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  1. I have caches sitting in my page that have not been published for 12 months but then they have not been sent to the review for publication yet still working on a series and have not had time to finish it. Beside as soon as you start to edit a cache from your profile the number is reserved for the cache so the cache number is no indication of the order in which the review received them.
  2. A.) That's not an "old" cache. B.) Not long after it was published, the Guidelines for Puzzle/Unknown caches was updated. Guidelines specific to Mystery/Puzzle caches: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#mystery Help Center → Geocaching → Review Process: Hiding a Geocache 4.14. Puzzle/Mystery/Unknown updated 15 December 2011 http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=277 B. Well not as old as some but still and older cache over 2 year without a find and nothing in the notes I consider that an old cache.
  3. http://coord.info/GC32E3K Above is a link to a old cache that has never been found. It would be interesting to know how they are reviewed for solve ability of a cache that is published when this form of mystery cache can get through the review process I am asking as I would have thought that part of the review process was to ensure that it was able to be solved. Maybe if that is the case then some of us who are not a cluey as some CO's would be able to solve the puzzles. If there is no review of how to solve the puzzle then maybe it should be a requirement to include a geochecker to confirm the correct answer.
  4. The rare D/T are important to some people but also the older hide dates are just as important to others that are looking to fill in other challenges and if the older cache are archived then they no longer become available and the date will disappear and leave holes for the calendar challengers. This is my opinion only so there is an argument for both cases regarding what to do and either way it is the CO's descision on who to upset however to loose a cache that has been in the location for 10 years just because the terrain changed then I would vote to change the terrain and leave the old cache in place for new caches to find and see how this wonderful hobby started. Flame suit on.
  5. use copy and paste once the first one is created My thoughts only
  6. +1 maybe if we all vote it may get noticed
  7. how about when the container has found its way inside a log with no way to retrieve it.
  8. a1elec

    annual event

    Hi all have been thinking about hosting an event and would like your opinions on it. Live around the albury wagga area and would be interested in a good suggestion to the best location to hold an annual event for geocaches and possibly celebrate various milestones. The plan would be for October as that was the month I found my first cache.
  9. WOW or wow factor is as subjective as what makes a great weymark
  10. I, too, have a family that's keenly un-interested in geocaching. Bugs, mud, dog poop, etc....well, your family may be the same. But I highly recommend you continue to do it just for you personally. I'm an early riser and usually bag four or five caches and am back home before the little lady's out of bed. And in the evening when I have a few moments, I'll look at some new caches in my area or even think about where I'll put my next one. For me, it's a great pastime that I really enjoy and my family's lack of interest is there problem, not mine. That would be great but I would have to start when she went to bed and not go to bed myself to bag 5 before she gets up. It must be nice living in cache saturation country!
  11. have seen none in australia however this would still be an interesting category the only problem is convincing the masses about the need for the category in addition the prevelence is always used to quickly alter a category for approval the case for the category is that there are permanent locations of interesting places that are interesting and this frame give the best picture to those who would like to see the location. Remember we all see a need for a category even if it only exists in one place or a few places around the world it is not necessarily the reason to deny it. Some categories have been approved before we all wanted to ensure that everyone could fill the grid or even a line in the grid this would add to those that you may have to plan a holiday or convince that it is a worthwhile addition to the tourist operators for your general region. Then you will be able to improve the appeal to the tourist and create a new waymark to boot. My 2 cents worth and would also enjoy being a reviewer in this category if it is created. Thank you for you depth of perspective. Looking through the frame to see the changing over time from a specific location and direction how will it change or not change over time.
  12. Use a couple of traditional and multi's to provide the coordinates for the final puzzle cache Just a thought
  13. Well said again Silverquill I totally agree with what you are saying and it is those memorials of the fallen that will be missed and forgotten if we do not acknowledge them just as we do for those of the alied side. Including is not by any means saying it was OK it is saying that respect for both sides losses is equal. As you pointed out the north have no memorials they also for a matter do not have any geocaches on the map either so I don't think any westerner will be waymakring to much in the north. There political policies probably do not allow photos anyway. Remember Russia was also once an enemy dose this mean that when they were allies that do not deserve recognition. Mi Dime in the argument. Flame suit on.
