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  1. Agreed with that map, its the explorer 1:25k OL17. They do it in a handy A-Z style now which when I had a look at in WHSmiths looks very functional, if not a bit pricey!
  2. Snowdon is a heck of a climb and can get very busy so best to leave early, the car parks start to fill from 6 or 7 am onwards at a weekend and it can be a bit of a fight to get on the summit itself! I did Pyg track up in 2 hours last week and came down Miners in under 90 mins. Have a look at www.snowdon.com for advice and links to weather etc. Always remember that Snowdon has claimed lives even in spring/summer. There are a few caches on flatter walks along the A5 just south of Bethesda. The walk at Abergwyngregyn on the coast is good and I think goes from sea level up to 3000ft. Good handful of caches up there as well and has been said Aber falls. Hope you enjoy your time, make the most of it as baby will soon be too heavy to carry and too small to walk far (as I am discovering now!)
  3. Ive been thinking of having a go at this series for a while but work away from home a lot. Ive got a week off soon so if its still there I will give it a go and move it on. There is a TB hotel a few miles up the road which is handy although I do spend all week travelling the country and know of a few more TB hotels.
  4. I was getting to be a bit of a fat lump until I started geocaching. I have spent half of my life in the Army and now drive trucks for a living. I live in the truck all week and only get home at weekends. Geocaching has given me an incentive to get out of the truck and go on the hunt for caches which in turn gives me exercise and makes me less of a fat lump! Going back to me being a truck driver means that the caches stuck on road signs are quite handy as sometimes its all you can get to in a 44 tonne articulated truck.
  5. If you have a laptop or smartphone then you can get free wifi access in france at McDonalds "restaraunts" as you can in UK.
  6. Mmm, thanks for that, was just wondering. I suppose it comes down to the honesty of people out there at the end of the day. Would be wrong though if people are profiting out of other peoples trackables by finding them and then flogging them on ebay etc. I know if if I start any then it will be the original and then hope for the best!
  7. As the title says. Now, is it usual for it to be a paper substitute because the owner thinks its too nice? Its a help for heroes geocoin so can see his point to an extent.
  8. GPS, map and compass, pen/pencil, whistle, survival blanket, 1st aid kit, hydration bladder, snacks for kids, wooly hat and gloves, camera. New to this so didn't think about tweezers until realised I needed them!
  9. I will bet you that your new karrimor sack does not last 30 years! I have had a few now and look on them as well designed but cheap quality. The thing that always seems to go on them is the stitching where the shoulder straps meet the sack.
  10. I used Matterhorn boots for 6 months in a Bosnia winter and found them to be too narrow although I do have quite broad feet. Pro boots were quite good and can be found quite cheap on ebay. Contrary to what the newspapers say, a lot of army issue gear is very good but there will always be a civilian equivelent that is better.
  11. The only Karrimor boots worth buying are Penrith or Orkney. I wear Penrith usually and the last 2 pairs have been waterproof for over 12 months. Karrimor split into 2 companies, the bit that SD own and Karrimor SF that is still run by the old Karrimor management and specialises in supplying the MOD and police. I will probably buy another pair of Karrimor Penrith for everyday/summer use but also a pair of ex army Lowa/Altberg for wet/dirty days out.
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