. Yep, I thought of that, but the owner of this cache/challenge hasn't logged in since August of 2008. People still log on to this cache as having completed it. Guess I could do the total California Challenge, but I live in Northern Cal and just want to do this one for personal satisfaction.
  19. I was considering doing the Northern California DeLorme Challenge, however, the Northern California DeLorme Atlas is out of print and the people who have used Atlases are asking $50+. Does anyone know if the maps in the new DeLorme Atlas, which is all of California (and about $20 at Amazon), have the same grids as the old Atlas? I have tried doing a search on this question and was unable to find any answers. Thanks for your help.
  20. I was just curious if anyone knows the break down of the number of cachers by state or the location of a website that may provide this information. I was looking through the cacherstats website and it looks like California has the most cachers. I know I could go through cacherstats, and then to each state and write down the data, but I was hoping the info might be available with less work.
  21. Just out of curiosity I ran another PQ at 8:30 this morning and the system says it ran at 8:35. So while we aren't receiving our PQs, the system is still accepting more PQs. Once everything gets up and running again there's going to be one hell of a back log. Hope the run on the FIFO (first in, first out) basis.
  22. I submitted a PQ Saturday night at 7:20 The website shows the PQ as having run at 7:31pm. As of 7:55 this morning no results. I hope they get it fixed soon, I have plans for Monday morning.
  23. Add me to the list of people who have not received their pocket queries. I submitted my request last night (1/31/09) at 7:20pm PST; it ran at 7:31pm. No results as of 7:30am this morning. I too hope they get it fixed soon. I have plans for tomorrow morning.
  24. My main compliant with Mapsource 6.15 is that it will not use small treasure chest icons to show my caches. This was also the reason I reverted from 6.14 back to 6.13. I noticed that one of the supposed fixes in 6.15 was the correction of this problem. When I installed 6.15, I found out that other icons displayed on the map could be reduced from large to small icons, but the treasure chest ones would not. Also, I too found out that 6.15 would not accept my custom icons (I use a rat face to indicate my hides). I then tried reloading my 2008 Topo program and found out that the version I have will not properly export waypoints to Google Earth... Arggggh!!! I finally found a torrent site where I could down load just the Mapsource.exe 6.13.7 version file. I dropped the 6.13.7 file into my exiting Mapsource folder, replacing the 6.13.3 program file and now all works well. I think I'll just stick with this version.
  25. Ok, now what??? I tried uploading three KML files (newly created) from google earth into pocket query along a route and keep getting a "your request has resulted in an error." This is while using the Firefox browser! Have any of you tired generating new route pocket queries verses running pocket queries with existing KML files????
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