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  1. i tried oakcoins to no avail. the moop along is right. geocoindepot.com is the guy. i sent an email. seems it may be the "mystery troll" coin. and no card came with it. just a clear pouch.
  2. Yup. It's PCV***. also says trackable at gc.com.
  3. So, who made this coin? where can i get activation at? any info? thanks.
  4. I'm looking for only one coin currently. That is the Klingon Cloaking Device Coin. Thanks.
  5. if i may, i would like to be placed on any list that there may be for this coin. thanks!
  6. i try a stick to a 2 week policy when grabbing TB's. and if i cant get them out to a new cache in that time, then i will take it to a nearby TB hotel. I do have a story about a long lost one tho. a few months ago i went to the site of my first ever find, which had been archived due to construction and theft, in hopes of doing a v2 of the cache. i went to the cache site and found everything intact minus the cache of course. it was previously tied to a tree and the rope was still there. so i was pulling up the rope that had been partially covered by dirt and found a familiar shape in the dirt. it was a somewhat mangled TB! i cleaned it up and hammered it straight and bought a new similar hitchhiker (original was missing) and let the owner know that i found it and then moved it along. that was a highlight of all my trackable experiences. just doing this felt like it was MY tb i was working on. it felt good. and if you are wondering, no, i wasnt able to put a v2 of the cache back in place. a new cache was just on the other side of the river and waaaay to close.
  7. i've had a travel bug picked up by a cacher that has never logged a find or a TB for that matter. My TB is the ONLY thing that was ever registered.
  8. my first attempt at a cointest. oh and my birthday is May 26th but i get to celebrate it at GW7. Is it ready now or do i have to wait until then?
  9. okay, maybe i am not seeig the larger picture here. what's the deal with the gallon of haterade on them and ebay? and as to not offering their coins elsewhere? i can name quite a few that dont offer trades or offer elsewhere. i can also understand the economics of it to a degree as well. i bought most of my latest on the bay. do explain your rationale.
  10. i can never find the right gauge of ball chain at any hardware store. i have also been to all the big name craft stores and they look at you like you have something colorful growing out of your forehead when you ask about it. they dont sell them.
  11. i never pass up a bug or coin! i prefer to move them. and i love hitting a cache and finding that it has a trackable in it. the only thing i dont like moving is virtual coins. i leave those. defeats the purpose to me.
  12. Can anyone give me a little info on this coin (Fictional Characters Suicide King Geocoin)? I just bought it from lildorkfish. Is it a personal geocoin or what? I find it very... interesting and unique. IMAGE
  13. Well, here's mine. Little bit of a background first. I am a HUUUGE fan of zombie movies. The good, the bad, the goofy, i love them all! My handle was taken from a line in a movie that was describing zombies. i happened to be watchig it when i signed up for an account. Heard the phrase and i thought it described both an intense cacher as well as a zombie. so i picked it and signed up. well, i have been looking for the ultimate TB. I finally found a Zombie action figure that i think is fitting and perfect. Now he real question is this: should i release it or keep it? if i release it, i will need to take a road trip and release it i this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...0f-a44fe8cdb364
  14. You do know these tags have been out since 2004 right? Haven't seen a bad one yet. i have come across a few. the acid etching does wear off a litle faster then laser etching. in laser etching you can control and increase the depth. i came across one from about when the new one started (for the life of me, i cant remember the name off the top of my head) but it was worn and scratched pretty bad where the TN's were. so bad that i had to take some stamps and knock some new numbers back in. others i have come across where they needed new contrast. i took a grease pen and went over the TN's again and put new contrast to them. from a mechanical engineer stand point, the whole needs to come down about 1/16 of an inch. the ones i have been getting lately have been too close to the upper edge creating an LMC problem. being that these are a "soft" metal, that could pose a probelm. just my two cents. otherwise, i am addicted to these things.
  15. i have the round and "42" shaped coins and have been searching high and low for the Arthur and Trillian coin... no luck.
  16. That's one lucky/unfortunate Metaluna Mutant. Still, being a fan of classical Universal movies, I gotta give ya some major props! I want to Dione of my favorite Universal monster, the Creech from the Black Lagoon as soon as I can find another. I'll also post my personal TB when I get home from work. Question is: Do I release it or not? There a quite a few of TB tattoos. DarkStar has one of the top of my head and I've logged about a dozen (or just under) others. Here is my personal TB: Snoogatola I am also somebody else's personal TB. I was tagged and released.
  17. you sure? gc.com has it listed as a new design for this month...
  18. Anyone know about this coin? I see it on the geocoin new designs section of the geocoin page. being a huge Douglas Adams fan, i NEED this coin! Any help?
  19. I tried to update my profile and hit the save changes buton but does nothing. it leads nowhere and does not save the changes. anyone else experience this?
  20. here's a new problem: i unclicked everything. modified them all in hopes of fixing the problem. now nothing has been clicked to send after i have done this. i go to click on one to send it and i get this: Now what is odd is that nothing has been sent in 4 days nor is there anything in my mailbox. now what is happening?
  21. add me to the growig list of those cancelling caching trips ecause it has now been 4 days since ANYTHING ran. even regularly schduled ones wont run. and i pay for this lack of service?
  22. here is the latest patch i am talking about. it royally screwed up my unit and i can no longer geocache with it. http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection....ct=010-00622-45
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