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  1. I can relate to everything in the geocaching conspiracy except the decreasing waistband! Still eat too much I guess.
  2. Aren't you likely to cut your fingers on a half removed soup can lid though?
  3. I went looking for a cache deep in a county park with my boyfriend. We found it. On the way back to the car, we saw pre-teen muggles setting newspaper on fire. A nearby tree stump caught fire and the kids took off. We threw lots of dirt on the fire to put it out. We never found the kids, but alerted police to their activity. Sherrye
  4. hahaha.. that picture just made my night! Thanks.
  5. Congrats on your first find! Sherrye
  6. Where on earth would you hide a 55 gallon drum? Cool idea though Sherrye
  7. You guys are so funny. I live in "central jersey" also. Union County, right off of 78. I am going to the North Jersey meeting this week and I am not ashamed! Maybe us "borderline" people are privileged enough to attend any meeting in the state. Can't wait to meet everyone! Speleojunky (a.k.a. Sherrye)
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