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  1. Thanks guys. I was wondering if there was someplace to download more tide tables. The nearest one to the location I want is several hundred Km away, I'm not sure how accurate that would be.
  2. I have a Oregon 450. Is there any where you can get more tide tables then what is already downloaded on the GPS. Specifically I would like a tide table closer to Mulege in Baja California. Thanks, Jack
  3. After contacting Garmin 3 times they finally set me strait. I had the wrong setting selected. If you want all your tracks to show on the map you have to have "HIde on map" showing in each tracks option list. This seems a little backward, but that's the way it is.
  4. I tried all scale settings and they are all still set on show on map.
  5. In Track Manager all my tracks are set to Show On Map. The problem is none of them are showing. Each individual track will show if I hit View Map for the track. They used to show on the map but I can't remember if it was before or after I loaded in the latest update. Any one else have this problem?
  6. I just did a download for the new software and firmware updates (4.50 & 5.00) and I still do not have the rest area catagory eg. Where to, auto services, rest areas I did find two other ways to get rest areas: Where to > All POI's > ABC > type Rest Area > check mark or Where to > Auto Services > All Categories > ABC > type Rest Area > check mark
  7. I don't have rest areas listed under auto services on my unit, are you using an Oregon? I am running software 4.40 and firmware 4.52 on my Oregon 450. I don't know if an update would make a difference, even so, I do not think there are any non beta updates. It's there for me. Oregon 450 w/ CN NT NA 2011.40 and TopoCan v4, I am not sure which map set it is pulling the POI's from though (even with all maps disabled, I can still search POI's). In fact I have a "Rest Area or Tourist Inf" and a "Rest Area" sub menu. My CN NA NT is 2009. This is the same map I used with my 76CSx and it would show rest areas. Savant9, what software versions are you using?
  8. I don't have rest areas listed under auto services on my unit, are you using an Oregon? I am running software 4.40 and firmware 4.52 on my Oregon 450. I don't know if an update would make a difference, even so, I do not think there are any non beta updates.
  9. I just got an Oregon 450 and loaded in CN NA NT and I can't find rest areas on it. On my old 76CSx you could go Find>Exits>Menu>Select Category>Rest Areas and they came up. How/can you do this on an Oregon?
  10. Unfortunately I believe your right. I was hoping there was some way of changing the road detail similar to how you can change the zoom level of POI, etc. The zoom range of secondary roads seems to be pre-set by Garmin and we just have to live with it.
  11. I have my map screen set for the Most detail. The problem is that when I zoom from 1.2 - 2 km I don't "lose the roads in the clutter", instead the screen automatically declutters at 2 km and all secondary roads disappear.
  12. I am sure this has been discussed before but I could not find an answer doing a Search. I have a 76csx and when using CNNA NT or Topo Canada secondary roads that are showing at a zoom of 1.2 km disappear when zoomed to 2 km. I would like the secondary roads to show at a higher zoom. Is this built into the unit or is there a setting I haven't discovered that can change the road zoom range?
  13. I was searching for mine the other day and wrote it down. I'm pretty sure this is for V4 and not v2 c:\documents & settings\all user\application data\garmin\maps
  14. I just got the new Topo Canada V4 map. When loaded into MapSource it is far better looking then Topo Canada V2. The shading makes topo heights far easier to determine, eg if your looking at a row of topo lines it is readily apparent as to if they are going up or down without looking at the elevation numbers. Bush roads are easier to see also. Unfortunately the shading doesn't transfer over to my 76csx, it looks the same as V2 on the GPS. There are some new roads as compared to V2, but some of roads that are shown no longer exist, just as in V2. These roads are so old that they have completely overgrown and are no longer passable. This is very annoying because I plot tracks at home and then when you go to ride them you find there is no more road. V4 comes with a separate program called BaseCamp. BaseCamp would be nice but it is so slow whenever you do ANYTHING on it. It is so slow that it is pretty well useless to me. Thats too bad because it looks like it could be quite useful. It probably works far better on a newer, faster computer. Is anyone else experiencing an extremely slow BaseCamp?
