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  1. My cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=dee97aa5-ff22-42f9-b0fa-37d6d2c52e69 <--seen here was just recently archived after 4 years of service to the local community of the tri-county area. With the growing popularity of geocacheing in the recent years it's easy to see why it has become banned in state parks. (the one-star-spam-style geos) 50 geos in 50 sq feet, under every other sage cactus brush. The geocaching.com website needs a -1 to 10- style rating system. (1 as easy/bored, 10 as amazing, and 15 as epic) This would really defer people from planting 1 star spam geos, (no one wants to get a low rated cache) Take my planted geo cache above (for example.) Hypothetically speaking, people would rate it 14 or 15 (on average.) Comments would then follow saying, "Epic cache of the year, what is it", "Best cache I've ever been too, where did it come from!" And only the people who had found it would really not know. For not only is this a geo, but an unknown state (possibly national) monument. So I urge all the nay-sayers to take a look at the geo. Can I change it to an earthcache?
  2. i usually dont say anything, i just start a victory dance
  3. its BEAR season!! no jk (but really) Polar bears in the street!!
  4. nice story, until a raccoon bites her hand, and she gets rabies....LOL... but really, in my town, people feed coyotes (same as raccoons bad idea, PEOPLE)
  5. can some one help me? Im a poor geocacher, who spent my lifes saving on a gps and ive been eyeing a certain mystery geocache that i cant do because its 'premium status only' and I was wondering if someone could just copy/and paste the geocache info to me Its called 'ambiguous' on the first page of the zip code 93405 Now i know i wont be able to log it at first, but someday when i save enough change i can purchase the 'premium' THANKS TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP lol <---- my email: buddasuadda@yahoo.com
  6. ok, im advertising my own GEO (but it is an original cache, if you can find it) its called Meadow Muffin in San Luis Obispo 93405, its in a park right off the 101 freeway (the only freeway you can go) CHECK IT OUT senor!
  7. As the reviewer who looked at your cache, I found this very interesting. It was all a test on the highest security and safety of geocaching.com. Well done Sir you have passed.
  8. I also think the current rating systems works very well. Since you brought this up, are you changing your geo-name? change my geo-name? not planning on it
  9. Here is an idea for geocaching.com I dont know if anyone who reads these forums has the power to inquire this idea to the "higher up" @ geocaching .com The Idea: simply have a rating system for each Geo This way the Geoers who find the cache (earn the smilely) can rate the cache (1-10 stars) Geoers can rate the cache based on how well camouflaged, great view, destination, etc... With so many geos, this would add a new level of separating the simple geos from the exquisite geos just a thought? anyone agree disagree?
  10. So i planted a geo in a short train tunnel along a desolate mountain side. There is plenty of room on the side if a train came by. But, i was wondering if any one would attempt to search for it? would you? (the cache already got rejected by geocaching.com but i could always place coordinates somewhere else and have it as a mystery cache, leading to the tunnel) thoughts? too dangerous for you?
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