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  1. I am seeing the same blank page when I click on the "Map this Location" link on the search listing. If I perform the search on the map page itself, the maps display as before (before = before this update, not before last week's update). I'm using Chrome. Just tried in FireFox and it works. I even broke down and fired up IE and it works there to. Looks like a Chrome problem (in Windows). Mike
  2. From OpioNate's original post on why Google Maps went away:
  3. It is very hard to test with the slowness, so I am going to reserve judgement until the performance issues are resolved. I have noticed one issue though... when using OSM and zooming in, the smiley and "my cache" icons all revert to the unfound traditional icon. I'm using Google Chrome.
  4. I was able to upload my image this afternoon. It was also very quick. Looks like it's working, at least for me...
  5. I haven't been able to upload an image to a TB log since the new servers were installed yesterday.
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