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  1. yes, it just will not finish the process.
  2. okay, some of you answered a few of my questions last round and I have done everything asked of me and it appears to be okay. I noticed the software version on my current unit is 2.03.... very old and an update does not appear to be available. Does anyone have the update they can share or do you know where I can get it?
  3. Yes, I have checked to insure it it the correct software for the unit.
  4. I have tried several times to update my etrex software using the web updater software from Garmin without success. The software recognizes the GPS and its operations system, downloads then fails to load it in and says "The Garmin device is not responding. Please check one of the following. 1. the interface cable is connected and the unit is in host mode, 2. the cable is connected to the correct port and 3. The garmin device is turned on" What am I doing wrong? Any suggestings? JST
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