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  1. Since ive generated a MyFinds pocket query i'll miss some cachelistings Looking at a log of one of my last finds, the cachecounter is 3033 If i generated a pocket query at the same moment and wait when it's arrived it gives my 3013 caches. looked in tot the .GPXfiles with Excel 2007 (It's a XMLfile), it gives 3013 entries Where are the 20 caches wich i ve found looking to the cachecounter on a log of me. Anyone knows more? 'Team Kleijn' Rob
  2. Hallo allemaal, Heb een MyFinds Pocket Query gegenereerd met als doel mijn eigen administratie bij te werken. Het bijzondere is dat van de 3033 caches die ik volgens mijn profiel gevonden zou hebben er slechts 3013 in de MyFinds Pocket Query file zitten. Hoe kan dat nou, zijn er schijnbaar toch cachelistings verdwenen? Wie weet meer ? 'Team Kleijn' Rob
  3. Hello Jeremy and other developers of GC.COM website Using Bookmark listings for planning cacheroute's and presenting it to my friends it would suggest to append the GCcode into each Bookmark List entry, Why? because in the comment area of the listentries i give additional important information from the cachepage itsself. The GCcode is a leading code when it's downloaded to the GPSr. So it's possible to make one page with all the neccesary information about several caches you want to do. By caching outdoor i need only one simple page the bookmarkpage of the caches i planned to do. It helps when the GCcode is automatically placed before the description to refer the waypoint in the GPS Current situation (example) GCCode is GC78F3 : TimeSlice i suggest to make GCCode as a prefix GC78F3, Timeslice. a possible, simply and welcome function 'Team Kleijn' Rob
  4. Hi jeremy, Nice extensions you've build. I'm happy to see and use it I've one question.: At every log you could see the number of founds of the cacher. Could you append a scorecounter for the number of travelbugs the cacher has logged? I mean all sorts of TravelBugs, it's not necessary to give seperately scores for travelbugtypes. Presenting this score in every log (as you do with normal cachefounds) give a positive aspect for travelbugs. Because buying travelbugs = donating Groundspeak, this feature give's a new competition element. I idea to acclerate the selling (= donating) TravelBugs , GeoCoins and other TB related Groundspeak stuff. 'Team Kleijn' Rob
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