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  1. Thanks for your replies. Not to much of a consensus here about the category but then again n=3 is not much of a sample size . It seems to me that it's a bit of a forced fit to put these waterparks in either the Public Pools or the Amusement Parks categories, they really seem to fall somewhere in between. I noticed today that there is a category for "welcome signs" and one for "artistic welcome signs" and here I see the distinction to be very weak, yet other waymarkable locations get forced into categories they can barely qualify for. As for the splash pads, I agree with fi67 that they don't deserve a new category I was only wondering if they were already being posted to a current category. most of the spashpads I know about are located in public parks and possibly could be included in the Public Playgrounds category
  2. There is a waterpark near home that I would like to waymark but I can't decide whether to submit it to the Public Pools category (seems like the closest match), or if there is a better category or whether this deserves a new category. I feel that Water Parks are sufficiently different from public pools. Water parks typically focus on "rides" - they will have several waterslides or various lengths and styles (body slides and tube slides), some have wave pools, and various splash pools and structures. To me a public pool is just that - a single pool which may or may not have one or a few simple waterslides and one or more diving boards. Examples of some water parks: Example 1: An oputdoor waterpark owned and run by a munciple government http://www.conservationhamilton.ca/wild-waterworks-attractions Example 2: A privately owned outdoor waterpark http://www.emeraldlake.ca/Water_Park.html Example 3: A privaetly owned indoor waterpark http://www.fallsviewwaterpark.com/ Example 4: A privaetly owned indoor waterpark associated with a hotel / resort http://www.greatwolf.com/niagara/waterpark/overview Example of some Public Pools which have some waterslides etc but (IMO) would not be considered as a Water park Example 1: http://www.fernie.ca/siteengine/activepage.asp?PageID=111 Example 2: a single pool with a single waterslide While I'm here, I might as well raise a related question: what about public splash pads (typically outdoor) - where can these go? Examples: I'm curious to hear from more experienced Waymarkers before putting together a category description. Thanks
  3. I've logged yours, now you can log my Waymark Challenge Cache... http://coord.info/GC225WW Conveniently located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, home to TONS of great history. BQ Will do...I almost qualify (92 visited so far). i could qualify if I just log all the waymarks I own
  4. Here's a Waymarking challenge that I recently created: The Lonely Waymark Challenge Cache http://coord.info/GC49FA0 Premise: find Waymarks which have not been visited in at least one year (sadly this appears to be too common). Collect one point for each full year between when the cache was last visited and when you visited it. Double the points if it has never been visited (use the publication date in that case for the "last visited" date). 30 points required to meet the challenge. A fun twist: the cache is magnetic and attached to a payphone, which of course I waymarked. Oddly enough the cache has been visited a number of times already but the Waymark has only been logged once. I had a look and could not find any current challenge geocaches like it (which sort of suprised me). I took the idea from a local challenge (The Lonely Cache Challenge) - I'm guessing there are many variation out there for that one. I assume most active waymarkers will already qualify. I'm hoping to spur some interest among the non-Waymarking geocachers. I also added an optional challenge which hopefully will give some a reason to seek out old, unvisited Waymarks. the optional challenge is this: how few waymarks do you need to reach 30 points. this could have also been set up as a completely differnt cache (i.e. reach 30 points with visits to 5 or less "lonely waymarks") the cache is conveniently (and purposely) located just off the QEW highway in Hamilton Ontario Canada, so any Waymarkers travelling through can make a quick stop without having to go out of the way. Maybe I should have placed in near Niagara Falls since it see's so many visitors from all over the world?
