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  1. Hi Robert, does this mean that the Xplorist will work on a USB host enabled PDA(such as my Toshiba E800) without the need for a driver? apologies if this Q is off topic
  2. If you looking for something on the cheap? yeah!! I have cards of all sizes Kodak, Sandisk, Astone, Adata, Toshiba... I even tried my 64Meg Sandisk transflash with the SD adapter, all on my Meridian...no problems. The Astone, and Adata are 1 and 2 gig, both work equally as fast as any Sandisk cards (on a reader!!) yet cost 1/2 as much off ebay! Avoid large cheap sandisk ards on ebay...99.999% certain to be fakes, and not the size stated! look for the cheapest brand/largest size, 99.999% won't disappoint
  3. I had my GPS2000 at the same time I got my Meridian..it reported exactly the same position 99.5% of the time I was out doors. It was limiting in the functions it didn't have, compared to the Meridian...but if load 250 waypoints, give them a name that may mean something (relative to each cache) hit goto, it's still going to get you there...albeit it may lose lock a bit sooner than a Meridian (or any newer GPS) I suspect, under heavy tree cover, indoors, ...etc. I eventually sold mine (regret it now, as I would have like to keep it as an antique! ) but I really don't need 3 GPS's, coming up to 4! If it's working...use it! If you want to upload the latest maps, software, or caches directly from your PC get an explorist/Garmin/whatever that handles gpx file types...and all!
  4. does the Ipaq have USB HOST capabilities? If not, then I suspect you are fighting an uphill battle. USB HOST simply means that it can connect to a USB device (like a camera, or USB drive or whatever) and work just like a PC does. This is not the same as having a (mini) USB plug whereby you can Sync with a PC/Apple..... There is a generic set of USB host drivers available that may work with your Ipaq??? I only have a Meridian which I connect to my Toshiba via a USB-Serial adapter...it all works cool, moving map(NMEA) on OziexplorerCE, and all
  5. I agree with everyone else that says use what makes more sense to you. I tried using track up and it made me all disorientated if I got out of the car and out on foot. My main reason for using North up, (always got my head in the street directory (as a delivery driver) so that's what I'm used to), but mainly to keep a check on my orientation... half an hour driving north east.....half an hour driving north...... using track up I never spent any time noticing the orientation of the compass to see in what direction I've BEEN travelling! This gives me a greater sense of where I am and how to go on from there (without the need to rely on the GPS if worse comes to worse)
  6. from the manual.... Troubleshooting: 1. If there are large obstacles nearby or overhead, move to a new location with a clear view of the sky and turn the receiver back on. 2. Make sure that the antenna is pointing up and that it is a reasonable distance from your body. 3. Check that the time is correct. If not, reset the time following the instructions for “Changing Time Display and Time” on page 28. 4. If the receiver still does not get a position fix within 10 minutes, you may wish to repeat the EZSTART
  7. Looks to me, like you got BAMBOOZLED by the 32 channel receiver B$ advertising blurb!! Th Garmin GPS's the others refer you to, will not work with your phone(almost certainly not, unless there is a USB connection and driver for it!) Sounds to me like you need a SIRFIII chipset bluetooth GPS! Forget the garbage advertising about 32 or 20 channel receivers...just concentrate on the chipset...ask the right questions and you're well armed! You need a more "sensitive" receiver...and without EGNOS or WAAS you aint never going to see real accuracy less than about 10meters....regardless of what the manufacturers say! SIRFIII bt GPS will solve your "forest problems"
  8. Sounds like they need to quit using thier own equipment. Maybe the news has had a profound effect on the accuracy of the equipment?
  9. Nope! It won't work!! You need to send it to me ASAP, so I can have a play around with it I had it in mind to buy one a very long time ago...got a Lowrance GMSport instead (bigger, better, except not in color!) There is a camping shop local to me (Australia) that has a colortrack for sale!! AU$900(ish) !!! (NEW!!) The novelty value intriuged me a bit...but at $900!! ....seriously though, as Klemmer said, any GPS that outputs co-ordinates in a method comaptible with your maps/data will do the trick!
  10. Free GPSBabel will??? (should!!). I'm all thumbs when it comes to command line, so I use GPSBabelWrapper for the pretty blinkin lights and butons Haven't really check to see if it works, but I suspect it will
  11. Of course, airfieldmusic is still faced with the dillemma..... He has invested money in software(Mapsend) and doesn't want to deal with Magellans (lack of) support! I reckon ditch the Sportrack, and find a Meridian (Plat/Color/Gold) cheaply on ebay or something.....you already have the detail maps(in Mapsend)..... .....and hope for the best! I find it difficult to recommend Magellan products (due to the lack of customer support) but have had a perfect run with their products(2000 and Meridian), and yet I find their GPSrs to be great value.... All the folks that I know with Magellans (Meridians!!) have never had troubles with them.... ps. today I thought I very nearly destroyed the Meridian, as it flung itself across the car dash, crashing/tumbling/bouncing from door to seat to floor! It went flying at a rate of knots as I rounded a corner...way too fast as the dash mount came off the windscreen, resulting in lots of bouncing/crashing/tumbling..... Meridian was retrieved from the floor, in an "off" state.....expecting the worst , but as it has so many times before.....turned on without drama.....just another scratch! They are tough little units
  12. latest Meridian fw is 4.06 try HERE Make sure the Sd cards are not "write locked" !! The other option is to format the SD cards in a card reader (I think using the FAT file system?? Does the Meridian recognise FAT32?)
