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  1. when i am in an area of high muggle concentration- i simply DNF the cache. I always assume that i will return later to find it when it is less populated. This is why i don't care for the urban geocaches - you always have to watch out for those who may be people-watching you and i really do hate that. I've said it over and over - i love the remote wilderness geocaches - no muggle code is necessary. That is why i don't have a couple thousand "finds". It all lends itself nicely (the topic) to my philosophy of geocaching - to find new places that are worth finding. Urban caches where there are lots of muggles tend to be not worth my time anyway - my opinion - to me - one of the major points of geocaching is to find places that you've never been - a light pole in a wal-mart parking lot is not my idea of a quality geocache. If you're trying to rack up your numbers chasing low quality geocaches - then a muggle code might be necessary. In so far as i am concerned - i know of one or two geocaches that are worth more to me than 100 of the others that i have pursued. for me - its about quality caches and not about the numbers of caches that i might pile up - and i am afraid hat most of the geocaching community does not agree. For me - high muggle concentration means it isn't worth my time in the first place - no code necessarry - no offense - but just my opinion
  2. 15 miles to my nearest cache and it requires a boat - so based on my relatively small number of finds (151) - and the distance to the nearest unfound cache - i suppose one could conclude that i live in an "unsaturated" area
  3. Is it just me or does it bother other people when our TBs are picked up and kept for three months or for ever by some other geocacher? Is it appropreate to email the holder of our TBs after three months? As for me- i think it is rude for people to pick up TBs and hold them for too long
  4. National Parks - Monuments and Recreation Areas do not permit physical geocaches. These are - almost by definition - some of the most worthy places to visit we have in the US. I've not been geocaching for very long - but i have been doing it long enough to realize one of the greatest things about the pastime is going to places that are unique. One of the greatest things about geocaching is that we discover places we had no idea existed - and as a result of our cache-finds - we even revisit some of these places- It seems to me the Virtual Geocache should be reinstated - My favorite geocache was a Virtual in a National Park and i would love to do more of them. I understand that we have a new way to list virtual geocaches but it isn't the same to me - If you have never done a virtual cache - try one (grandfathered) and see how fun they are and remember - it is the only way we can list some of the most spectacular places in North America.
  5. Forums are great! I am the owner of one of the four geocaches this person logged visits to today - and I was going to start a topic on this to see what everybody thought i should do - Alas - it is already done - Thanks! I did not delete this persons "find" but out of respect for those who have found or are planning to find my cache - i wrote a note - maybe this was inappropriate but it how i chose to deal with it
  6. I've not been geocaching very long- Since last November. I've got 130 - 140 caches to my credit and i've placed a nice series of geocaches for backpackers and hikers along the Sheltowee Trace. I've gained a little experience is what i'm trying to say. Now that warm weather is upon us - i see that many more people are out geocaching. I went geocaching all winter and to tell you the truth - i think i prefer the cold weather caching! Lately I have made attempts on several geocaches that I couldn't get too because there were to many muggles about! In fact - I drove to Indy (250 miles one way) and tried to geocache most of the way- and I had more DNFs by a factor of ten than on other trips because of muggles! Lets face it: When you see a person snooping around a place- poking and prodding around - it makes you wonder what the heck they're up to. I don't like being seen when i'm out geocaching. I think i like winter geocaching better - Or maybe i just need a partner; seeing a single person out wondering about versus two or more is a bit more suspicious - still just learning so chime in
  7. For those of you are seeking quality geocaches rather than quantity - we have a suggestion! The Sheltowee Trace Geocaching Adventure! It's a 78 mile hiking/backpacking trip with 17 geocaches placed along the trail. You can either thru-hike it or do like Peg5 and I did - we took six weeks and did it all on weekend dayhikes - Please consider yourself invited! It is some of the most beautiful and remote country in the Eastern United States and the trail is a National Recreation Trail maintained by the Nation Forest Service - Pick up the trail at GCRM20 and go to the Sheltowee Trace Bookmark on that listing - navigate from there! Have Fun!!
  8. I am experimenting with the placement of a puzzle cache of sorts - i have a very nice location chosen to place the cache - The first leg of the cache would include a physical clue - (ie - hidden in a hollow tree - under a rock - whatever) and I would list the following coord (for the second leg of the cache) N36 47.XXX I would have geocachers solve the following math problem to get the rest of the latitude co-ord (XXX): Problem: If a circle has an area of 1176.53 units what is the area of the largest possible square that will fit inside the circle? Round answer off to the nearest whole number and this will give you the decimal portion of the latitude minutes - The problem for the longitude would be of a similar nature - ANS: 749 units Thus the final coord would be N36 47.749 To some this may be complicated - to others it would be easy - the solution may be found in any college algebra book -and can also be solved by hand - from scratch using the Theorem of Pythagorus Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated! (this doesn't make me a geek - or does it?)
  9. just geocache people! who cares if you post or not!! And have fun!! that is the point - rght?
  10. I agree - snakes are the biggest concern: but in so far as bears are concerned - i use the age-old idea - you don't have to be able to out run a bear: Just whom ever your with
  11. I also like this thread. I am still fairly new to geocaching, but I have placed several and most of these involve hiking at least 3 miles. These are along the Sheltowee Trace National Rec trail. My caches have not been getting very many visits and some of them have not had an FTF as yet. I have been wondering why. They are in such beautiful areas and I feel that my descriptions do provide that information. I began to suspect that it is because most of my caches will take at least an afternoon to complete. I further began to suspect that maybe it had something to do with the numbers game. I mean - if you take an entire afternoon to find only one (really nice) cache, then you won't be able to find those other nine you'd be able to do instead of going after these remote caches of mine. But then - I do also enjoy watching my own numbers climb. I think a little of both is good. But I do prefer to do really nice geocaches. There are plenty of both.
