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  1. I am up for any coin trades that want to - thanks a bunch!
  2. Sorry - another question too before they go out...will there be a trade list so that I can trade one of my versions for the other versions? Raason for asking is that because I am in Hawaii, if the trade can be done at the factory level then helps save on shipping. If any other version is willing to trade, please do the trade before the coins are shipped out. Any versions willing to trade will be fine with me, coin for a coin.
  3. Aloha - I do not have this coin but I will hopefully be getting the Hawaii version from a fellow geocacher I know. I am also having an event with the other coins being made for 11/12/13, 12/11/13, 12/13/13 which should be available soon as they are being shipped this week. Anyone willing to trade coins? The artwork on the coins I will be getting is listed here: Multi-event 11-12-13 / 12-11-13 & 13-12-13 / 12-13-13My link Would love to do any interested trades! Will post a picture of the coin when I get them
  4. do we have pictures of all the coins as they are hopefully going out this week?
  5. If you go to the trackable page, as long as you are logged in as the owner of the trackable, the trackable number should appear at the bottom of the right hand section "trackable options". Since the person who took it last logged a cache on the same day as this was taken and was last logged into geocaching.com on the same day this was taken, then you can assume a few things. One, they lost interest and forgot the trackable and it is sitting in a drawer or bag somewhere, or two they are secretly keeping it cause they loved it so much they decided to leave all morals behind and steal it, or three, they got busy and geocaching took a back burner for the past few months, or four, they died or became incapacitated and no one knows what to do about the little cute alligator sitting on the desk. I have moved lots of trackables and also am helping make proxies to move those that have gotten lost or otherwise aren't moving along to be resurrected. You can wait it out a little more, you can resend another one out (getting your trackable number as I stated above) or mark it as missing and see if the person responds to that. Not much more you can do, but the trackable number is yours and you can access it! I hope I helped.
  6. What about Mahukona! We loved going there. Great snorkeling spot. Now that I can do, in fact I think there is a cache out there. There is! Mahukona Lighthouse
  7. Do we have updates on this event and coins at this time. I am trying to get my colors together now but I have no updates on the status of other events
  8. Can the TBs spend an afternoon at Waikiki? I'm sure they would luv it ! Yes just send me a pm or email me with the details and I can release them. As far as waikiki, I can attach a tag to go there, but that is on a different island (Oahu) and I am on the Big island (Hawaii) so it will have to catch a small plane ride with someone to get to Waikiki.
  9. Will help as long as anyone wants the help. Just fun for me to see the different ones that come my way.
  10. I have been releasing more trackables and coins while on vacation and have moved about twenty lost souls back out into the geocaching world. So far have gotten a great response to those being released at events that I have attended. Will post some more pictures of ones released soon.
  11. You are welcome and its fun for me. Let me know if you want me to release it in Hawaii or somewhere near Atlanta Georgia this next week.
  12. I have been trying some of that as well with ones that go missing from my caches. There are a few that I have sent out that way. If you have anyone that wants a proxy made, just have them contact me thru the forums or via my geocaching page.
  13. First proxy geocoin on its way! Have you seen me? Geocoin ~ Resurrected! ~
  14. One resurrection done and already on its way. Bibliophile Challenge TB
  15. LOL I wish, but even then, the cache its in is crazy! Man I hope some one helps you get this one on its way.
  16. I feel your pain. I have gotten frustrated over this too as I release TBs, but I have decided that I am sending out good proxies for my coins and for TBs I take pictures before they leave so that if they do get taken, I can send out a proxy again. If you want help with proxies, I am doing them for free: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=314465 Placing them out again as proxies helps me just feel better about the fact that they go missing. I even feel bad if ones I don't own go missing from my caches and I try to track them down, but ultimately the most I can do is to send it out again as a proxy if they want me to. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but everywhere I go I try to make sure that geocachers I talk to have knowledge of how to track, log and drop TBs if they are going to take them.
  17. Just finishing up on a few travel bug proxys to release soon. If anyone wants any to be released in atlanta georgia or nearby there I will be leaving on August 22, 2013 to Atlanta georgia for a week.
  18. Just finishing up on a few geocoin proxys to release soon. If anyone wants any to be released in atlanta georgia or nearby there I will be leaving on August 22, 2013 to Atlanta georgia for a week.
  19. If you have activated any tb or proxy and its under your name you can find your code on the TB page one the right side. It will only show on the page if you are the owner and you are logged in.
  20. It depends on where you put them. I know of three TB hotels that get action from all over the world plus a few of my own caches that see a lot of activity near the ports where the cruise ships come in, so they do get moved.
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