  13. I've asked the same question in the Yahoo groups...with no replies....yet! Are there any issues with NMEA connections to a (USB only)PDA with an explorist? I'm assuming there will be, as the PDA is going to need a driver? Magellan supply an explorist driver for the PC? (I'm assuming this is some kind of USB-Serial link?) Main app I use on the PDA is OziCE...and sometimes VisualGPS. Any hints/tip/info would be appreciated.
  14. I'm always weary of Ebay, but I generally use it for "finding" stuff like those chargers..... the only good thing about ebay?....if you can't find it there...it probably doesn't exist! (jest!) they are good for product searches.....and I only buy once I feel confident that I won't get "Ebayed" .......after 3 months! I still can't commit to buy a $1500 camera lense.....
  15. Hi Billy! You can download a lot of maps for free...and depending on where you want to go and how much detail you need....... What software do you use? There is a small program called OziMapGrabber that will download streetdirectory maps, and calibrate them for use in Oziexplorer. (We've never heard of Delorme's mapping stuff down-under, so we can't help with those formats...but if you can find a way to convert from Oziexplorer to Delorme....... There are 250K series topo maps available for download too, and the corresponding calibration files for Oziexplorer too...... PM me if you like......
  16. I recently read on another forum that a guy purchsed a "pirate"(fake/forged/faux!) SANDISK 2G CF UltraII card. It was so obvious he said that the label was obviously "stuck" to the card.... ...maybe someone in Europe thought to copy this idea for these expensive micro cards? just a thought!
  17. there is something like THIS ebay item...... not too sure what it's called or where else you can get something like it...... or THIS charger only
  18. 1. Magellan Meridian Color. 1. Eagle Accumap Sport/Lowrance GlobalMap Sport. (5 channel receiver! )
  19. Well with Apple finally coming to it's senses....and using real hardware for it's PCs!! One would expect just about every software manufacturer (that cares!!) to compile a copy of it's popular software over to Mac! (???) So you can forget about Magellan making Mac compatible software then!....
  20. do they call you "The Fonz" ? whack the Garmin with a Magellan, instead of the back of your hand...why hurt your hand? ......a Magellan is much stronger!
  21. Yeah! I'd forget about Mapopolis...unless you want autorouting! Check out OziexplorerCE and I've had a quick look at Beeline. That looks interesting! OziCE is cool! Load any raster image, works with GPX files (although i haven't used it for cacheing yet!)
  22. If I'm reading this correctly (as I don't have experience with Garmin), Garmin recently changed some interface/protocol in the new 'x' series products? If so, then Des (Ozi creator) may be waiting for a 'x' model to hit the Aussie shores!! They are 'due' here in a month or two.....yes, we down under are always behind the rest of the world with new product releases!! So taking all this info, and turning it into a hypothesis........I'd say Des can't get Ozi to recognise the new interface/protocol..or whatever has changed! Email them using the support section, they replied same day for the bug I posted, maybe he's waitng for someone to send him some sample Garmin 'x' data I hope that's all it is!
  23. I was just thinking about the exact same problem with Magellan! Not the products! The products are great! I believe they have the BEST products...... but unfortunately covered by possibly one of the worst customer support crews and business philosophies I've ever heard about. I have had a great run with my Magellan GPS products, and all my GPS freinds have too, all have been reliable, but the stories of Magellan wanting to charge to repair an item their software broke!! I had a problem with the current Meridian firmware, and the latest topo maps now available for my region, and their response was that there were no plans to update the firmware! I understand that one complaint form one customer doesn't justify a full scale re-write, but no offer to send in the unit, or to check if they can reproduce the same problem on another.......nothing! Basically...... you bought the unit, we got your money now, and we don't give a stuff Magellan was once a good company, that became a porn in international one-up-manship. That's my understanding...they got bought by this mob, and then this mob merged with that mob, and another mob came in to realign themselves with another mob that all became one great big "We Don't Care" corporation, that sells billions of dollars in missile guidance products to rich folks! Over the last couple of months I've been scouring every iota of info on what makes the explorist XL work/or not, and what bugs it has/had/got fixed/or not......etc. Finally came to the desicion to get one despite some shortcomings, and watched the prices online for some time. But I kept hearing horror stories of Magellan' bad customer support (which entails all aspects of the products) and changed my mind at the last minute.....so I bought a Toshiba PDA instead(brand new, old model, kinda cheap!!) I didn't buy the explorist XL based on the fact that Magellan are on a quick path to extinction (as a supplier of something I want), the XL was 99.9% everything I 'needed' (with a large emphasis on that screen!! ) So, Magellan missed out on my ~AU$1000, and I don't care if.... THEY "don't care".......but they should care because it signals the beginning of the end for them!! Now I'm the first to admit that a PDA is no substitute for a real handheld, and I would never go out in public with my spankin' 4" screen Toshiba (for fear of it breaking in a stong wind or getting stolen)..... but in the car...... it's great! And now with all manner of portable battery devices, and power saving techniques in these micro computers......I get about 8 hours use running Oziexplorer and tracklogging the entire way, occasionally using the backlight to see this or that! Bye bye Magellan..........see you in another life!
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