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  1. Scott and Gina from Pueblo Co. are the local popular cachers. The caches we have done by them are the best. D
  2. My new dogs name is Jake, I am sure you were talking about him. D
  3. It's gonna be with comments like this from CO admin. I asked him if he could explain what he meant, but he hasn't responded. All this comment did is light the fuse. I even made a comment on Navicache that I was sure he is a nice person and that Casey and I would like to meet him. After all, the spring meeting is coming up and I feel we are an asset to geocaching. So maybe if he has a problem with me, don't you think he could email me in a mature manner? I think I will now do a new topic now. D
  4. So what you guys are saying is Don't sweat the petty pet the sweaty? D
  5. After being introduced to geocaching a while ago, Upinyachit has met quit a few cachers, but I wonder just how many are squeaky clean. I've had to do a lot of cache maintenance, so that makes me believe that some cachers are DIRTY. If you trade a golf ball for a calculator, THAT'S DIRTY. If you take a pocket knife and leave your pocket change, THAT'S DIRTY. If you don't put the cache back as placed, THAT'S DIRTY. If there is a group of geocachers that make disgruntled posts all day long, THAT'S DIRTY I can also bet that a lot of cachers post on these forums everday, but they know in their heart and soul that they made an unfair trade. Then they have the adasity to say they are an asset to geocaching. I guess that's just the way the world is, DIRTY D
  6. ???????????? These forums are bias. I don't get it. Why hasn't CO admin. stepped in? Wait, I know, because It's not my topic. This topic has nothing to do with geocaching. Can this be justified? D
  7. Upinyachit could change to Upinyacache????......Sike D
  8. Riddle me this, riddle me that. The CO administrator thinks my posts are crap. He might be wrong, he might be right, but is he closing my post for spite? If you look back, in my post history, you will see how many topics were closed on me. I don't need cheese to go with my whine, I'm just having some fun with these geocaching ryhmes. I know, CO, you have a job to do, but you can lighten up and quit being rude. You can't keep closing my threads forever, And if you try? Man, what ever!.
  9. Hmmmm..... Sock puppet or Troll...... Hmmmm..... I say CLOWN!! Muhahahaha! D
  10. Everyone loves the forums, right? Right. Well, we want to know why! We all who visit the forums love 'em for one reason or another. Here's ours.... We like the entertainment, to entertain, and to get information. Oh, the conversations we've had, to say the least. I do have to admit, though, I did geocache more before I discovered these forums. So it can go both ways; there are negative points as well as positive ones. How valuable is it to you? How much of an impact do these forums actually have in your life, good or bad? D
  11. Night Stalker This cache is the reason why we got hooked.......Caching without a gps and finding a different cache all together. LOL D
  12. After four months, we now have a new puppy. "JAKE" He will never replace CHI, even though he looks just like him. D
  13. Riddle me this, riddle me that. Just how important are those travel bug stats? Bugs to the left and bugs to the right, all tucked away and out of sight. Except for a geocacher, gps in hand. Lookout bugs all across the land. A disgruntled cacher may flip and go down under. Travel bugs and caches they might plunder. No one knows when they might strike, then again, they might say, "sike!" Orkin is coming ........... D Upinyachit
  14. Hey guys! It's me, Candie. You know, Duane's wife. I just finished reading this thread and it's been great reading it; very entertaining. Most of you agreed with Duane, and I, too agree with him. What you pay for the internet has a lot to do with geocaching. How fast your cache pages load, being on the forums, etc. We pay that much because we want total access to whatever we want, when we want. Believe me, when you lose your internet, all ^%$$ breaks lose in this house! In a nutshell, we enjoy the internet, including geocaching.com and we want to get the very best service, so we pay. That is my comment on that issue. I also must say that we are in no way banned from the "other" site. Those forums aren't as crazy as this one. We like to be kick back, and be able to talk to fellow geocachers without someone up your a** all the time. Take this thread, for example. IT'S STILL GOOOOOOING!!! HOLY COW!! How can an off-geocaching topic like this one still be going, but yet CO Admin wants to close a great topic like the one he closed after one reply? Sorry.......just don't get it. Rules or not, that closure was done on purpose, in my opinion; maybe to throw a little weight around by the CO Admin., who knows? For the record, Duane is in no way committing geocide, as you all put it. (That's funny!) The other post in which you are referring to with the picture of the jackass was because we didn't get "the joke" that we thought was directed towards us when in fact it was played on whom ever saw it, only we didn't realize it. (Did you get that? LOL) We were ready to toss our tower right out the window! Duane and I both fell for it, therefore, we were portraying our "a**" and acknowledging our mistake. To those of you that enjoy reading some of our posts, and would miss Duane on the forums, thanks. He is dedicated to geocaching and to the forums and is constantly trying to think of new topics. It's entertaining or you all wouldn't be here in the first place. He does have every right to be upset, but he will never ever give up geocaching or the forums. For those who are occasionally perturbed with Duane, well, I don't think he's going anywhere. EVAAA!!!! There is a simple solution, though. If you don't like the topic, then don't post to it. It's better than being rude and a butthead! See ya guys! Candie
  15. Well, I tried to make simple conversation and was yet again, shut down. I was simply doing a post about internet connection and my topic was closed. There was a cache event scheduled for this weekend in Denver that my son and I were going to, but we choose not to. I feel I have been disrespected and don't have to look for caches on this site anymore. I remember when I placed a silly joke on this site everday for over a year and now I can't even talk about a measly ol' internet connection. I am sure my huge family will manage without these stupid a** forums. Thanks Co Admin, for all the good times, it's been a pleasure and keep up the good work. I will now list my caches elsewhere, a place where we have never been disrespected and we are always welcome. Cya Duane Upinyachit
  16. Upinyachit pays $49.99 a month for high speed internet connection. Does anyone else pay ridiculous amounts like us? D
  17. Sometimes I have a hard time and make supid mistakes, but for the most part , I can look up caches and log finds. I am a carpenter who builds houses, so give me a break, would ya? Anyways the name Hunter is kinda cool, but the family decided to go with "JAKE". Jake is a big pain in the a** right now, but with patience, time, and a lot of caching, it will pay off. What makes you think I would put a frilly clown thing around my dog's neck? Yadda yadda yadda.........LOL D
  18. Well, we finally did it; we bought a dog. After our goecaching dog CHI was hit by a car in NY, four months later we have a new puppy. We are still thinking of a name. Cha Chi was close, but I told the family that was lame. We have done many searches but can't find the right name for him. Any suggestions out there? D
  19. Sugarite would be sweet for us, but I don't know about convincing the wife and kids going on the 4th of July weekend. D
  20. My wife found this site for me, now she regrets it. I am getting yelled at already this morning for being on the forums. LOL D Upinyachit
  21. -subigo? I have pushed the limits before, but this is ridiculous. Chill out would ya? this is coming from a clown.
  22. My wife Candie says she is a secret and nobody can meet her LOL. Just joking Casey And I are very much interested, maybe you can start a new thread about it. We are game for whatever...... D
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