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  1. So is that $50 total, or do you mean $50 for each part individually? Just checking
  2. Well now that Certainly sounds reasonable, can't go wrong with something that cost less than a video game or my cell phone bill (which is only $45 to begin with) It looks pretty useful for what I'm needing but was hoping in a data cable. I'll get back to you on it a little later.
  3. So is that a really good car navigation and geocaching? Main focus will be car nav probably, with the geocaching an additional.
  4. Actually my $50 budget is for the waywayway older handheld gps units that honestly I wouldn't mind if it were beat up as long as it were usable for a good while still. Obviously, the price would have to reflect the wear of it but still I'd be willing to do that just to try this out. As for car GPS, Id likely go up to $200 on that, even for used but only if it's REALLY good. I'd hate to buy a cheap piece of junk and end up lost because it wasn't reliable.
  5. Well I've seen a few within my price but most of my messages are going unanswered. . I'll keep checking around some more.
  6. How can I find out if a unit has pedestrian mode? Is there a specification that most listings will put or do almost all GPS systems usually have th feature?
  7. For right now, I have been searching for as cheap a unit I can find for geocaching with. ($50 max) and I have several friends with kids that I can get into this if I ever upgrade. Just a matter of finding one... If I canlt before I get the car navigation, I can just test it out with that. Then like you said, can try and get money for a real handheld for christmas. My birthdate isn't tik April though, so about half a year to go on that one.
  8. I should be driving soon (by next month if all goes well) and I know I will want to pick up a navigation system. But I recently found out about geocaching and want to get more into this. My question is, for those that use their car GPS for this, how useful is it actually? I'll probably be looking at a lower-end TomTom or something else under the $100-$150 budget. Could I expect anything useful out of that?
  9. I'm interested, just have to check funds first.
  10. Thanks I'm checking out the garage sale forum now. Trying not to rip anyone off, while getting a super cheap started for myself. Probably try and get my room-mates kids interested in it if I can, then I could talk her into driving us around *for them* lol. Does anyone know if the girl scouts has a GeoCaching badge, like Boy Scouts does? If so, her daughter is a girl scout. Maybe I'll have them ask the troupe leader, if no one here knows.
  11. The link to the websites for the description aren't working.
  12. While that *was* helpful... my issue is I don't have a car and I can't just talk one of my friends or family into road-tripping across North Carolina. There's an event listed for Charlotte that I *MAY* be able to talk one of my friends into going because they love exploring Charlotte. But the one who definitely actually would, her car is totaled.
  13. I don't really care what kind it is, as long as it still functions and is under $50. Would prefer one that I can enter a lot of coordinates into and backtrack. Honestly, as long as the price reflects the wear, I don't care if it's about to fall apart (but again: price reflecting wear). I just want something I can test out geocaching with but not spend $100-$300 on something crazy I may never use again. Thanks.
  14. I'm just wondering if there are some people around me that I can do caching with. I just found out about it the other day, and have found a few locations I want to check out and try and find. I don't have a GPS system and my phone is extremely basic so the application isn't an option either. The 3 or 4 caches in my area shouldn't be too hard without one I suppose. But I'm terribly limited with walking (only one cache I can see is under 1 mile from my house) or busing there... I don't even own a bike. Honestly, I don't really know what I really want. I have a serious aversion against meeting people from the internet, even in extremely public places. But I would love to cache with other people and no one I know would be interested in this activity. I guess I wouldn't be so against meeting up with someone in a public place (mall, restaurant, other business) and sticking to extremely public cache sites... And that way I can check out some GPS units before I go buy one while getting used to best ways to find caches.
  15. Is this still available? I'm trying to find one to start with that won't have me putting out much more than $50...
  16. Is this unit good for car GPSing and hiking/geocaching GPSing as well?
  17. If she doesn't want it, I *may* consider. But I don't know yet. Just discovered the concept of geocaching yesterday.
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