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  1. And the copieing has to be done the way the real boudica explained?
  2. I used on my iPad the official Groundspeak app and it was perfect! Bougt yesterday Samsung Galaxy S II and read in the rewievs that the official app for Android is not good tried then c:geo, but that does not seem to have an option of viewing pocket queries... What do u use and are satisfied with?
  3. yuhuu! it worked! thanks! thousand times
  4. Everything like that except for the "pocket queries" line May be i should logg off app and log off web and restart, there has to be some stupid explanation )
  5. I feel so stupid but the logout-in also did not help to see a "pq" button on the app.
  6. I did run the PQ yesterday and it is ready for download, but the app does not have a button for PQ:( and yes, i did restart the device, did not help.
  7. The caching app, designed for iPhone, has serch, saved, logs and trackables buttons, but cannot locage anywhere the PQ button, before i was trying to open it via web browser Safari, yed
  8. When i hit the query i have option, "open in.. Evernote or dropbox 8-)", but not " save for offline use", but it is not set to run regullarly, it is also nit set to delete, just unchecking the day So, i will try now to set it run regularly and hope that it will solve my problem Ps. Ok, i wasn't honest.. just embarassed, i am caching with iPhone app, tht's true, but on an ... IPad but that shouldn't ake the difference, should it?
  9. Hi, i am new and so far have been succesfuly caching with the official iphone app, but we go abroad and i would like to use offline saved pocket queries during the trip on my iphone, how do i do that. So far i have managed to save lists for offline use, but that by far is not enough, i am a freak of creating search querries the gpx file, if that is what i need, i just do not have a clue how to open it on the iphone :(thanks indeed
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