  5. Hi Mole60. I suspect this thread will soon be moved into the Benchmarking Forum. however, here's my answer to your question. You can find the listing requirements for any category by simply going onto Waymarking.com and searching for the catergory (in this case Canadian Benchmarks), then choose to the [show more information] link to see the full category details. Here's the link to the canadian benchmark category: http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=ebb67127-d531-4798-9d17-c6b77f235c49&exp=True Are you new to Waymarking? (I am relatively new here). You might want to seach the site first, it might be possible taht the benchmark you wish to add is already Waymarked. You can perform a coordinates search which will show you all waymarks in that area. If you use teh specific coordinates for that benchmark, then it should be within the first few waymarks listed (depending on the density of waymarks in that specific area). Hope that helps
  6. Some very interesting buildings, I like them and think they certainly have that "wow factor" for the category. But I wonder is there enough qualifying sites out there (sorry to say I am a skeptic about some of the buildings in the photos, I wonder if they are real or just Photoshop-ed)
  7. switch to listing only multicaches with at least 3 stages or puzzles, then it takes more effort to find the final. I'm guessing that those cache types get muggled with a much lower frequency (although they also get found with a much lower frequency)
  8. I guess I just missed this vote/discussion. I attended a road race earlier this month, which claims to be the oldest road race in North America (http://www.aroundthebayroadrace.com/). I thought it would be a excellent waymark but couldn't find a category to put it in. I thought that for sure a category for annual running events would be okay since there are already categories for other annual events. I'm new to Waymarking, and the fact that every lame McDonalds location and even auto wreckers can be waymarked but something more interesting such as this historic road race can't be helps me understand why 99.5% of geocachers can't be bothered with Waymarking (okay, I made up that figure but I'm sure it must be close). Hope it can be revamped and resubmitted, I think it's a worth-while category. and I can say that for less than 20% of the currently available categories. That of course is just my personal opinion.
  9. How about this one: Well I looked in the places where I would hide it and didn't find anything. So it must be gone then?
  10. Bon Echo

    Is Wherigo dead?

    Thanks Ranger Fox for your informative reply, and thanks also geodarts. I checked out the //kit as well and even started to build a cartridge, seems easy enough to do. I'll put some time into and see how it goes. I didn't realize this feature existed. My kids like to write stories (most kids do right?) and I've put the challenge to them to come up with some scripts and we'll build something around that.
  11. Bon Echo

    Is Wherigo dead?

    Hi. I've been caching for just over a year and so far have just ignored this whole Wherigo thing since I was under the impression that you needed a high-end Garmin GPSr to play the game. And then a few weeks ago while looking at another cachers profile I discovered that there are Android player. Great, now I can play too (Nexus 7). And then just last week I picked up a Garmin Colorado 400T, so know I'm in business with this Wherigo game. But then I do a search on GC.com and find that in my typical PQ zone (almost 3000 active caches) there are only 2 Wherigo caches! This is as depressing as having a glance at some of those alternative geocaching websites, barely anything around me to be found (unless you want to fill the tank and pack a lunch and make a day trip out of it! That says a lot given that I'm smack in the middle of the golden horseshoe region. And this thread was started in 2009? When I noticed that there were players for android and iphone I was sure this game would be happening, but I can't even find a pulse. Am I missing something? Why are so few playing this game. Is the problem with creating cartridges? If we build them will they get played?
  12. we have a Nexus 7 and like it alot but not for caching. It does not have 3G/4G connectivity only wifi = no data in the field, just what you have loaded onto the device. I've only tried it a few times for caching (using a certain app which I will leave unnamed) I found it nearly useless for guiding me to GZ (not to mention the difficulty in trying to hold a delicate 7" tablet while heading off the trail). Seems to do okay for on-road navigation (which needs to be set up while you still have a wifi connection) but offroad it seems to have a hard time just deciding which way is north and south And I don't think it will connect to the eTrex or to any GPSr for that matter unless it can be done via bluetooth. Finally, i don;t know if it's still true but when we bought it we could not stream some video content since the android 4.1 OS did not come with the flash player (It since been updated to 4.2).
  13. Not too sure exactly what "Inactive User" means, and looking in the forums did not provide any clear definition either. But I did notice today that the user who took your TB last visited GC.COM on Feb 28th 2013. Strange to see that this user has zero cache logs. Did he/she delete them all? I cheched the cache logs where the TB was picked up from and that cache was not logged on the day when the TB was logged. Maybe this is a player who is only intested in TB's and not the caches? I wouldn't hold a memorial for the TB just yet, it may start moving again in the spring or summer.
