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  1. What a lovely surprise I received in the mail today, a cute little stocking and a card from some secret elves! It's very nice to add this to our collection, so whoever you secret folk are, thank you so very much! Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm just looking for something rather generic as I don't know how to maneuver my way around the USPS site. Something like 2oz FC mail to Australia is $1.81 (I have no idea if that's right so don't use it) I just thought it would be helpful if there was something like this. Thanks

  3. I have a couple extra coins that I've been holding onto for awhile and now it seems a good time to sell them and for a good cause.


    Please add $2.00 for the fist coin and $.50 for each additional coin for S&H. Please send me an email to UOTrackers@yahoo.com with the subject "Coins for Babies" if you'd like to purchase, I will do my best to keep the list updated. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


    I should note all coins are TRACKABLE and Unactivated!

    GW5 T-shirt set (All 4 colors, Red, Pink, Blue & LE Lime) $40.00

    Geocache America Commemorative Silver Coin - $30.00

    Crowesfeat30 Antique Copper (LE) DONATED - $20.00 Thank you Smort78!!!

    South Carolina (Residents Only Version) - $15.00

    Eat Meet & Greet AE Antique Copper - $15.00 (2 available)

    Lucky 7's Event (Atlanta Version) $10.00

    What was in your Mailbox? V.1 Gold RE - $10.00

    What was in your Mailbox? V.1 Nickel RE - $10.00

    Cache is King Bronze - $10.00 Thank you Nochipra!!!

    Masters of Cache AS $10.00

    You WILL go Caching - $7.00

    FTF Award BN Glow in the Dark - $7.00

    GW5 I came, I saw I cached! - $7.00


    Remember every cent (minus S&H) goes to the March of Dimes to help save babies! Thanks for looking!


    Edit: I also just found:

    (2) GW5 (the official triangle one) - $15.00

    and 1 more GW5 I came, I saw I cached - $7.00

  4. I see I put my name on the add list way back on December 5 on page 3 of this thread, but it looks like my name didn't get on the list! Why? ;)


    She has only done one side so far. You will probably be on the other side.....

    Yep don't worry, I took 125 names and fit 83 on the first side, so most likely after all is said and done I'll be looking for more names. I'm not a bit tired yet and it's 10 pm so maybe tonight I'll get the other side done, then get to work on the smaller details!

  5. You caught me, literally! That's me, brae, I had nothing else I could fit in that small space and it looked odd empty. Small spaces are ALWAYS my hardest part. SO if anyone has any 3 or 4 letter names or initials post here and I can most likely fit them in (and remove my brae).


    It looks pretty good to me.


    I am okay fwiw if you chop off parts of the underscores. I see on the right side of the coin between

    BRoKeN W and dflye is something that looks like "orae". I could see "_c3_" fitting better there with parts of the underscores chopped off a little and whatever "orae" is would be more easily seen where _c3_ was.


    Of course, with that said, I really like the design! And if it's easier to keep it as is, then so be it. :PI like it!


    Thanks for all the work you've put into this!




  6. OK here's the first draft of one side of the coin. If your name is on this side ( I fit 83 of them) check it and make sure it is spelled right. In a few cases a letter may be cut off in order to fit around the design. If this is a HUGE problem for you let me know. The colors are NOT set yet, and there is more to the outter ring than I am currently showing, but I think you get the idea that this is an Air Mail What was in your mailbox coin! Comments, suggestions etc welcome.



  7. This is the first chance I have had to sit and run the random number generator! So I have some winners!


    If you've won, please send me an email to UOTrackers@yahoo.com SUBJECT: MOD cointest with your address!


    I really appreciate everyone who contributed and spread the word about saving babies. I'm up to $475!!! Almost 1/3 of my goal of $1500. My first speech went well, I managed to keep the tears at bay though I think I made some others tear up. I'll keep you updated on the bench with a picture once it's in place!


    The number generator picked:


    Team FIREBOY









  8. Are you still doing this?

    I would like one of these.

    I like it and would order some. I like the saying and it might make people stop to think before they just take it to keep.

    I would still LOVE to have this coin made! It's simple and maybe cheesy but I kinda like that. This one is one of my favorites because, well I love Chinese food! So if any mints like this idea, drop me a line, I still have all the art!


    Very cool design! Can't beleive I didn't see this earlier. I'd be interested in one with personal engraving!

    I really thought that there were so many possibilities for this coin, and personalization would be very neat! Maybe there will be more interest now. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  9. This cointest is still open for a little while longer! All you have to do is post something about a child or March of Dimes, it's so easy!


    I was asked to be the Ambassador "family" for the March of Dimes in my area and the kick off lunch is tomorrow. So I'm going to have to make a bit of a presentation to all the businesses and families who are joining our walk this year. I'm a bit nervous. Typing behind a computer screen is easy, but talking in public, well I'll probably need lots of tissues. I received some really great news this week though! When my daughters passed away we asked that donations be made to our local Twins Club, thinking they could use it for some fun outting with their kids. Since then they sorta adopted me, and i've been going to "MOM"'s meetings ever since. The money that was sent to them they refused to use, and I found out why. They had a bench purchased with a plaque in my girls' names and it will be placed in our local park, Hopeland Gardens. This is where we were married and we take Bella there to feed the ducks and koi quite often. Now as Bella grows we can explain to her about her sisters and maybe she can go to the Park to feel closer to them. I like to think they are her guardian angels, I'm sure they are.

  10. 1. Participating Yep

    2. Received Name Yep

    3. Mission Sent SOON

    4. Birthday Arrived YEP!!!


    Apparently sometime last week a package came for me and was stuck up high on my desk. I didn't notice it until this morning. To my surprise it was a birthday gift! I received a whole lot of sparkly confetti and some noisemakers which Bella loves, but thankfully has no idea how to use, and a MWGB coin and a Lindsy - n Chris GeoSmirk!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me!

  11. It's been awhile since one of my designs has been available, so I'm happy to announce the Cachepillar is finally here! I've often called my daughter Bella my little Bella Bug so this coin was inspired by her. Geoswag has this coin in two versions Gold and Nickel LE. You can order it <indirect link removed by moderator>. I hope you like this kid friendly design!



  12. These are all such great thoughts and sentiments and poems. I have some more good News. Last night I saw on the news the President of the March of Dimes announced a new breakthrough! Many of us already know, especially the women, that taking folic acid while your pregnant is very important. It helps reduce the occurance of Spina Bifida. New research has also shown that those who take it a year prior to conception lessen their chances of a premature birth by 50 - 70%. That is truely an amazing breakthrough!

  13. I suppose this is sort of related. Some years ago a journalist went missing here. He was never found again and remained on a missing persons list...that is until his remains were found by this cache You can even go back to some of it's logs about the situation.


    Not excaly body related, while we were searching for this cache we found a couple bones. Looking at them I wasn't sure if they were Homan or not and hated the thought of stumbling upon a missing person myself. So with the Chief of Police's phone number in my cell I made some calls and waiting while several area investigators were called out, only to be told that they were deer bones and that a local meat shop used to use the area as a dump site. I felt awful calling out so many people, but they actually thanked me saying that they really ought to check areas like those more often because it would be easier to hide someones bones among those already known to be there. So, um I trailed a bit, but I still think it's an interesting coin idea, playfully done of course.

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