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  1. I think that no matter who you are, or what your story, if you have been touched by a Child (of any age) then you qualify to be in this thread. I love reading all these stories, even the ones that make me cry, and they do. It's these tears that keep me going, keep me trying. My tears will hopefully fall so that someone else's do not have to. When I lost my girls I had no one to talk to because there was not anyone around here who had had that happen. Within months I received 2 emails from other twins groups in the area saying that there were others who had recently lost children and would I talk to them. What could I say to them that they did not already know? How could I make them understand what I did not? How could I calm them when that same calm eluded me. I told them my story, I told them that it's ok to hurt, to cry to even be mad. I told them that the hurt never goes away but in time is lessens. I told them that one day they would smile, would laugh and feel guilty and it's normal. I did, I felt so guilty laughing when my daughters could not. I told them about my pledge to honor my daughters. I like to think it helped a little because I no longer hear from those mothers, but get asked to speak to others now and then. I am just one person, but I can make a difference, even by having a contest to win a coin. It might be silly, but it got you to think! When I was a little girl my grandmother had a drawer in her coffee table filled with stickers, those ones you get in the mail along with address labels. Many of hers said "March of Dimes" I had no idea what that was. I'm so glad I do now. Thank you for joining my cointest!
  2. Each year since I lost my twins I fundraise for the March of Dimes In Their Honor. Kyra & Jayde would have been 3 years old this past September. Not a day goes by that I don't think of them. Today I had a kissing war with Bella, who is now 2, I won, she couldn't keep up, but she got lot's and lot's of kisses. I'm so thankful for that. Bella was also born early. I first went into labor with her at only 28 weeks gestation, and again when I was 30 and 32. She finally came at 36 weeks and thanks to the years of research and efforts of the March of Dimes she was fine... So for my COINTEST, give me your 10 cents. What are your thoughts about your children, your nieces, your nephews, grandsons, grand daughters, God children or March of Dimes. All you need to do is tell me something you are thankful for, or just a random fact about the March of Dimes. You can post as many times as you want. This Cointest will run until the 7th, midnight EST. I'll choose 10 random winners using the wonderful number generator link TSun gave me for my last cointest. Each winner will get a trackable geocoin and some other goodies! I can't wait to see your stories, I know it will bring a smile to my face when I really need it! EDIT: Just a note, "Give me your 10 cents" is supposed to be a play on the phrase your two cents worth...you don't have to give me anything at all!
  3. Thanks Mark, I must have traded with him at GW5 too then, but I don't remember
  4. I've had this coin floating in my collection for awhile, and I know nothing about it, can anyone help me? I think the outter ring is black nickel with a shiny nickel inside. The blue glitter is used on both the outter ring and the inside spinner. Was it sold or trade only? How many were made? Is this the only metal or glitter color? The back side has a 2 and says "We Try Harder" just like the 1 side (it's a spinner) what does that mean?
  5. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but can I sign up for my daughter, she's never posted here under her caching name but I would be signing up with her caching name if I can. I don't get into these as much as I used to but it's so fun to see her eyes light up and hear her talk about her coins!
  6. If anyone who has used the Geocaching logo on a coin can share their art with me I would be very grateful. I've read the rules on it, but they are a little artistically vague. I have a design I've been working on for awhile that I'd like to include the logo in, but the way I have done so already was not approved and I really didn't get any info on how to improve it so that it might be. For example, do all 4 colored "boxes" have to touch? Can any part of the logo be missing or does it have to be complete? I remember there was a puzzle coin that each box separated this is why I ask. If the boxes separate but can be put back together does it have to have 100% of the logo and if not what percentage must still be present? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me!
  7. I guess I'm looking forward to seeing some of the coins I designed last year in their final form! I can't afford to buy coins now so I try not to get too excited when I see ones I really love, that compass rose will be hard for me to pass up though.
  8. OK wow that's an easy site, thanks Tsun! The Lucky coin recipient is post #156 dimkasmir PathTag Winner #1 is post #11 501_Gang PathTag Winner #2 is post #24 mousekakat PathTag Winner #3 is post #97 Frank n Beck PathTag Winner #4 is post #99 jAY miLLS PathTag Winner #5 is post #119 darnjoeSNARG Thanks so much to everyone for the warm wishes! I still had lovely day and I survived to cache again! Will the PathTag winners please send me an email to UOTrackers@yahoo.com with your mailing info. dimkasmir I"ll be in touch about the coin.
