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  1. Garmin Vista C for sale check link. http://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/490094010.html Hunting101, Nashville, TN
  2. Thanks for all the help. I was wanting to do "real time " if possible. I found a program -GPS ToolKit- that will do it but they want almost $300.00 for it. I read a blog on GPSPassion.com com that someone had done it in the add-in in excel but the link is no longer good. Thanks Again, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  3. I am trying to link MS Excel with my GPS pc card so I can be in an Excel document and record my LAT LON. Does anybody know of an Excel add-in that will work. I found a activex GPS program but it big $$$. Any help would be great. Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  4. Thanks. That put me on the right track. I also have a Trimble unit with GPS and they have a beacon system that looks like it could work. Thanks again, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  5. I'm sorry. The recon uses a GPSR CompactFlash Card. I have a Holux CF card now but the accuracy in the test i have done around tall buildings are not that good (+- 20'). I need somthing that will fit the Recon handheld or another handheld all together that will run ARCPad 7.0 with GPS. Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  6. I am looking for the best GPS CompactFlash Card on the market to use with a Recon handheld. I will be working around tall buildings and accuracy is very important. Any ideas??? Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  7. This is the samething that happened to me except I was told I would not get a free upgrade that it was based off of the update release date and not the full version release date. I posted this on an other thread and they thought I was crazy. I hate that I'm mot getting the free update but glad that I've not lost my mind. Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  8. I would wait before you unlock any v7 CS or CN. If you call Garmin right now they will tell you CN v8 is NOT released. I called yesterday and today, same answer "near future". I unlocked mine because of what I read here and then called Garmin. My mistake. Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  9. I also called Garmin yesterday and talk to a Rep about a upgrade to CN v8. I unlocked a copy of CS v6 I got with an auto kit on June 26th. He said that v8 had not been released and I would not get a free update, but that I MAY be able to buy it at a discounted price to be set by Garmin at a later date. I told him that it was up on there website before the 26th. He said they were updating the website prier to the release. This is my first time to talk to Garmin, but I don't think this is the service I read about so much on here? Anybody else??? Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  10. Ok. I'm guessing it's alright to unlock my City Select v6 that I got with an auto kit that I've been sitting on for over a month. GPScentral website says smaller maps, Garmin website says larger maps. I have a Vista C and it can't handle the larger maps. If the new CN v8 does have the larger map size I take it that I can't just upgrade to CS v7? If some one could clear this up it would great. Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  11. I'm no Palm expert but you can goto www.palmgear.com. Click on software and search backlight. There where several FREEWARE program tha came up. Maybe one can help you. Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  12. My old one was a Palm M505 and it worked great. I've found one online and ordered it, should be here tomorrow. It's a Tungsten T, some call it the Palm M550, so I hope it is good as my M505. I used my Palm for everything. That's the reason I wanted one with a little more memory. I'll let you know how the Tungsten T turns out. Thanks Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  13. One of my friends has been on me for about a year for me to sale him my Palm and today I gave in. I went to ebay to replace it and found out I didn't sale it for enough .(my mistake not my friends) I tried to bid on four units today but did not win one, so I thought I would try here. I would like a Palm m505 or m515 in good condition for around 50 bucks shipped. Thanks
  14. That was my plan. It is getting harder and harder to find City Select v.7 and when you can find it they are asking big $$$ (they are going for around $120.00 on ebay with just 1 code). There are some good deals out there for the Garmin 18 with CS software. I use my Vista C as my receiver now with my laptop and it works great. If anybody knows where I can get CS v.7 for around $90.00 please post. Thanks again and happy hunting Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  15. GSAK has a forum page on there website, great place for answers. I still like cachmate over Plucker. I downloaded Plucker when I started and didn't like. Cachmate is SIMPLE. 1. Setup your pocket querries (they will come in an email) 2. Open attachment in GSAK 3. Export file (I have a folder on my desktop) 4. Hotsync with your Palm. It is that EZ. Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  16. ????bump????? Still looking for help on this one, got pushed down the list in the middle of the day... Thanks again, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  17. gsak and cachmate is the way to go. (i think) I'm not very good on computers or PDAs but even I can make it work, so I'm sold. Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  18. Ok, here is my question. If I buy the Garmin 18 with City Select v.7, does it come the 2 unlock codes and if it does, can I use one of them on my Vista c? (found some good deals on the Garmin 18 with software) Hunting101 nashville, TN
  19. The best price going to date. http://www.gpsonsale.com/garmin/products/eTrexLegend.htm $129.99! That's cheap. Hunting101 Nashville, TN
  20. I installed Trip & Waypoint Manager on my laptop and it worked fine for awhile. I went to open it up today and it said I was missing the LANG.dll file & to reinstall Trip & Waypoint Manager. So after deleteing it off of my laptop completly I got it reinstalled (worked fine). Waited about 2 hours and opened it up again and had the same message. Any clues? PS: I'm stuiped when it comes to computers, so take it EZ on me. Thanks, Hunting101 Nashville, TN
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