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  1. I've read through this thread and have only one other suggestion and that is to go to a site that sells geocaching stuff and you can see what many of the cache containers look like-I couldn't believe it when I found my first bolt on a fence line-very devious.
  2. You are a genius.....Many Many thanks- All this talk about how things were in the "good old days" i don't think geocaching would be as big as it is today if wasn't as simple- I know I have been somewhat discouraged- Your information has been a huge help to making it simple again. Yahoo
  3. I have it working with Opera so problem solved for now. :-) http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=334716&pid=5535732&st=0entry5535732 reading through this thread helped me figure out how to transfer individual geocaches, without having to do a PQ everytime a new one came on line. Its certainly not as slick as it once was, but it works. Forget the whole "send to GPS scenario.
  4. Use the "GPX" button >> save to computer >> Copy *.GPX to x:\Garmin\GPX\ and you have basically done what the "communicator" does. No need for plugins. Okay so this method has worked for me after weeks of fiddling around-Is geocaching.com going to drop the send to GPS option as this is obviously not going to work anymore? Thanks to this forum for helping me get around again without having to PQ's every time I want to add one GC site.
  5. I just set up firefox and the comunicator is not working with that either. Does Geocaching. com not know of the issues people are having-or have they stopped caring.
  6. sometimes I just want to enter a single new GC-I don't necessarily want to do a PG for every new GC as it is posted.?
  7. I am suddenly having a very difficult time loading geocaches onto my garmin 62s. I do not know if it because of windows 10-but I can not load single goecaches on anymore...anyone if things have changed dramatically or is anyone else having a problem. I have reset my garmin back to factory sttings, deleted absolutly everything off so it should be easy to see when new ones are on and nothing goes on. Just call me frustrated
  8. I believe the other option on my 62s is to look for the found ones as waypoints, not geocaches.
  9. I would also like to weigh in here-as it took me forever to figure the Basecamp trick out. The garmin 60 would allow you to delete directly on the GPS unit. with 62, you MUST connect to a computer. My next question is that when I arrive at a geocaching area, I mark my waypoint so I can find my way back.....after completing my caches, I find the waypoint and the map will point me there but I can not get the compass to take me there. It will only take me to the nearest cache that I have not logged as found. Is there any way around that I can use the compass to get me to a waypoint that isn't a geocache. PS the manual is useless for geocaching.
  10. Thanks for that- I have always wondered
  11. This is probably a silly question......On the geocaching map some of the green chests have circles around them and some have squares. Is there any significance to this. Also when I load caches into my Garmin 62s Sometimes they show as gold trunks and some times as green caches. I must be all about consistency and how to achieve it, because these 2 things are bugging me trying to understand them. Any help? I would appreciate.
  12. Edesiree


    Did any one else have their pictures(avatars) disappear? I know I did not do anything for this to happen and I have been unable to replace that picture- It is not earth shattering, but I was just wondering.
  13. Now if I could only understand what you mean by "setting my interface?" Thanks I got it thanks so much for your help- i may be back for more as I am finding more things everyday that I don't quite get and the manual leaves much to be desired. Again thanks for your help
  14. Most times when I hook up my 62s to the computer, I cannot get it to react at all. The GPS indicates that it is turned on and I can download geocaches to the GPS from the computer but I cannot get it to react to any directions from the hand held device while it is hooked to the computer. When I remove it- It works great. Any advice THANKS
  15. Thanks for the help- that worked
  16. I had a Garmin 60 Map cst- and have now upgraded. On the old one, if i made an error and clicked on found(enter) instead of quit when i was giving up on a cache, i could easily correct this by going to the cache site and changing the open/closed treasure box. I can not figure out how to make the same correction with my new 62s. I am both pleased and stymied with the changes in the unit and am finding it is taking me quite a while to make the adjustments.
  17. I ACTUAL HAD PROBLEMS WHEN RUNNING GOOGLE CHROME- no problems when using internet explorer.
  18. Do they know there is no prize at the end- Isn't this supposed to be an accomplishment in finding the caches?
  19. I have moved a few coins found in caches, but love to start some of my own-Are all of these trackable? How do I get some from you, Being in Ontario the ones from canada and the pretty ones would interest me E.
  20. Thanks for the input- i didn't realize people would buy coins to collect. I have just checked again and none of the 3 coins that I placed have been put somewhere new, although they have all been removed from the caches where I placed them.
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