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  1. I will say this one more time. I archived all of my hidden caches in New York and Co. in a disgruntled moment. They were all sweet caches and the first ones we ever placed. I have done everything in my power to get them listed again. It's just not going to happen. My behavior in the forums sucked the creditability from me. I only hurt my wife, because she worked on them, and my kid Casey. His cache In NY hasn't been found in a while. If I could change things I would. During the time my caches were active, there was a lot of logs to read. And we got a lot of people hooked on caching. Those are all my positive points, but they don't count in the forums.
  2. There is a point in all this Sparky. You yourself had the flame meter at green for a while until another member took a shot at me. (Mtn-man) Go look for yourself. I kept my cool all night and by the end, nothing solved nothings changed. Same old know it all posters, same old people.
  3. Are you guys done? Have you had your fun? Can I close the topic now? Are you sure there is no more rude remarks you want to sneak in to (fit in)
  4. Joined the donut shop i see. That's cool, because it keeps you from getting warned. I would have got a warning for that remark.
  5. I open the topic up again for you guys to slam me down. It's kinds like a battered women. Her old men beets her up, but she keeps going back for more.
  6. It was one admin. that we are talking about and I have the email they sent me too. It goes both ways dude. If you are a lawyer then you would realize I have a lot of evidence that hasn't been brought up. I just can't type that fast. Facts........Can you tell me why JEREMY, HYDEE, and CO admin, will not answer my pm's or emails? But I can post in the forums.........
  7. After you tell me what I want, I will close topic......... D
  8. Do you feel better now....... I don't even know what I want........ But you know what I want? Please tell me
  9. Opening topic for Mopar...........Here you go. Take some more right hooks....
  10. I will open the topic again MOPAR. I have Much Respect for Keystone approver, and he knows best and made the most logical sense. Thats why I closed the topic. I understand much better.
  11. Keystone Approver? You were the judge, jury, and the lawyer for GC. Cool...... Do you feel special?LOL My eyes hurt and look like tomatoes. LOL goodnight
  12. Keystone approver, Can you take it easy? I understand your dedication to wards GC and all, but the facts I am being treated unfair. I archived my caches in a disgruntled moment, and now there is a million reasons why they won't realist them. Bottom Conclusion....... Didn't you read Hydee's post?
  13. huh? LOL Think about that for a minute..... D
  14. The Runyon Cache (GCHA71) is the one in question about the puzzle thing. (GC7FAD) Upinyachits Vacation Cache this cache was replaced with what's the point. But what's the point got shot down because of the virtual cache close by. But my original cache Upyachit's vacation cache was placed first. What ever........... I am tired now and am sick of trying to get my caches listed. Could it be that GC could be scared I might put a cache note inside and tell members about Navicache? Just my own hypothesis
  15. Jeremy told me a while ago, because of my name I have my work cut out for me. Does the 1000 different logs from all my hidden caches account for anything. It's kinda like, I can build 100 houses that are perfect. But If I mess one up, people will always remember that one.
  16. I don't want to get suspended and I can't seem to find any open minded jurors I should shut this down...........
  17. I archived my caches before I read Hydee's pm. Now they won't let an adoption take place with four caches in New York. They also won't list one of my caches because they say a cacher is working on a puzzle cache less then 528 feet from my cache. The puzzle cache isn't even listed and my cache just sits. In New York they approved a cache called We $hit You not. Two years later in Co, they won't approve the same cache out here because of the name. I archived Upinyachit's vacation cache and placed a different one in the same spot. They didn't approve it because it was to close to a virtual cache. I can go on and on and on. D
  18. My caches were adopted in Dec 2003, just not on this site. There's a lot to this story members don't know about.
  19. Did you read my jokes back in 2002? LOL Hydee, If I have a cache hidden that follows the guidelines, then how is that two separate issues. And how come you always reply to me in the forums, and never my Pm's or emails? D
  20. Mtn-man, I haven't even stated my case yet. It has to with my hidden caches. My behavior and the forums have nothing to do with this. D
  21. If I was to give opening arguments for a situation that requires an open mind, would there be Groundspeak members that would judge all of the facts. Instead of going through Hydee, Jeremy, CO Admin, or any other mods, maybe I could state my case here. I don't want to whine and act like I hate GC, because I don't. We just have some differences that need to be worked out. It would be cool if a member could represent Groundspeak and Geocaching.com, because I am sure they would like to represent their side also. We would all have to act like mature adults and cool it with the low blows. My warning level is at 90%, so I don't want to jeopardize suspension again. I will keep my cool while on trial. LOL This would be all in fun and could turn out interesting. Of course both sides would have to agree on the 6 or 12 member jury. Carleenp and Renegade Knight would be prime targets; they always seem to have an open mind. Would this work? I am all open for suggestions. I know some members absolutely despise me, so they would automatically be disqualified. LOL Please don't apply if you are not an open minded and fair person. OH YEAH...... The case is about GEOCACHES. LOL
  22. I am the guy Groundspeak loves to hate. Kinda like a Howard Stern type deal. One out of my last four caches were approved, and that took six days. The rest of my new hidden caches got shot down. I also just got a warning from Mtn-man, which puts me back to 90%. This is like a Drama on TV "As The Cache Turns". All I want is to be treated fair. I have enough evidence tp prove I have been discriminated against. If I get banned or suspended from this site, I can guarantee there is going to be consequences to pay. Hydee and Jeremy must realize GEOCACHING plays a big role in my life, and all they do is play with my emotions. D
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