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  1. Yeah, I like the webcam caches. I would like to see more of them, but if not... I wonder if I could somehow incorporate webcams into a multi-cache, or mystery cache... Hmmm.... have to sleep on this idea.
  2. I came up with a definition up in post #9: -Identical containers and hiding styles -Distance between caches is at or close to the proximity guideline limit of 0.1 miles -Hiding spots are obvious and easy/quick to access - >~20 caches The way I see it, they're called power trails because number-junkies can "power" through them to increase their numbers. Anything that could interfere with this and slow down the hunt, such as varying containers/hiding styles or large distances between, preclude a series from being a "power trail". I have have to say that a power trail does not necessarily have all the same type containers, nor necessarily be "quick and easy" I have a power trail here in middle TN, the Team Trunk Monkey Turnpike, (search for TTMT if you want to look it up) And while many of the hides are what I would consider a "traditional power trail hide" with a simple filmcan hidden in a guardrail or at the base of a signpost, I have hidden several small and regular containers in interesting locations, as they made themselves available... just to break up the monotony. There are even a couple of evil little nanos in pretty tough spots, and some magnetic keyholders in unlikely locations... as appropriate to the locale. I would definitely call it a power trail, but perhaps a bit "above average" for the quality of hides wherever possible, and people have commented on the special ones, and even given some of them favorite points. If the attribute were implemented, I would surely use it for the whole trail... Just to help folks filter it in or out of their search results.
  3. I use a Firefox plugin to give me WYSISYG editing in the old form. OK, which plugin, I would like to check that out... And by the way, it would be nice to use the editor to edit the caches, not just create them.
  4. Yep, put in my vote for this feature, I would use it and appreciate it.
  5. I see where you are trying to bring attention to this, but this seems more of a limited need, and perhaps better served by large, bold-faced type at the top of the cache description, rather than an attribute, which is very easily overlooked. Not that the attribute is a bad idea, but if it that important for the integrity of a cache, it would be better served in the description.
  6. Also along these lines, I would be really nice to be able to "toggle" the happy face too, so if you wanted to see the map, representing the cache type icons instead of just a smattering of smiles... Suppose if they implemented the toggle for the sad faces, it wouldn't be a great leap to do the same for the happy ones too.
  7. I think it would be a great feature, but it would need to be "toggled" so that if you wanted your DNF's to show up as sad faces, that would be possible, but on the other hand, if you wanted them to show up normally, that would be available also... I would not want to have the Sad face be un-changeable.
  8. Yes, this is a great idea, but like others have said, it would be a matter of implementation, just like anything else. Although, if you were a fan of the attribute, you could always kindly email those in your area that had cemetery caches and ask them to add it. while we are on the subject of attributes, another one that would be great would be "power trail"
  9. I see where you are going with this. Yes, by current guidelines, these ideas are not allowed, but what I think you were after was a discussion about what could be done, to make something more interesting etc... I would like to see things such as this and other (perhaps limited or restricted) ALR's to be allowed, perhaps as a different cache type, just for regular caches, with certain requirements. One that I would like to see perhaps is a cache where something like taking a photo, and posting it are a requirement, as I think that adds to the interest of the page. Will it ever fly, or be implemented by TPTB, probably not, but a healthy discussion never hurt. Thoughts on that?
  10. Yep, I am noticing the same thing... no images are loading from geocaching.com ... at first thought it was just my own caches, but then checked some others, and same issue.
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