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  1. 1. What is your name (caching name is fine), location, age, and occupation. Castle Man (Jim), Sunny Central California, 46, State Government. 2. What was the first geocoin you ever held in your hand? OGEO #89 Personal Geocoin 3. Approximately how many coins to you currently own? 5000+ 4. Approximately how many coins have you released into caches? 900 And how many are still active? Over 800 5. Have you ever minted a coin? Yes If so - how many? About 100 or so 6. What is your favorite color? RED 7. What is your favorite food? English style Fish & Chips and of course COFFEE! 8. What are some of your favorite songs/musicians/groups? The Stones, Beatles, EJ, British New Wave 9. What hobbies do you do aside from caching and drooling over coins? Fishing, reading classic novels, travel anywhere, working, restoring, driving, playing with British Sports Cars (MG's - MGB's), studying. 10. Your general life philosophy can be stated as: There are a lot of things to do in life and if you don't keep doing them then one day you'll wake up an old man and say, "I wish I would have done this or done that". BS, I'll never say that again. So, I do and do and do.
  2. This looks very much to me after seeing his site and his listings like someone who bought a "lot" of mint samples and marginal reject coins from either the mint or a wholesaler who picked up the lot from one of the mints. EDIT: I did a minute of research and found a number of his coins which he has listed for an inflated rate on another clearance site for $1.99. It's obvious he has picked all of these coins up from a wholesaler that bought a bunch of mint samples and rejects
  3. I love caching in my Toyota 4x4 because of times like this. Even though I had to whip out the chain saw for this one I made it up the snow covered road to the cache site.
  4. Stuck here in miserable California. Not next year. It's Salt Lake or bust
  5. No, you didn't miss it. I have been gone on holidays for a number of weeks (close to two months) and have had limited time to get into coins. The third and final edition of the series will hopefully be coming soon.
  6. Over 1000+ out traveling and approximately 100+ missing. Europe: 350+ traveling - 5 Missing USA: 600+ traveling - 90+ missing Canada 50+ traveling - 6 missing Remainder of the World 10 traveling - 2 missing
  7. Sad and SICK Auction news: Apparently two individuals think it is funny to run up some bids and then totally ignore their bidding. This has happened on some of the coins in the auction. Numerous emails and invoices have been sent to these two individuals without a single response. C'mon people, this is for a charity cause. If you don't intend on following through then please don't bother bidding. Not funny and not right. The coins in question will be re-auctioned with the Geocoin Fairy AE-1 and some of the LE Kolner Don German LE's and a few other this Sunday.
  8. WOW!!! The Geocoin Fairy has donated Artist Edition # 1 (AE-1) Antique Copper to the auction fund. This incredible donation and others will spring to life Sunday at arounf 6:30 PM Pacific Time and run for a week. Thank you GCF and all of the others who have helped with this fund raising venture.
  9. Tonight's auctions raised: $1177.36 for Kaitlyn. Thank you who donated and who purchased. There will be one more set of auctions as some new items have been shipped from across the pond. I will keep the posts as current as possible with the progress.
  10. The last remaining CF fund raising coins are now available in the web store: Fighting CF Geocoins Only a few remain Thanks for helping us fight this fight.
  11. UPDATE: Kaitlyn is still in the hospital at this time. Amazingly several coiners/cachers have sent personal well wishes to the family. One person well known here has even offered to be a donor>>> This is a GOOD person. Another wonderful person has asked to send Kaitlyn a stuffed animal (hint: I salute you). The last of the coins arrives today from the mint. All of the reservation invoices has been sent. Anyone who reserved that did not get the invoice please send me an email through my profile and I'll send over the reminder. I will ship all of the reservations paid on Friday morning and the few that are left (not many) will be available from the site. These came out so much nicer IMO than the originals. The metal combinations are wonderful. The auctions are doing very well as pointed out by an earlier post. A good friend in Germany has donated a set of special coins that have not been available to US customer as of yet and these will make the auction block when they arrive. Lastly I would like to thank the community as a whole for the support and well wishes.
  12. Paula from Geocoindesign designed these however I am the distributor.
  13. This is at least the second time this question has been asked and avoided thus far. Maybe it will be answered eventually. No, these are still the original coins just new (much improved metals). I didn't change the date because we started these coins in 2007 and they will continue to work for the original service.
  14. For any interested, the Antique Copper Geocaching Jedi is limited to 10, the Antique Silver 40 and the two tone 50. I should have mentioned that to Castle Man when I sent, but with all the excitement of the new movie and upcoming tv series... well... it's just been crazy around here Thanks for the infor Jedi. All auctions have been updated!!