  12. I listed a level 5 geocache - but I thought about it for a while before I did - worried that somebody might get hurt trying to find it. But I decided to go for it and I am glad I did. Not that mine is anything special but here a link:
  13. What was that lady's name who hiked the entire AT with nothing but a sheet - ends tied semi-hobo style with some stuff inside? It was a few years back and i take it - she's some kind of legend . Everybody's got they're own way of doing things - I happen to think that my way of doing things is just about perfect (but i wouldn't toss it out there for y'all to kick around- rather have a root canal). Funny thing is - you might do things completeltly diffrent and your way is perfect too. The important thing is - we're all geocaching!! (i mean - we are- right?)
  14. I have nearly completed listing several geocaches along the Sheltowee Trace National Backpacking Trail. The trail itself is 270 miles in length but I took a section roughly 70 miles and placed six geocaches along over this length. These geocaches are spaced out pretty well over the 70 miles and I used other existing caches (not belonging to me) that are also on the trail and listed those as well. Even though I would love it if somebody would attempt all of these caches on a large 70 mile "thru-hike" they can all be found by a series of day hikes. I have created a bookmark (pick it up at GCRXW3) for these caches and I am hoping to generate some interest in doing these as a group or a cluster of caches. Each of the caches is a "stand alone" so you get a "find" at every one. What I am wondering about is whether to create one final geocache for cachers to log as a "find" only when they have completed all of the other geocaches along the Trace. They would actually find this cache first and I would place it near the trail head. I would also place map packages there for people to take with them - but they would only log it as a "find" after they have logged all of the others as finds. It could be called "The Sheltowee Trace Completion Cache" or something like that. But I am not sure how to list it and have it conform nicely with the guidelines. I just thought maybe I could get some input and ideas from everybody. Any and all input would be appreciated!
  15. To carry or not to carry - to have or not to have I guess is the question. I own guns and I carry them when I think it is reasonable - in back-country where there could be a need to protect myself or the people I'm with. But I don't always go geocaching in places like that and then I don't carry. It is a matter of common sense - but I'm sure you all know that already. As for me - I think the issue "to carry or not" may be summed up in the following manner. Somebody once asked me - "you'd really shoot somebody or something if they were going to hurt or kill you?" I have to admit - the thought of being in a situation like that is unimaginable and I don't know what I would do. But I guess I have long conceded that the point of having a firearm with me in the middle of the woods at night by myself (backpacking or something like that) wasn't about protection at all really - it was a matter of getting a good night sleep. Most of the geocaches I've found havn't been remote enough for me to feel a need to arm my self. But that's just me - others may differ about where they've been and what they choose - and they have that right. To be totally honest - the thought about carrying or not when I go geocaching hadn't entered my mind until now. I just didn't see the need. But then again -I'm still pretty new to geocaching.
  16. Speaking of movies and geocaching - I'm sure he wasn't the first but the character Red in the Movie Shawshank Redemption was certainly geocaching (without the GPS of course) when he went to the Buxton (wasn't it Buxton?) hay field - great movie too!
  17. Who or what is Skydiver and what happened? Maybe a new topic should be started about it because it sounds interesting
  18. With 62 finds I'm still new. I have listed several caches and am learning more and more about geocaching. In my humble (neophyte) opinion - I have observed several ways to learn more about things. A- go geocaching and see what geocachers are doing B- post new listings and learn from mistakes as they are presented by the reviewers C- email and communicate with other geocachers and D- spend time in the forums. Being so new I have not been completely comfortable posting much in the forums - a lurker I suppose. I believe that it is important for geocachers to spend time reading in the forums to learn more about how to list geocaches and other geocaching topics. Posting is not required for the educational benefit of the forums to be realized - just my opinion. And I just wanted to introduce myself. HiYall -
  19. I am putting a list together of the caches along the Sheltowee Trace in Kentucky - I'd be interested to find out more about the AT caches - good luck with this topic http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3a-37da8b11c9c2
  20. Oddly enough I listed a cache last night that is also in a library. I did not know this discussion was going on when I arranged for the cache. I was excited about my library cache because i think its a neat idea. I was a little miffed when i got the news that my cache had not been approved so I went to the forums and found this dicussion. I was delighted to find the exact situation being discussed here in the forums. I didn't mention that it was in a library anywhere in the cache and gave as a clue the name of the author of the book the cache is hidden in. When you look up the author there will no mistaking which book the cache is in. I worked with the head librarian to place the cache and she was excited about the project. The co-ords I gave in the listing were for the front door so I was very surprised when my reviewer did not approve this cache. I could be wrong but it has seemed to me for a while that my reviewer has been a little hard to deal with. He cited the same issue - that a person could find this cache without a GPS. So i got a little miffed and shot off an email - not to firery but I told him that I didn't like it much the way he had been handling my cache listings. It was obvious to me that nobody could find this cache without a GPS. But while it might be my "cruise" - it sure isn't my boat. I'm fairly new to geocaching and I guess I've got a lot to learn. I read the suggestions of making a cache like this a multicache and placing the clue in some micro container on the outside of the library building and I don't have a problem with this. So I will make the necessary edits to my listing and try again. The only problem is i think i might have made my reviewer mad and he may not release it no matter what i do. Good advice possibly received too late but i hope not! Goodluck with you cache.
  21. I think this is a great idea!! A feature could be added to the geocache listing page that allows finders to rate the cache say from 1 - 10 as they log a find and the average result could be listed right on the geocache listing. This would make navigating the geocaching.com site - seeking new caches to find much easier and enjoyable.
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