  15. Your right. The custom waypoints I first checked were in a area where they appeared transparent because of the same background colour. I guess its back to the drawing board.
  16. I finally got my custom waypoints to work with 6.15.3, the answer was on another forum. The custom waypoint symbols (001.bmp, 002.bmp, etc.) have been placed in the directory "My Documents\My Garmin\Custom Waypoint Symbols". You have to COPY them and place them in the directory where MapSource.exe is installed, on my computer its "C:\Garmin". Coping the folder they are in (Custom Waypoint Symbols) will not work, you have to copy each individual symbol to "C:\Garmin". Now my custom waypoint symbols show up in both 6.15.3 and 6.13.7. But in 6.15.3 the transparent areas show up pink. The way to fix this problem is to "Edit" each individual custom waypoint in "C:\Garmin" only. I used Paint, the default editor on my computer. Zoom in on them so you can see whats going on. I used to Eraser tool to remove the pink areas. Then Save, everything should be perfect in 6.15.3 now.
  17. With me they are there in 6.13.7 but are not there in 6.15.3. I tried changing the directory that they are in but that didn't help, as a matter of fact I then lost the custom icons in BOTH MapSource versions.
  18. I moved my custom icons to c:\garmin and they still did not work for me in 6.15.3. As a matter of fact they quit working in 6.13.7 until I moved them back to the MyDocuments\My Garmin directory.
  19. Bob thanks again for the second time in the last week. I went to MapsetToolkit and found 780. It didn't say what it was but gave full descriptions for my other maps. By the process of elimination I was able to determine that 780 is a 3rd party map that I had purchased, Baja Expeditioner. I went to the website where I purchased it and they had a fix. Everything is running fine now, I have 6.15.3 and 6.13.7 loaded. On my laptop 6.15.3 runs slow and my custom waypoint symbols have changed. On the plus side I use Topo Canada a lot and 6.15.3 shows bush roads far, far better then 6.13.7, its worth downloading 6.15.3 just for that. I will try moving my custom waypoints to another directory like GeoBobC did and see if that clears up the waypoint problem. This forum is great.
  20. I'd guess that Product 780 is NOT a Garmin product. All the Garmin Mapsource maps I have use a Family Number (FID) and use Product=1 (e.g. Topo 2008 is Family=200 and Product=1). If Product 780 is your own custom map, then try installing it as a Family. I haven't fully tested installing custom maps in 6.15.3, but I know that they work with a Product number = 1 and a Family ID with 3 digits (see my post above). Bob I have Ibycus Topo 1.22 as one of my maps, I wonder if that could be the problem?
  21. 6 15 3 won't open on my laptop. When I go to open it I get a message that says "There is a problem with product 780 installation. Please re-install Product 780 and start Mapsource again." I tried re-installing and got the same thing. Any ideas?
  22. I would like to thank Bob for giving me the link that shows how to put tracks on a transparent map. When I first went to the site I took one look at what was involved and figured I'd just forget about it. But this GPS 20 track limit was bugging me so today I downloaded everything and gave it a shot. It took 5 hours but now I have a transparent map loaded in my GPS. I have 10 tracks on the transparent map of trails I have been on and 10 tracks loaded into the GPS track log page of trails I have never been on but want to. This leaves me with room for 10 more. Thanks again, Jack
  23. Thanks for the link Bob. The results are just what I'm looking for but the procedure seems like it is awfully confusing. Maybe a little too confusing for me. I wonder if Garmin will ever get off their butts and give us a software update so our units can hold more then 20 track logs like the Colorado?
  24. Bob the thing I hate most about my 76csx is the 20 track limit. How do you convert the master tracklog file to a transparent overlay map? This sounds like the answer to all my tracklog problems.
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