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  1. What an excellent idea; I'm in. Lets set the date, I am sure my wife and kids would love to go, too. An interesting meeting, I say! D
  2. Looking at old threads can be fun too. D Upinyachit
  3. hmmmmmm I was just looking at old threads, and this one caught my attention. D
  4. Now you know they are going to close this. Maybe a more slick approach next time.
  5. When we fist started caching on that other site two years ago, we had a lot more fun. Upinyachit didn't know about GC or the forums. When we found out about this site, I guess you could say CHIT hit the fan. LOL The reason I am saying we had more fun is because I didn't spend so much time on the PC and we did a lot more geocaching. Even in sub zero weather. Now a days there are all kinds of websites and forums poping up. I also know it's my choice when I decide to go to these websites. But when you hear of so many different stories and ideas, it's kinda hard not to get caught up in it. I just looked at another website about becoming a pirate. Now that's where I draw the line. If I found a stash note in my cache that says it has been moved by a pirate, I would flip out. That's totally unacceptable and they better not let me catch them. My point is that all of us should go geocaching before some bad apples ruin it for the rest. You never know who could stumble across a geocaching website. D Upinyachit
  6. We had Chi for almost two years. While we were living of off route 104 in N.Y. Chi got lose and got hit bye a car. Chi went on 80 caches during that span and went crazy every time I grabbed the gps. There were times when Chi was sitting at the cache location waiting for us. Our family is still not over Chi and haven't gotten another dog since he was hit by that car. I plan on geting a geocaching dog in the next week or so. D Upinyachit
  7. Upinyachit lives in Pueblo, Colorado now, and we never hear sirens going off. We used to live in N.Y. off of route 104 and we had all of the traffic going to Niagra Falls that would use 104 to get there. This last summer it drove us nuts; the motorcycles, and occasionally there would be big time wrecks, all right in front of our house. Not to mention, our geocaching dog Chi. He was hit by a car and died on that road. I am not sure where Pueblo, Colorado ranks as far as the safest place in the U.S., but it would be interesting to see if any members out there have ever done a search to find out how safe their city is. Where does your city rank as far as the safest place in America? D Upinyachit
  8. I went on a cache today in CO. Springs and the view was great. I'm sure glad we moved back here. D Upinyachit
  9. To all of you geotrashers out there, here is a message for you. We're sick and tired of your "existence", and the awful things you do. We will find out who you are see, our members stick together. You'll never know when we'll pop up, in any type of weather. So, please leave our caches alone; don't be an S.O.B.! No one knows who you are or what your point might be. It might be that you like the box, or you just might like the stuff; But remember, one thing is for sure, carma can sure be tough! D Upinyachit
  10. I just thought of something a little funny. I wonder if GC would ever offer to buy lil' ol' Navicache. Then there would be no competion at all and the value of this site would go up a little more. Gc wouldn't have to worry about censorship, trolls, members trying to keep up with both websites, members listing there own caches on both sites, and members getting upset with each other in the forums, then switching sides. It would eliminate all kinds of kinks. Jeremy and his staff wouldn't have to worry any more. I wonder if Navicache would ever sell out? The website really doesn't compare to this one, but they just seem to be hanging around and chillen. Duane Upinyachit
  11. If a big time sponsor came a long and dumped a whole lot of money into Navicache and the site offered everything this site has to offer, maybe a little more, then do you think it would compete with this site? It's all about the money, I guess..... Duane Upinyachit
  12. That's funny, Casey and I just got back from finding a few caches in Colorado Springs. I feel much better now, my head needed the fresh air. LOL Now I have to log in the caches we found and all three travel bugs. Yes I had an excellent time with my son today. Duane Upinyachit
  13. The only reason I am calling for the mods is so that I don't get yet another thread closed because of rude people. He didn't have to post to a topic that he himself thinks is stupid. Very few people took the short bus to school...... LOL Hmmmm, seems to me you always post to my topics, though, eh? Just once I would like to hear an opinion ABOUT THE TOPIC from you. Low and behold, there isn't any. Such a shame. One more added to "The List" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Duane
  14. dboggny? I was wondering if you took the short bus to school? I clearly stated don't post if you don't have anything nice to say. My quote: Grow up??????? There is plenty of other options then personally attacking me in the forums. This is the third time you have done this. Maybe next time don't post to MY topic, DUH. Where are the mods when I need them? Duane
  15. I was wondering if a big corporation was to offer Jeremy a large sum of money for rights to this website, do you think he would he do it? Let's say Walt Disney offered, oh, I don't know, maybe $250,000? Would it be a wise decision to sell it or is this site not about the money, but about the love for the sport and he would tell them to take a hike. I have been called "Mr. Drama" on this site, but this is a serious question. Please keep in mind that the administrators are monitoring my posts and please, serious repliers only. I would just like to hear other members opinions without causing any problems. So if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't post. If you have an opinion, then fire away. It's that simple............ Duane Upinyachit
  16. We moved 1800 miles away and left our hidden caches. Of course we had them adopted first. Upinyachit
  17. I am sure glad the holidays are over, now I just have to wait till spring so we can go on those overnight caches. We love escaping from civilization. LOL Duane Upinyachit
  18. Upinyachit has been caching for a while and hasn't had anything awfull come up in a cache. It takes a sick person to even think of doing such an act. Maybe you should archive the cache for a while.
  19. I just want answers to my questions and all I get is rude people and eventually a closure to my thread. There is no theory, as you say. I don't want my threads closed. There are some members that stay with the topic and have valuable things to say. So you don't make any sense either. Duane Upinyachit
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