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  1. I know in Canada there is a lot of Crown land that can be camped on. I watch Steve Wallis on YouTube. He's in Edmonton, and he does a bunch of silly/stupid/questionable camping trips for our viewing pleasure. You might enjoy it.
  2. Well, I did find that Costco has the 64x for $199 which is a great price. Most of the 60csx's are going for $130-150 on ebay, so I may as well spend a little more and get a new one! I did use my new phone and Locus to find a cache today, and it was one I'd looked for twice before, so I was happy to finally find it. The Pixel 4a 5G works well even in the trees. My old phone, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown (a cheap straight talk version) did not, and I had been pretty far off before. Thanks again everyone for all the discussion and assistance. My daughter and I are looking forward to doing more caching this year and I think we're already off to a good start. Oh, and one of the goals this year: dispersed camping in the Olympic National Forest. And wouldn't you know, several spots are marked in Locus, I'm guessing by others users. Very cool, and worth the cost of entry by itself!
  3. Yep, I'm on the prowl for a 60csx. I love my new phone, and I really like the Locus app for it ($11 well spent!) but I am also concerned about use out on hikes. So, a handheld it will be. Just like old times
  4. Yes I was thinking about using my phone in the pouring rain or out in the wild. That is what got me thinking about the 60csx for wilderness caching/navigation. That way I could leave the phone in the truck especially when there's no signal but still have it as a reference, but using the 60 series when the more rugged device is needed. Not rugged enough to withstand being ran over, unfortunately, or I'd still have my old one. My friend went caching with it and left it on the roof of his car as he drove off to the next cache. It rolled off, fell into traffic, and he watched it get ran over as he was trying to retrieve it lol.
  5. Yesterday my phone came, and I got it activated. This thing is fancy. My old phone was junk! I installed Locus Map Pro and the geocaching addon for it, and am going to have a *blast*. For placing caches though, it sounds like a phone won't be enough- is that correct? If that's the case then I'll buy a 60csx on ebay for $100 or so, and call it good. Does that sound reasonable?
  6. @cerberus1You're bringing back memories! I used to get my PQ's, use GSAK to upload them and then print them. I read that GSAK is out of active development though, which is too bad. Thank you everyone for all of the assistance. @Viajero Perdido, @Mineral2, and @Atlas Cached your responses were all very helpful and enlightening. Geocaching has such a neat community
  7. Now that I have had time to think more, based on these suggestions, I think I am going to use the Pixel 4a for the time being. If I have issues, I found that the 60cx/csx can be had for around $100 used, which would give me the best of both worlds... I think?
  8. Atlas Cached, Thank you so much for the detailed explanation of the current devices that are available. One can read spec sheets, but interpretation is half the battle. I had read through these models as they are compared in a grid at GPSrChive.com but didn't understand what the Multi-Band was about. I think I owe it to myself to just see how good/bad the phone is for my intended use, and then fork out the cash for a GPSr if the phone won't be enough. I will go for a 65 series so I get the multi-band.
  9. Hi Viajero, Thanks for the response. I'm not stuck on any particular solution. I have a new Pixel 4a that'll be delivered today,. I have never tried a *good* phone in the trees before. I've always had the cheapest prepaid phones and they have terrible low signal GPS performance. Perhaps I'll have to give this a try before spending money on a dedicated GPSr.
  10. Hello everyone, Years ago I used to cache a lot. I had a 60 series Garmin with a color screen. I lent it to a friend and got destroyed! Oops. Oh well. Reparations were made in the form of concert tickets at the time lol. My typical adventure would mean finding an interesting spot on Google Maps/Earth, mark the coordinates, upload them to the GPS along with any caches, and go exploring. I use GSAK at the time, and I remember doing something with KML files but don't recall what now lol. It's been a decade and I'd like to get back into caching/hiking/exploring. I live in the PNW near Olympic National Forest, and will be spending time in among the forests of trees, and the old 2003 Garmin Etrex just doesn't cut it! Assuming I want to spend $200-300, what's a good GPS these days? I see the Garmin GPSMAP 64x on Amazon for just over $200, and the Garmin GPSMAP 64 for $280. There's also the etrex series, but I rather liked having real buttons to push. So, I'm at a loss. There's so many options out there, and I don't know how to interpret all the new options. I'll appreciate any recommendations. Thanks, and as we say in the ham radio community, 73
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