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  1. Tips created in the early days still relevant today: http://rickysgeocaching.whatisthislife.com/geocachingtips.php
  2. New address: http://rickysgeocaching.whatisthislife.com/geocachingtips.php
  3. Hi All, Goin' old skool here... I put up my old geocaching site made back in 2002 (before GPS became so widespread). The site is no longer maintained but it still contains darn useful information like this 'tips page' which was a creation of all the geocachers of that time. Geocaching Tips page http://rickysgeocaching.cz.cc/geocachingtips.php Also check out Land Navigation http://rickysgeocaching.cz.cc/landnav.php So I thought it would be useful to bring the site back to life so to speak. -Ricky Cobb rcobb3@gmail.com
  4. Updated: The tips page is now at: The http://freepgs.com/rc3/geocache/geocachingtips.php The main site is now at: http://freepgs.com/rc3/geocache/ I'll update if anyone has anymore tips to add but that's about it for the site. Just got it up cause alot of the tips might still be useful. Enjoy.
  5. Here is a clickable link: http://tinyurl.com/9ria quote:Originally posted by GOT GPS?:Alot of talk here at this link: http://www.n*v*cach*.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi?s=3e9ee8432e32ffff;act=ST;f=26;t=30;hl=geocaching.c*m Fix the link above with what you think goes where the Asterisks are. There is a bit of talk of something called "Geocaching.com" The site at this link is kind of dead, especially here in Detroit. ___________________________ The GPS in my Avatar is the "color", and I did try that one but the need for the backlight always on, is why I returned that GPS. Always different...Hit refresh http://www.flint.umich.edu/cgi-bin/maze?70+35+3+2+0+170+0+0+255+255+255
  6. The program you're referring to might be EasyGPS. See: http://www.geocaching.com/links.asp look under Geocaching Resources & Tools It might be one of those... Ricky's Geocaching Page
  7. Im sick of snow! This has got to be the last snowfall in MD area or I'll have another bought of cabin fever (as known as cache bug). Ricky's Geocaching Page
  8. I had that same problem at first yesterday. The problem was I was using Webwasher to filter out potentially bad javascripts and the javascript on the page that knows if you're logged in or not was being filtered. To fix it I disabled webwasher and then logged out. Deleted cookies and cache and then went back to geocaching.com and relogged into there and the forums and checked remember me. I made sure cookies were on and then I went to the forums and refreshed the page. It worked after that. Ricky's Geocaching Page
  9. quote:Originally posted by Elias:If the forums "think" that your browser can't support the new user interface, it falls back to the old one. What user agent string do we use to pull this off? Ricky's Geocaching Page
  10. I'm for this type of cache. Sounds different. Variety is the spice of life... Ricky's Geocaching Page
  11. Ultimate List of Geocaching Tips http://geocaching.port5.com/geocachingtips.php Also another good tip would be to skim the past posts on this forum, great stuff here. Mapping on a GPS is definately a bonus but if you can do without it you could get a etrex yellow (basic), a Geko, Magellan 315 GPS for a bit cheaper. You could probably get a GPS for geocaching for about $65 if you look hard enough and buy it used. But if you want a better more feature filled GPS and you'll be using it for more than just geocaching, then that going to cost you a bit more. Then again if you want precision accuracy you could plunk down 5k on a Trimble Ricky's Geocaching Page
  12. Well I know it's not complete by any means but I wrote a bit on Land Navigatation here: http://geocaching.port5.com/landnav.php and also a compiled list of Geocaching Tips here: http://geocaching.port5.com/geocachingtips.php Even though the GPS will do most (if not all) of the work for you, it's still fun to do it the "old fashioned way" Ricky's Geocaching Page
  13. quote:Originally posted by Dave54:Take a stick and poke around in the cache before sticking your hand in. Small critters like scorpions and spiders may be in there. Added! --Ricky Cobb
  14. quote:Originally posted by majicman:No - Always keep a small garbage bag in your car, like the kind that have holes to go over your window roller handle. They keep America beautiful and your car uncluttered. If they get full, you can just toss them out the window. -majicman Added! --Ricky Cobb
  15. SiPix Stylecam Blink is a super cheap digital camera ($35 or so) that can take up to 100 640x480 pictures (or 400 smaller ones). The quality is not the best and you need a lot of light to take pictures but all in all it does its job as a camera. Consider that if you have very little money. http://www.sipixdigital.com/cameras/styleblink/ My Geocaching Photo Album --Ricky Cobb
  16. The tips page is pretty much done. It's listed at the links section of geocaching.com now. I've added a few more tips (nothing major) but I'll still accept tips if you have them. So Thanks Again all those who helped with this page! --Ricky Cobb
  17. Another program: G7toWin http://home.attbi.com/~g7towin/ It can convert between many differnet formats. I use it to back up my gps data and save to cvs format for ms streets and trips. --Ricky Cobb
  18. OUTSID4EVR: container choice ....Added and... cachew nut: note the time ....Added! Also added a "keep track of time while caching" tip (cachew nut's note the time made me think of know what time it is while caching so do you don't lose track of time). I know I'm gonna suck you dry but, any more tips? --Ricky Cobb
  19. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:You should carry a flashlight with you - just in case your caching trip takes longer than expected. It can also be used to light up those shadowy hiding places. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/ihazeltine/bandbass.gif Added! --Ricky Cobb
  20. Updated! I've taken all the advice and extra tips you guys have added an updated the page. It's now better organized and should be ranked in order of importance (if there's something out of place let me know). Anything else to make it better or add to? --Ricky Cobb
  21. quote:Originally posted by CYBret:"Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk." Bret LoL! Good on Cybret. I added you other one though. Briansnat, all of you're excellent tips are already there (just look edit: WHOOPS didnt see that you corrected yourself, that's why I get for not refreshing before I post --Ricky Cobb
  22. If you have a tip that's not already listed please post it here so I can add it to the list. (Basically I went through these forums and compiled a huge list of tips/advice/common sense stuff for geocaching.) Geocaching Tips http://geocaching.port5.com/geocachingtips.php Any tips to add to that page? --Ricky Cobb
  23. 1. How did you find out/start geocaching? Read a comment sig on slashdot.org about it then got hooked after I bought an etrex basic. 2. Who/what got you started geocaching? Me, but Myself and I also had a role 3. How often you do it? Whenever I can. I got sick over the winter which caused me to be weak physically but I've gotten better again and hope to go at least once a month looking for real caches. 4. How long have you been doing it? Since end of Sept 2002. 5. Spending amounts: a. Price of GPS Great deal $85+10s/h with cable used b. Placing a cache Soon but not yet... (0,nothing) c. other equipment and prices (lights, ropes, etc) $17 compass $10 batteries $0 everything else alreay had So thats $27 total not including the gps --Ricky Cobb
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