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  1. i have logged multiple DNF on a single cache before actually logging a find.
  2. I was lucky enough that the cop was a geocacher. And he actually took to opportunity to mess with me a bit. Lol. But yes as mentioned tell the truth and explain to the muggle very politely what you are doing. I too am a night owl. But have never had an issue with the law at night. I'm almost convinced that the police don't come out at night.
  3. the owner of the TB sticker can fix that, they can log onto the TB page and log it as retrieved. you probably shouldn't post the trackable number on the forums either.
  4. I carry my SIG P250 when ever im on a trail, im not so much worried about other people but there have been a lot of black bear sightings in my area lately and this is very uncommon. I recently bought some bear mace as I really don't want to have to shoot a bear but will not think twice if my life was in danger.
  5. photos of the container are fine, as long as it doesn't reveal the location of the cache, most photo's will be of cachers, or their kids holding the container, or of a landscape or view of the area. as you log more caches you will see photos that others have posted, this will give you a good example of what is ok to post. As for your logging of a cache, really you can write what ever you want, but its a good idea not to give away the exact location of the cache. some people will not appreciate that as this is all about the hunt and the find. write about your experience on your way to the cache, if you had trouble finding it, and its nice to let the cache owner know that if their cache is in good condition or in need of repair. and remember just because you didn't find it, doesn't mean its not there, I have had a lot of new cachers not find some I have hidden and post that it is missing when they just didn't find it. Go through the cache log and read what previous finders have written, you will see that some cachers will log a detailed description of their adventure and others will just log a "found it", it is entirely up to you how much detail you want to put into your log. Just remember to keep it kid friendly. good luck with your new found hobby, remember the bug spray, and to keep your eye of the path. oh and check out the podcaher podcast, they have a show every week and there can be some very useful info for new cachers. www.podcaher.com
  6. In my opinion and for my long and wide foot, KEEN all the way. I am tight and would go to walmart and buy cheap and nasty boots. My wife decided to treat me for Xmas 2 years ago and picked me up a good pair of keens. No turning back, I can not talk highly enough of these boots, but as others have mentioned its what fits that counts. Go to REI and try on everything. You will find what is good for you. My keens are going on 2-1/2 years and are still in great shape. Spend the $$ and get something good. And you will the glad you put the money into this purchase
  7. I too have a pair of keens, I am going on my third season with these boots, and they are holding up pretty well, and have never had a problem with them. like any boot a good maintenance will make them last a lot longer. some water proofing spray, and permethrin spray will keep the bugs away (read the warning label on the permethrin, it will kill cats)I think it will be difficult to buy a different boot after having these for so long and never to have a problem. and they are super comfortable, at just under $200 they work out cheaper than my running shoes. if your willing to spend the money it doesn't really matter what boot you get, as long as your foot will fit, and it offers good support, don't skimp and get a high cut boot to support your ankles.
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