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  1. Hallo an alle, es gibt jetzt einen Termin für diesen Cache, Samstag 17. August, 11 Uhr. Wer sich anschließen möchte, meldet sich bitte bei mir. aO
  2. Hallo Bart, leider hat sich Baron nicht mehr gemeldet. Wenn Du also was ausmachen willst, können wir das tun... aO
  3. Sowohl als auch! Nach der Arbeit dann, wenn ich zeitig genug Schluss habe und sich ein interessanter Cache anbietet. Die Workzone ist schon ziemlich geplündert. Aber am Wochenende auf jeden Fall auch. Bin 44, habe kein KFZ... gewöhnlich mit öffentlichen und/oder Bike unterwegs. aO
  4. Hallo allerseits, da ich keinen interessierten Cacher im Bekanntenkreis habe, poste ich hier mal. Der GC4AQY5 "Im Land der Riesen" Hat meine Aufmerksamkeit gefunden. Er liegt im Borgsdorfer Wald nördlich von Berlin. Liest sich nicht sehr schwierig, wird aber nicht alleine empfohlen. Also wer Lust hat melde sich doch einmal, dankeschön
  5. You mean this one? Again, this is at a different location than your map link in your first post. Where did you get that link from? It's pointing to a location several kilometers to the northeast of both your caches, so it's not surprising that you can't see the cache. Uh, that one. Now it gets even more weird. I didn't notice that one! That one is one of the waypoints of my first cache. It is the only waypoint (apart from the publiched coordinates of the cache itself) that has its coordinates published. All the other waypoints that the cache has do not have their coordinates published. Maybe that it a hot lead to some sort of bug?! I'll ponder it and maybe ask the reviewer whether he knows something about it...
  6. Are you looking for it on the map by its posted coordinates, or the final coordinates? It will always show on the map at the posted coordinates, whether it's your cache or not. Even if you use the new "Corrected coordinates" feature, Groundspeak hasn't yet completed the functionality to show the cache in its corrected position on the map. When I bring up the map from the above URL, it centers the map in a different spot several kilometers from the posted coordinates. On my screen resolution (1680x1050), your cache was just barely off the bottom left corner of the map. If you go to the cache page and click on the "View larger map" link, it will bring up the Beta map centered on your cache: Thanks for your response and the screen shot. Your screen shot shows my second cache, GC3949C, which is indeed displayed fine on the map. But my message here was about my first cache GC37CN9 which is located where your map was centred initially but no sign of it in the map. And that's the strange thing. I now have two caches online, both are classified "Unknown Cache" aka "Mystery", and only one of them is properly displayed on the map... the GC3949C.
  7. Thanks, that is very relieving to know that the cache shows up for you. What I forgot to mention is that for me it doesn't even show up on the "original maps" (the non-beta) and also not on my Symbian GeoCaching App. So to me it looked and still looks like a consistent no-show on many channels. But since you can see it, I'll just wait and keep an eye on what's going on
  8. Hi, I just recently had my first cache (http://coord.info/GC37CN9) published on geocaching.com. It is classified as an "unknown cache" with the question mark icon on its home page. Up until now the cache does not appear on the map. There is a little map on the cache's home page and there it is shown but when I actually proceed to the big map that shows all caches in a certain area, my cache is not there. This is not an issue of "this is my cache so it is not displayed to me because I am supposed to know where it is". Even when I am not logged on and I open the map URL (http://www.geocaching.com/map/beta/default.aspx?lat=52.516&lng=13.571767) directly, other caches show up but mine does not. Does it just take very long for the map to be updated? Or is something wrong about my cache that I need to mend? Will other users have gotten their notifications about a new cache in their area? Thanks in advance, alpha Ori
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