  9. Well I am back home at my computer and let me tell you today did not go the way I had planned at all it started out with such hope, the sun was shining the temp was nice and we had several caches right here in our home town that we had not found. We arrived at the first cache, called "Da Bomb" and made short work of it! I left a path tag behind for the next finder. We made our way to the second one, it was in what we call a pocket park, but there were muggles about so we drove on by. Arrived at our 3rd one, now mind you I had asked my husband to please make note of what we were looking for at each cache, micro, multi you know, so we look and look and look a bit cautiously since we were near some pretty heavy duty electrical equipment. Finally I asked him what size it was, he paused, then admitted he wasn't sure possibly a multi. On our way in we passed a playground and Bella was dead set on it, so we gave up our search and headed for the playground. My stomach was grumbling and I remembered we had laundry we needed to get out of the dryers, so we went to the new McDonalds, Bella played in the playground some, then we went home. At this point Bella was become fussy, so it was obviously nap time, as some of you know toddlers don't always, in fact rarely, do what they should. So we wrestled with her taking a nap for 2 hours!!! It was 6:30 by the time she woke up and time for dinner. It was also dark out by this time. So dinner then out for dessert and a stop to pick up a movie. More toddler wrestling along the way. So, how many caches did we find today? A pathetic 1! 1 Cache, I"m almost ashamed to call myself a cacher. I was born at 1:35 pm, I love odd numbers in order. And according to my journal from last year it hit 86 degrees. I question that now seeing as so many of you put down 74, but none the less that's what I journaled. So....I am now going to check out that random number thing and come back with some random winners! Stay tuned so I can figure the site out...
  10. Had to stop in to refuel, so thought I'd pop in some hints/info. We're not doing so well in the finding of caches so far. Someone asked how old I am, I was born in the 70's. My mom got to eat lunch before she had me but not dinner. Amazingly last year when I went caching it was warmer than it gets (most days) in my home town during the summer.
  11. I've made it a sort of tradition to go caching on my birthday and have for the last three years. I didn't think I was going to be able to this year because it's just been so darn cold here lately, but to my delight it's pretty pleasant out today. So while my husband loads up the gps I decided I wanted to have a cointest. It's a pretty simple cointest, you just have to guess some numbers. You have to have all 3 right in order to win. I will NOT know all 3 answers until I return. You may guess as many times as you like so long as there is a 15 minute pause in between guesses. 1. How many caches will we find today? n fzneg pnpure jvyy svther bhg jurer V nz pnpuvat naq tb sebz gurer 2. What time was I born at? 3. What temperature was it last year on this day? purpx zl cebsvyr gb frr jurer V pnpurq ba guvf qnl ynfg lrne What's the prize you ask? It's a surprise, a coin that is not available yet! I will discuss this with the winner more! I will also award 5 random prizes of one of my PathTags. I'll use one of those randon number generator things, anyone have a link?
  12. I would think the tie in would be that while we are out Geocaching taking in the brilliance of Nature we tend to capture such moments with our C A M E R A S!!! And I had no idea that Hannah Montana Geocached?! Does she do it as Hannah or as Miley? hmmm
  13. Yes, you'll just have a 'belated birthday'. Yay email sent
  14. This is what I seem to have so far (in addition to the first 80 names that is) 81. KrazyTrollz 82. angryEMT 83. menace 84. FASTFRANK&WANDA or FF&W 85. clemsonbeav 86. Jackalgirl - I think you made it in a previous round, either way your in! 87. FountainB 88. Lyonden_ut 89. WVKiwi 90. moscow32 91. TeamEccs21 92. marpomem 93. hasseper 94. Skillet68 95. RSFish1 96. LBKids or LBK 97. Arrow One - I'll check and see when I put the names in excel! 98. tlarson 99. LordXtra 100. peanutgang 101. maldar 102. scavok 103. exoticpetman - Psst, I'm a She!! 104. caching 4 fun 105. koikeeper 106. Sallies 107. Bolingbrook Joe 108. NYSandy23 109. Lelle1987 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. And that, will end uyp the names I am taking until I am 100% positive I can fit more names!!! (Edit) Don't worry, I've been known to add names on even when no more could conceivably fit!
  15. Oooh I'd love to play but my birthday is in 4 days, am I elligble?
  16. I seemed to have fallen behind, sorry 2 year olds are very distracting, so I'll go ahead and take the next 40 names Which will bring me to 120, I'm going to cut it there for now until I see how well these names fit into the design. So if you'd like to get YOUR name on this Version 3 coin, please add it now, just yours, I'm sorry I can't accept nominations for others it would not be fair to those who are online. Happy New Year Ya'll!!!!
  17. Wow a lot of posters in the middle of the night! Great. I've got the full list up to 80 now, there's still room for more, so don't fret I'll be around asking for more before the 1st. Now I just need to get down to it and design the coin, lol, I actually have an idea in my head so we'll see!
  18. I am now taking the 4th batch of 20 names for the Forums V.3 coin. Please read the first post if you are not sure what this is about. If you have been on previous versions you cannot be on this one (sorry) Please ONLY request your own caching name so as to be fair to everyone else who is online at the time of this posting. I am taking names NOW regardless of the time that is posted when the thread title changes ( I don't see a Mod on right now). I may not be up long enough to add in all 20 names, but they will be accepted in the order in which they post here. I will surely check first thing in the morning for an "official" listing. If you do not make it to this batch don't fret, I'll be asking for more before the 1st! 61. dflye 62. imchasingshadows 63. TreasureHunters5 or TH5 64. Nurse Nanna 65. dimkasmir 66. OwlCacher 67. _c3_ 68. SCYoli 69. Ranger Fox 70. SCBrian 71. BlueMotmot 72. The Amigos 73. Wavesprite 74. dimkasmir 75. Lisa70000 76. Tigsurfn 77. Stungbythebug 78. Wutzebear 79. Steinwälzer 80. Sallies PS if by some chance you can shorten your name by using initials or any other shortened version PLEASE by all means do so!
