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  1. I'm 14 (almost 15) and geocaching since September 2011. I love it. I'm at 79 caches right now. I don't know any teen geocachers, but I'd be glad to meet some! Although, some of my friends think it's neat.
  2. I have a travel bug out called "History of NASCAR" that talks about it. So, the answer to wimseyguy's question is yes.
  3. A interesting question. Geo=earth, geocaching, outdoors, etc. Guy=self explanatory 14= I'm not sure myself. All of my usernames have a number. Two possible responses: (1) Since my birthday's sometimes on Friday the 13th, I added one to make it lucky. (2) How old I am in my first full year of geocaching.
  4. Well, that's a good question! Lets see: Magellan Explorist GC GPS Pen Cell Phone Ball Cap Jacket Trading Items Flashlight Paper (notebook, preferably) Water Batteries Tweezers Travel Bugs Trusty Geocaching Pack
  5. So, here's my idea. The posted coords point to a local museum, where one must gather information. That leads to a stage in a metropark, which may lead to another, which leads to another (possibly a match holder in a pipe one must fill with water), and then the final. There is a puzzle at the final that leads to a bonus cache (my own idea: a fake stick). I'm still trying to figure out the rest.
  6. What I mean is bison tubes for stages of a multicache. The final is a wooden box, which leads to a bonus cache. Hope that clears everything up.
  7. I 've been thinking over woodsy cache ideas for the last few monthes, and I think I've come up with something. However, I won't disclose any details here. I ordered some bison tubes online, and I've been trying to think of creative container uses for them. Here's what I've got: Fake stick. Pipe that you fill with water. Just hang it on a tree. Fake water pipe (on geosnippets) Anything else I'm missing? Thanks, Geoguy14
  8. Really? I was starting to wonder about that. I mean, if it's illegal, why is it on television with cameras capturing everything. Should have known. As for the question, I haven't found anything that dangerous or illegal (at least nothing I can remember).
  9. With Altoids tins, it depends where you put them. I have a cache in the plants and rocks that used to be an altoids tin, but I replaced it because it got rusty (thanks for the pictures, L0ne R and simpjkee). However, I do have a bus stop cache that's an Altoid container, and it has not rusted one bit. As with film canisters, you could use them as stages of a multi, but not the cache itself. As long as you can read the coordinates, I'm okay with it. That reminds me, I do have a Folger's cache. It's held up so far. I AM kind of concerned that it's on a downward slope, though. Guess we'll see.
  10. What'd I get? I got a Premium Membership! Does that count?
  11. I'm starting up a new geocaching mini-magazine in my area: Dayton Geocaching Weekly (or DGW for short). One of the sections is "Geocache Of The Week" (exactly what it sounds like). Anyone who wishes to nominate a cache in the Dayton area for GOTW, I would greatly appreciate it. You can vote for Geocache Of The Week here: http://www.daytongeocachingweekly.webs.com (or just post it here) Thanks a lot, Geoguy14
  12. I think I have a cache like that in my area: "ATE's +1 Challenge". Have not found it yet, but it's on my list!
  13. Hmmm...good question. I remember it like it was yesterday: About a year ago, I was at my local library when I stumbled upon "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Geocaching". Sounded interesting, so I checked it out, read it in about a month, and got hooked. Found my first cache at the local cemetery. Fast forward exactly one year; I attended an event and found four more traditionals for my one year cachi-versery. Never gonna stop!
  14. Ever notice that if you get the year's membership ($3 a month), it's less than the three monthes membership ($3.33 a month)? Always nice to try it out, though. Yes, I would agree. I would love a premium membership, but I also wish it were less expensive. If you think about it, though, you get plenty of benefits with a basic membership. I would say that until people start caching more (from what I'm at right now), it would be a good idea for a PM.
  15. LOVE THE TREE ONE!!! That's what I said! Believe it or not, I came up with that at the town pretzel festival. I may have spent more time climbing trees than walking around (just kidding).
  16. Me, of course! When I first started this hobby, I used to find all of my caches by bike.
  17. Well, he succeeded, I'll tell ya that! As long as there's no cache within 528 feet of it, that sounds pretty good to me. Or maybe, you could do a challenge. Either way's fine.
  18. Okay then, guess I will remove the first milestone. As for the challenge itself, 100 doesn't seem so random. Like niraD said, its relatively easy. Also, it IS a "kinder,gentler version of the Jasmer Challenge".
  19. Let's see. I once found a letterbox hybrid which was a lock-n-lock in a bush. It was sitting on top of the bush.
  20. I think I have come up with better requirements: Be a member (or premium member) of Geocaching.com for at least one year. -In that time, find at least one hundred geocaches. --AND Find a geocache that was hidden in every year between 2005 and 2012. How's that sound?
  21. Using FindAGrave (one of the greatest inventions ever), I was able to locate the cemetery you talked about. However, I can't find your grandmother. Good luck, though.
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