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  1. From the list of rules on the blog: Does this mean we have to use the app to get the special items? What about those of us who don't use the app at all. Can we still find them by logging via the online web site?
  2. *phew* You used "Nonsequential" here. In the email we all received, it said "sequential and inconsequential" .... Inconsequential has a totally different meaning (unimportant). Just wanted to make sure that HQ didn't deem non-sequential AL's as unimportant.
  3. The main search page is very limited. All my PQ's have a lengthy list of attributes to eliminate. There is no way to partner the two. You can do a PQ from a bookmark, but there is no filtering based on attributes (positive or negative). The main search page does not allow for negative attributes.
  4. Archived caches seem to be hidden in all searches. From my profile, I clicked on my found Event caches and was transferred to the search page (new "feature") and all but 1 cache was missing. As seen in the attached image, it is only showing 1 active cache listing, even though the filter clearly says "Active and archived" caches. I should have more that 440 event caches listed!!
  5. Looking for a Bug Fix update on this one. Not looking for a workaround, I can figure that out on my own. There is definitely a coding issue. Can I get an ETA, or at least a "We see this post" from one of the moderators, or from GC HQ?
  6. I think I found another weird thing related to this.... All of the missing caches are on my Ignore List. That said, I haven't selected "Are not on My Ignore List", and even if I had, the pages should have rendered with 20 caches per page. As a test, I modified my last query to now select "Are not on My Ignore List", and it renders 15 caches on one page. So the question boils down to, how do I get my PQs to render caches ON my ignore list and have them displayed in my browser?!? This just gets weirder and weirder.
  7. I had deleted my original PQ, and recreated it with slightly different settings. The same thing is happening. In this case, 43 caches are supposed to be returned. But I get 6 on page 1, 6 on page 2, and 3 on page 3. Why is this happening?!? Again, when I run the PQ, all 43 appear. It's just the rendering of the list on the PQ page. I tried using a different computer (my Windows 10 laptop, instead of my Windows 10 desktop) and it renders the same way as below. So, it's not a hardware issue. Help!!!
  8. I have several pocket queries that are not displaying all of the caches it should. For example, look at the attached image. I have a PQ that should return 35 caches. I would expect 2 pages of caches returned. Page 1 should have 20 caches, and Page 2 should have 15 caches. But in my example, Page 1 has 7 caches and Page 2 has 1 cache. I've seen this at other times when 1 or 2 caches are missing from the list, but never this amount. Even if some of the missing caches were on ignore lists (I do not filter by ignore lists on this btw), the rendering should have put all caches on 1 page, with the total caches be 8, not 35. This seems to be a web page rendering issue only, because when I download the PQ, all 35 caches appear. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I am using Chrome on my desktop computer with a Windows 10 OS. It renders the same in Microsoft Edge.
  9. I'm trying to find a way where I can filter all Unknown Caches, that have a solution checker, and where I have updated the solutions on GC. The information necessary to do this doesn't exist in pocket queries, so I'd have to look at each individual cache to see if the mini-icon appears with the type icon. What would I need to do to have someone at HQ investigate whether its feasible to add "Have Updated Solutions" or "Does Not Have Updated Solutions" to the section under "That (And)" on Pocket Queries? Thanks
  10. I'm dani_carriere and have been caching since May 2002 (18+ years) from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Thank you for the new attributes and the related search options for them! They will be very useful. I particularly LOVE the ability to search for challenges!! I'd like to see an adjustment to the L&F Attribute. It was only really valid for people who cached in 2010, and who had a chance to attend an event a Lackie was also attending. Personally, I did have a chance, but a beloved pet was dying and had to cancel my plans to attend the event. But that is a one person case. I would like to suggest two possible options going forward: 1. Retire the L&F attribute because it has a time-related aspect (2010 events with Lackies attending). or 2. Remove the time aspect and have the attribute reflect events that Lackies had attended, regardless or year, or those after 2010. Those of us with OCD get anxious seeing the gaps in our attribute charts. Please consider this for a future update. Thank you for your continued support of the Geocaching community. You've been life savers during this time. Geocaching is one of the only safe past times we can do in the age of COVID. dani_carriere Winnipeg, MB, Canada Caching for 18+ years.
