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  1. I'm a true believer in the blessings of the season. I've ordered the Legend. Im so excited. Who knows what knowledge my son will gain from using this GPS...bet he learns more than I can even imagine! Thanks for all of the advice and kindness I've found here on this forum!
  2. the legend went up to $139 yesterday, but was back to $129 this evening. the etrex yellow had gone up to $95, but it's back to $85 again.
  3. I'm looking at the etrex yellow at amazon, but that would blow my whole Christmas budget. Maybe there's someone out there who's upgrading and would love to help my son get started for less than what I'd get the etrex yellow for. He had friends back in Utah who took him geocaching a few times & someone came to his school here in Upstate New York to talk about geocaching. He's so excited about teaching me how to geocache. I'm thrilled he wants something other than a video game & would love to support this new found passion. He looks up geocaches online and has started putting together some of his own to go hide. Thing is, without a gps, it's nearly impossible. Please. We left Utah unexpectedly this summer to move back to New York when my mom had a stroke in June. Since then she's had another stroke, a brain aneurysm and brain surgery. I couldn't make this up if I tried. It's been extremely difficult. Today I had to spend most of the money I'd put aside for Christmas to fix Mom's furnace so we don't freeze. If anyone can help me, I'd be forever grateful. Thank you, Rachael
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