  19. This recipe is a lot simpler than it sounds, I have a 2 year old so that should be proof enough, I can make this even with her around, in fact she even helps. I've made this for the last 3 Christmas's to take to partys. There is NEVER any left, plus it's a great Edible Present! Brown Sugar Brie with Nuts 1/4 cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup shopped Pecans 1 tablespoon bourbon 1/2 package puff pastry sheets - thawed (this can take about 20-30 min to thaw so take it out first) 1 (13.2 oz) round brie Caramel Nut Sauce (see below) Preheat over to 400 F. Prepare a cake pan with a sheet of foil folded around the edges. If you haven't already, take out the puff pastry and put it on a lightly floured surface to thaw. Mix together first 3 ingredients. Roll out folds in the brie (make sure your roller has a dusting of flour on it). Pour the nut mixture in a circle in the middle of the pastry and lay the brie on top. Fold the pastry over the brie (I do corners first then fold in the sides sort of like a package) Push together all the seems so the brie is completely enclosed. Place the brie folded side down in the cake pan. Bake for 25 minutes or until lightly browned. Caramel Nut sauce: 1/2 cup cream 1/2 cup butter 1 cup light brown sugar 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 1 cup chopped pecans Mix together all but the nuts in a saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, whisking occasionally, cover and let boil for 3 minutes. Uncover and continue to boil for 1 minute without stirring. Turn off the stove top and add the pecans stirring them in. (I half the Sauce simply because it makes more than needed imho) Cool then sppon around the brie. Serve warm with assorted crackers, apples or pears! I hope anyone who tries this loves it as much as I do
  20. Sending Love and Light from SC too. Tony we had so much fun with you and Tracy and the kids at GW5, please pull through this so we can have other fun get to-gethers! All our love, Jen Forrest & Bella too!
  21. OK that's it for this batch of 20. If you didn't make it onto this batch don't fret, I"ll be taking more names still, just keep wathcing for the subtitle to change for batch #4!
  22. Yep, you were fast! There are 3 more spots available in this batch as I type this.
  23. OK Ya'll I'm ready for the 3rd batch of 20 names! Please only ask for yourself to be included, it's not fair to those online to have those not online added. If by some chance your name can be shortened in any way, PLEASE let me know. first 20 only, I will ask for others another time, thanks so much! ONLY post in this thread, no emails of private messages please, it gets too confusing. 1. Fairyhoney 2. earthrooster 3. Ble68 4. Woodland Clan 5. Dolfy 6. Cheesy Pigs 7. dhenninger 8. rinauldi 9. usyoopers 10. TokyoBlossom 11. SEWdaugh 12. Rockin Roddy 13. Vanelle 14. davee-n-cachincarrie 15. intolerable 16. Fingers Crossed 17. MRJIFFY 18. IthacaDoodle 19. BRoKeN W 20. mousekakat 21. Izzyvet 22. Brewer Chef 23. FuRbRaT 24. Lil Weasel 25. sweetlife 26. kehunt64 27. Miss America1 28. stickerooni 29. 5littlemonkeys 30. SecretChief 31. Mr.Explorer3 32. johnthesalty 33. AuntieNae 34. Messa 35. Cache Jedi 36. The Tapps 37. Team Fireboy 38. GR8 Eyes 39. avroair - but I need to check, weren't you on V.2? It's too late for me to check right now. 40. Thirstymick 41. tadpole379 WOW your faster than me!!! 42. Frank n Beck 43. Theotokos 44. Moozer 45. dark_onyx1982 46. Ambrosia YEP you made it! I love your Avatar btw! 47. KAboom 48. OverTheEdge 49. all41 - nice n short, love it! 50. Cache Maine 51. Kboy - another short one woohoo! 52. Hockeyhick 53. Cache-n-Kerry 54. Water Lily 55. wsgaskins 56. Patudles 57. PolskiKrol 58. Dardevle 59. DJSnarg 60. Bassmig OK that's it for this batch of 20. If you didn't make it onto this batch don't fret, I"ll be taking more names still, just keep wathcing for the subtitle to change for batch #4!
  24. I took the term from my geocoin mentor, Chris Mackey, who first told it to me when he suggested that I take all my ideas for coins and turn them into actual designs. He explained them as my payment for the work I did for the mint. That they would be different from all the others and that only I would be get them. They are rare and harder to get, and in some cases, much nicer looking (IMHO) than the regular editions, (Of course I'm partial to silver metals so it wouldn't matter if it is an AE or not there) I really don't think this question can be answered. I think it's a buyers market, most AE's are sold on ebay and they either sell or they don't, heck I still have some racer bugs because they didn't sell.
  25. Yippie! I got a box full of these today!
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