  14. the good the bad and the uggly are all represented in weymakring and as such many who chime in on the prevalence argument really need to consider the other factors that weymarking is now good for EDUCATION Edumacation or what ever it is you know learn stuff. This is what some of the focus of category creation should be on and not just if I can score a waymark in the newest Grid of that ever growing grid. sorry for any sarcasm Insect hotels Maybe only man made ones as some of the natural ones are every where and may not be there the next time you visit. I also agree with the silverquill regarding the common bee hives and apiaries.
  15. well I would vote for a forum related to cryptology and it would be nice to talk openly about some of the puzzles using different variations on a particular code as the specifics could not be used in the discussion the methodology of solving along with possible methods of attack of the cipher would be of great benefit to more that just the person asking the original question and as such could take someone from working alone to solve a cipher to a group of like minded people solving the particular puzzle as a group of fellow caches contacting by email and not using the forum to actually discuss the specifics but more of the methods they apply and the processes they use to solve similar ciphers. only a 1 cent worth but I believe that we as a group could make it work. what is the consensus
  16. PVC storm water pipe makes a reasonable container you simply buy a screw end and a cap and make the container using the appropriate PVC primer and glue. Remember storm water pipe is also good for keeping water in.
  17. It looks like they have created a group and it is in the peer review lets see how many want it as currently it is no looking like making it. Too my way of thinking I agree with fi67 way of thinking sorry double click
  18. It looks like they have created a group and it is in the peer review lets see how many want it as currently it is no looking like making it. Too my way of thinking I agree with fi67 way of thinking
  19. The logging of accidental finds or brute force finds are OK by me as I have used this methodology for a local puzzle cache that I could not determine by the use of any other method to solve the clue it would not reveal itself and knowing the location of the clue I thought maybe it would be worth a try to see what I could find in the general area. Yes it was worth it not only did I find the cache but it also had a path tag and a Traveller in it so it was a real good find. I stated in the log that it was a no gps find and the co never responded to the log so i guess it was all OK with them.
  20. Yes they are for honourable people however both sides of a war had honourable people it was only the leaders who initiated the war were those that should not be recognised as an Australian I have an opinion about the leadership that took us to the war in Vietnam along with other major conflicts however I will not express those opinions whilst determining the validity of the conflict both sides have memorials to the fallen and should be equally recognised within the weymarking community. This opinion may be contradictory to the initial voters of the category however all memorial should be respected in this global world we now live. The emotions of the countries involved in the war and the wounds they create should not be cause for exclusion when it come to honouring the fallen from any war. Thanks BruceS for you logic. It would be nice to think all category managers will read this debate and see both sides of the argument and maybe include more waymarks in a truly related category instead of creating a micro managed category to exclude rather than include all that are associated with the category be it good or bad but if it is truly related it should be included. To allow this it may require a option to be added in the description to indicate the origin of those fallen who have been honoured.
  21. That seems strange as I did a multi that required me to collect various items to be able to access the cache at GZ However the various items were all part of the multi points of the cache. Just my 2 pence worth or is it bits not quite sure any-more with this twitter and facebook stuff
  22. It is all too familiar if it is not US 90% of the waymarkers are then they don't want to know about it. To hell with the rest of us who put in our time effort and lost our loved ones in the cause that after all the US lost or was it a draw that is still the thorn in the side for the US chiefs to discuss. Just a young aussie digger who unfortunately didn't have the chance to serve for the country in a war.
  23. Whoever posted that is addressing the criteria of global, and they did it in a really nice way, in my opinion. There are far worse things said in peer review. This seems to be the common thread with the unusual type waymarks regardless of legality or any other issue they seem to always use the prevalence tag to deny a waymark idea. when will the wider community wake up to the fact that the lack of prevalence for certain categories could be a good thing just because you don't have one next door dose not mean that it is not worth consideration.
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