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  1. Denmark consists of only one state. But the country is divided into 5 administrative units called regions. The division, however, does not in all cases make geographical sense. For example the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea belongs to the Capital Region (Copenhagen), and the region South Denmark (Syddanmark) includes both the southern part of the peninsula of Jutland (Jylland) and the island of Fuen (Fyn). I agree that it could be a good idea to divide Denmark into smaller parts for cache related search reasons. But then the division should be more geografically consistent, e.g. North Jutland, Middle Jutland, Southern Jutland, Fuen, Sealand without Capital Copenhagen, Capital Copenhagen and Bornholm. Thomas
  2. Are there any rumors for new Garmin geocaching models presented at CES 2009? Regards Thomas
  3. Does this new update give any practical improvements? Regards Thomas
  4. As I remember, there are a few seconds in difference between UTC and GPS time. Does anyone know how much that is?
  5. After the 3.00/2.70 update I see the same problem, that the lock with the visible D's lasts only for a few seconds and then disappears again for some minutes. I have tried to clear almanac data ("Zoom up" while "Power ON"), but the result is the same. My location is Denmark
  6. This is a power cord with build-in Bluetooth. It takes the NMEA output from the Garmin GPS and transmits it. The function is the same as "ordinary" GPS-Bluetooth units.
  7. We are using this Bluetooth/12 V car adaptor with a Garmin 60CSx and Cachemate on a Treo 650: http://store.yahoo.com/semsons-inc/bluetcarchar.html It works great - while I am using the GPS for navigation my wife can find out which are the nearest caches.
  8. I have installed Cachemate on a Qtek 9100 with Windows Mobile 5.0. Can anyone tell me how to import the GPX Pocket Queries?
  9. According to the 60CSX manual, you can upload POI with the POI Loader to these units. I have tried it, and it is working
  10. Which is the most extreme cache in the world? Regards Thomas
  11. This Norwegian site tells about a new version of Garmin 60/76 with Sirf III chipset and Trans Flash Memory: http://www.gps.no/anm/templates/?a=976&z=2 Can anyone confirm?
  12. Depending on the density of the canopy it would be very difficult to use a GPS in a rain forrest.
  13. En GPS fungerer ikke særlig godt under bladdække, da vandet i bladene absorberer signalerne. Så der er temmelig sikkert ikke noget galt med din GPS. Har du prøvet på www.geocaching.dk Her er også et forum på dansk hvor man bl.a. diskuterer tekniske spørgsmål. Mvh. Thomas
  14. Does anyone know which cache box is the largest in the world? Kind Regards Thomas&Lisa
  15. The two travel bugs are now in our home, they were getting rather bored with the hotel grub. We will place them in danish caches asap. No reward is needed. Thomas&Lisa
  16. For the moment EGNOS is in operation in a test mode. Garmin receivers in the 60/76 series has so far ignores the EGNOS correction when in testmode. In January EGNOS information centre told me, that EGNOS would be in full operation i Q2 2005. Therefore I was surprised last week, when my 60C showed EGNOS corrections. It seems, that explanation lies in the latest software update 3.7. There has been made some modifications in the way it receives EGNOS/WAAS corrections, including that it now ignores the test mode. The problem with the ESA/EGNOS homepages are, that the information is very limited and not updated very often. Thomas
  17. I have just faced the same problem after updating my GPSMap 60C to version 3.7. I tried several times, and finally it worked. It seems to be a periodic fail Kind regards Thomas
  18. On both 19. and 20. of March the small "d"'s appeared on my Garmin GPSmap 60C. Also the estimated position error showed down to +/- 1m. Have other Garmin owners seen the same? Regards Thomas, Denmark
  19. Thomas&Lisa

    Road Angel

    Could anyone tell me why you should pay 4490SEK for a Road Angel, when you can get some of the same functionallity i an ordinary GPS for the half price? Further I findt i problematic, that a shop that carries the Geocaching Logo has such products. Speed traps are only dangerous to those who are driving too fast! Regards Thomas
  20. We recommend this link http://www.woco.dk/ and wish you a nice stay. Thomas&Lisa
  21. Sorry Hedberg, but you didn't catch our point! We posted our note, becuase Map Daddy also in the Danish Geocacher forum had asked for waypoints for Danish speed limit cameras. We think, that these forums should be free of "Commercial Illegalities". (For your information, Danish police don't have fixed camera positions - they are placed in vans, and never in the same place for more than two hours). During the last year, the speed limits have been raised and controls have been strengthened in Denmark. The result is, that death tolls have been the lowest in decades. Our secret is to respect the reigning law. Otherwise go into politcs and change it that way. But don't do it in the streets. Kind regards Thomas&Lisa
  22. Dear Map Daddy! We know of a 100% efficient method of avoiding risks to your drivers licence. Since you are going commercial, how much are you willing to pay for our secret knowledge? Regards Thomas&Lisa
  23. Has someone experience Sarantel´s GeoHelix antenna? It seems to be an alternative to external amplified patch antennas. http://www.sarantel.com/geohelix-h.shtml
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