  11. I support all the new attributes. Thanks. This may be unpopular, but I'd like to see them do away with the L&F attribute since no one has been able to collect them in over 10 years, Not really a good idea for an attribute to have a specific short time frame (like only valid in 2010, and only if a HQ lackie attended that particular event). I'd be ok if they'd open it up to be any lackie attended event without the time aspect. Thanks.
  12. I'm getting null search results because I cannot adjust the distance of my search. Search on Events? Nothing, although I know of 2 in the next week. When I click on the Find Events image, I get events ... in Germany ... I'm in Canada ... and the word in the search location is "Home" ... can't see any for this area. What good is a search tool without the distance field? It should have been field #2 after the location. It's a useless, useless tool now. A map comes up automatically, but has no ability to zoom in or out. I don't want a map, I want a list, you took away that option!! I don't want to render a map unless I want to see it!! Please revert back to the old one. I don't want to have to write PQs for every little search I want to do!!! At MINIMUM we need the option to OPT OUT of this.
  13. Excuse me for abbreviating. This is the age of shortening things. I did not type it as a link, just a reference. I hope you were kidding otherwise, you were being a troll.
  14. I can't log in to GC.com on Safari on my Apple iPhone. That means, I cannot message other users, grab travel bugs, or anything else that isn't on the new GC.COM mobile app. What do I have to do to be able to sign in to the website via my phone?
  15. The actual adding of a cache to a bookmark list seems easier, but it's adding many more steps if you need to rename the cache name in the bookmark. I'd like the ability to rename the cache at the time I'm saving it to a bookmark list. With the new change, after saving the cache to the bookmark, I have to navigate to the bookmark list after the save, find the cache on the list, then rename it. Please put the old functionality back, or add the ability to rename at the time of save. Thanks.
  16. Not true at his very moment. Hans But no one should *have* to do that. It should be selectable, like Germany, from the drop down list of countries in Pocket Queries
  17. Germany IS available with the New Search. Hans Very true at this moment, as we're not talking about the search in your image, we're talking about the country selection from the drop down list in Pocket Queries. The new search has not been an issue.
  18. Germany IS available with the New Search. Hans It's not the "New Search" we're talking about ... it's the country selection on Pocket Queries
  19. If you want to exclude Canada, just select the U.S. State you want included. It might take more than one PQ but you're limited by the radius of a PQ so even if you could select the entire U.S. it would only return caches within the maximum PQ radius. It's not the "New Search" we're talking about ... it's the country selection on Pocket Queries
  20. I'd like to chime in here and say I'd also like the ability to hide it as well. In fact, I'd like to see more flexibility in the items I see on the profile page. Please and thank you.
  21. It's not the 10th anniversary icon, I'm looking for, it's the L&F attribute.
  22. If you can't find the owner, perhaps you can contact Derivative. She lives in Brandon and may know the local cachers. dani
  23. As most of you know, back in 2010, Geocaching was celebrating it's 10th anniversary and there were many Lost and Found Events held around the world. For the lucky few, that year, anyone who attended an event that a Groundspeak Lackey was also attending were able to get the L&F attribute. Although I attended an L&F event, without a lackey attending the attribute wasn't available. Now, the OCD in me wants to complete my attribute grid and without a Delorean, a flux capacitor and 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity, I don't think I'm going to be able to get it... unless ... are there any plans on resurrecting this type of event/attribute in the future .. say, on the 15th anniversary of geocaching? Inquiring (OCD) minds want to know. dani
  24. OK, once I browsed to https://www.geocaching.com/sevensouvenirs it showed up. Colour me confused *and* embarrassed. Well, I have it now ... yay me!
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