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  1. GSAK? do tell more....... with my explorist I have to keep the files at 200 caches, BUT you can have as many files as your SD card will hold. When the exp 500 was my main unit I had 20 files on the SD card covering almost all of So Cal. I still keep my PQs set at 200 but dump them all together for my montana. on GSAK click on file go to export go down to Magellan explorist and SD card load your card from there, you'll have to load each file separately takes a little longer but it works. Oh one other thing I usually delete 4 or 5 caches from the PQ just in case there is parking added in just remember max caches per file is 200 and load the caches to the SD card did some exploring, found GSAK. The problem is that my OS Windows 8.1 does not see my eXplorist as something it can dump info to. It sees it as a DVD/CD drive with no disc in it....
  2. I have not attempted to do a PQ - I want it to do what it did before my other laptop crashed and I had to buy a new one. Disappointing, none the less. My Windows 8.1 sees my eXplorist as a dv player
  3. I contacted Magellan in regards to this. Because downloading works fine with other OS, and my laptop is Windows 8.1, they recommended I just use friend's computers or go to the library to download caches. Work computer isn't Windows 8, but guess what, I can't get approval to download software.... Thanks Magellan! We have outgrown the Magellan eXplorist GC, and our next gps will not be by Magellan!!!!
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