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  1. Got my coin today But there was no tracking number on it \h
  2. Got my coins yesterday. Words can´t describe how beutiful they are PS Naomi, you havn´t still learned how to spell my nick DS \h
  3. I´m not a trekkie, but this is a must have coin . Get me on the wanted list, if there is one. \h
  4. My first concert was ZZ Top at Isstadion (Icestadium) here in Stockholm centuries ago, or 20 or so years ago to be more precise. Oh, i almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANELLE. \h
  5. Today there was several padded envelopes i the mail when i got home from work Hmm, not the best picture. \h
  6. I guess there's no way to ever tell if it was theft at the Post Office, or in your Mailbox, or if it was jammed in the machine. For letters that are damaged in the postal system in the US, they usually come with a note explaining so, and the delivery person wouldn't have left it like that...That makes me wonder if you need to keep a close eye on your mailbox?? Forget to mention that it was followed whit a note saying it was torn in the machine at Uppsala here in Sweden, so it´s not the mailman being a thief. \h
  7. Havn`t had any coins for weeks And yesterday this was in my mailbox Don`t now what was in the envelope, but i suspect it could be a geocoin even though i don´t expect any coins. It could even be coins i ordered long tima ago and forgot that i ordered it. \h
  8. Jiipii, i got a Geo Bandit Mystery i my mailbox today . It was #123. And I haven´t got any if it ain´t was for somone to pulled some strings for me. \h
  9. Woohooo, i´m happy today. Got these in my mail yesterday and today . The FTF coins and the Phoenix coins was expected but for the tree others, someone had pulled some strings for me. THANK YOU, you now who you are. \h Did i say THANK YOU.
  10. If you notice the post by MissJenn, she has a slash through Opera, I think meaning it's not a supported browser. That wasn´t there at the time i posted, so she must have edited it. \h
  11. I cant download the plugin, it says i have an unsupported browser. And i use Opera. \h
  12. A little surprise in the mail yeasterday fo rme too. grodan Karin Me to, me to \h
  13. Got me a geoguitar from Smort78 today. Thanks for the trade. \h
  14. Wohoo, I see my name on there. And it is spelled right. \h
  15. The guitars has arrived, and they are awsome \h
  16. Oh no, how could I have missed this . Trade anyone. \h
  17. Got a bunch of cats today. It made me special happy because tomorrow it was three years ago i had to put my beloved cat Smulan to sleep. \h
  18. Yiippii, got a envelope full of sunshine today They looking great. \h
  19. Today i got ten beautiful Kansas Sunshine 2008 \h
  20. I am soooo jealous, i would also want one But i finally got the coin i traded whit ernies, a I Love Geocaching black nickel \h
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