  15. Well it looks like the Olympics and China customs have delayed these being shipped until this week. I suppose with the amount of traffic in China at this time I can understand. I'll post here when I have the final confirmation of the shipment this week UPDATE: The Kaitlyn Charity geocoin auctions have begun. See here for the first and check out the other auctions offered: Kaitlyn Auction Geocoin
  16. The CF Coins have been shipped today and will arrive Monday. I will start the invoicing for the reserved coins today. I realize many folks are at the MWGB so there is no worries if you cannot respond until Monday or Tuesday. Here is a sample pic of the Antique Nickel recessed/ Raised Shiny Gold. I think these came out wonderful, much better than the originals. Most of these have been reserved so at this point I think i may only have 40 or so left after the reservations have been filled. I will post the remainder on my site in the middle of next week.
  17. I have contacted a Vegas cacher and together we are working on getting a group set to offer a bid for Las Vegas. With the criteria I believe we can offer a great experience. My vote: LAS VEGAS
  18. UPDATE: The new fund raising coins should arrive this week and invoices will go out immiediately upon shipping confirmation and customs clearance. Almost all of the coins ordered have been reserved, thank you. Update on Kaitlyn: Yesterday I received an email from her mother informing me Kaitlyn still remains in the hospital. No update on the donor situation and her health is still poor. She may be allowed to return home for a short time next week however must return to the hospital shortly afterward. The Dark Knight has also donated a coin for the auction. I have decided to delay the auctions for one more week due to the Midwest Geobash being held the same weekend of the auction end. So next Sunday I will start the auction with these geocoins available and more: The Dark Knight Mystery Geocoin Imagine Mystery Geocoin GSA V3 Mystery Geocoin GSA V2 Mystery Geocoin Geocaching Jedi Antique Gold Mystery Geocoin Geocaching Jedi Antique Silver Mystery Geocoin Geocaching Jedi Antique Copper Mystery Geocoin Geocaching Jedi Antique Gold/Silver 2 Tone Mystery Geocoin Viking Heritage LE 2 Tone Shield/Axe Set Matlock75's V1 Compass Rose LE and MORE.
  19. Thanks Jedi but I am just doing what you would do. It looks like the new coins will arrive the first week of August. When I get the shipping notice I will start invoicing for the reserved coins. There are only a few left that were not reserved from the 300 coins ordered. Several coins (many mystery coins) have been donated to the auctions. Unfortunately I could not start them this week because I am out of town again but I WILL start them next Sunday.
  20. A complete set of 4 Geocaching Jedi coins was donated by the Jedi himself to the auction campaign. I cannot thank you enough Jedi.......may the force be with you.
  21. VEGAS!! Vegas was the first spot picked way back when. Maybe now with most of the team in place there can be good coordination (as AG stated) in Henderson. October in Vegas is HEAVEN.
  22. Fantastic Response. Here will be the final minting numbers for those interested Antique Nickel Recessed - Gold Raised 80 Antique Gold Recessed - Raised Nickel 80 Antique Nickel Recessed - Copper Raised 60 Nickel Recessed - Gold Raised 80 Multiple coiners have donated coins for the upcoming auctions i will run for the CF Kaitlyn fund. I am hoping to start them next Sunday evening and run them for a week. If more donations come in after the start of the auctions I will continue to post new auctions and keep everyone up to date on the funds raised from this project. Thank you all once again for the help.
  23. Thank you for the incredible response to these fund raising coins. I was just informed by the Geocaching Jedi there will be a set of his fabulous coins also going into the auctions. I will announce the auctions when I gather all of the information and prepare them. There should be some very rare and incredible items available.
  24. I have the blueprints back from the mint and will offer 4 version (Much Improved from the first set). I will take reservations for these coins now and WILL NOT bill until the coins arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks. (See the blueprints below) The new editions are from top to bottom on the picture: Antique Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Gold Antique Gold Recessed - Raised Shiny Nickel Antique Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Copper Shiny Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Gold Please send the following information to me at: canningcastle@charter.net if you would like to reserve any of these beautiful coins for Kaitlyn's cause. ALL of the proceeds of the coins will go to her. The price of each coin is $10.00 US. Your Name: Paypal Email: Country You Live: HOW MANY OF EACH COIN YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESERVE: Antique Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Gold: Antique Gold Recessed - Raised Shiny Nickel: Antique Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Copper: Shiny Nickel Recessed - Raised Shiny Gold: Please add CF Coin to the subject of the email and also please include all of the information listed above so there is no confusion. Thank you all in advance for participating in this worthy cause.
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