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  1. I do have the same problem as the thread starter describes and am curious to find out if there are any solutions?
  2. Sorry for not answering earlier. LOL ms Salander would probably have good answers :-) I do agree that "the contract cost over time far outweighs the initial purchase price". I am leaning strongly towards the 4s but am still worrying a bit about GPS accuracy (I have no funds for a separate GPS right now). I have considering a Samsung too, the latest Galaxy to be more precise. Which one do you have? BTW I'm a she not a he.
  3. I'm currently using a HTC Hero as my GPS wich mostly works really well, usually as close as 1 meter. Now I need to upgrade (this one is getting old and unreliable in other ways) and am considering an iPhone 4s. A friend of mine has an older iPhone (I think an iPhone 4) and says it's GPS differs about 5 meters. How well does the iPhone 4s GPS work? Buying a proper GPS is out of the question right now. I am grateful for any input.
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