  14. A very good suggestion . I also love seeing photos posted to my listins, and had the same thought about the need for some sort of notification. Instead of using a time delay, why not just have a notification each time a photo is added. yes that will mean 2 or more notifications for the same log when photo's do get added, but overall few logs ever have photos (okay some caches get a lot of photos but most get very few).
  15. I hope you'll consider "re-releasing" the tags later (usually a year after they've been completely lost track of, but that's up to you). A laminated card with the Tracking Number gets it back in play. Even just a cut-out heavy cardboard "hamster" colored by each kid, with some text printed & the Tracking Number could be perfect. If you've given up on "Travelers" completely, make T-shirts (hand-colored) for your wife & kids, and use those Tracking Numbers. Or they could be hats or bags or most anything. Make them discoverable Trackables. It's best to leave any previous logs as-is (some cachers likely moved them properly), but you can change most everything else on the Trackable's page for the re-released item. Thanks for your reply, In retrospect I wish gave each kid a tag to carry with them in a fashion like what you suggsted, then when they decide to go out caching with me they could rack up some miles and then they would be the hamsters in the race. I guess I have an idea for next christmas. I'll leave these TBs as is for now and wait to see what will happen in the spring, yes it is a cold winter here and that is probably why they have not been moving. It's the lack of communication from those holding the TBs that I find most disheartening.
  16. Personally I am already to give up on owning Trackables altogether. this year for Christmas I bought 4 hamster travel tags and 4 small stuffed hamsters, 3 for my little girls and 1 for my wife. then I set up a TB race and also a facebook page so we can all track along with the hamsters. I came up with a whole set of "awards' to keep if fun. see for yourself http://coord.info/TB4RPRY. the goal was to have the TB's start out jan 1st 2013 and race for the year and hopefully we could get them back just before the end of the year (although in truth we knew that it would be unlikely that we would ever see them again) I gave the TBs to the girls for Christmas and on Jan 1st we attended an event http://coord.info/GC429MB, made an announcement about the TBs and gave them to the first 3 geocachers who approached us to get one. we were so excited, the TBs were out and we were all set to watch their progress. that's where the fun ended. Two of the cachers logged the TBs that day and haven’t done anything with them since (nearly 8 weeks have passed). the third has not even bothered to log the TB as being "picked up". I have tried to contact two of the cachers a few times and have not had a single response. I even posted a note to the page of a TB owned by one of the cachers in question but still never received a response. yes I understand its winter and yes I can see that these cachers have not been out caching since the event (or only a few times) - so why did they bother to take the TB's. I am not impressed, this is poor poor poor geocaching ettiqute IMO. My girls don’t even ask about their TBs anymore, that’s the sad part. $40 in tags and stuffed hamsters for nothing. will be the last TBs I ever buy. And I think there is a flaw in the system when people can sign up for an account but cannot be reached 9or make it so they cannot be reached) or will not respond to an email. Why bother even having accounts then? Not much accountability is there?
  17. I guess this would fit into this thread. Found this TB a few months ago (have since dropped it off). Thought I would share the story. Names have been removed to protect those involved http://coord.info/TB18MXD Was missing over 5 years before going back into cirulation! 09 Oct 12 (the same cacher) placed it in The Write Stuff in Beaver Valley Ontario, Canada - 28.49 km Visit Log 09 Oct 12 (the same cacher) discovered it Visit Log Found this while moving and ready to place. 16 Aug 07 (the same cacher) retrieved it from Nottawasaga Bluffs Ontario, Canada Visit Log Picked up this cute little girl during a hike yesterday. I'll take her golfing before I drop it off at its next cache.
  18. I completely destroyed the screen on my 6 month old GPSr and I hope to replace it with something below $200 (will consider above $200 if it's a good value). I use it only for geocaching, so paperless geocaching is a must. Otherwise I will consider any model if the price is right but my preference is something like eTrax 20 or better or eXplorist 310 or better. I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada, any Canadian geocachers with a used GPSr collecting dust? Give me a price. Thanks!
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