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  1. I have just returned from Ireland, and the finest weather i can remember. I loaded 3 cache co-ords into my streetpilot before I left home, and just followed the arrow, no map. It was a bit long winded, going on numerous ring roads, which did exactly that, took us back to where I had started, without passing another road. The scenery we come across was fantastic, through roads that I would doubt would be on the map, it was great fun in a great Country. All the caches were eventually found. Try it
  2. I have used my streetpilot on aircraft many times and it is very informative, I think all you would be short of is the windspeed,to fly and navigate the aircraft. I used to do it descreetly but thats difficult, as it has to be held at the window, I now ask the steward to ask the captain if its ok with him, all have allowed it, some with caution, saying that if there is any abnormality I will be asked to turn it off, on the last flight the cabin crew were fascinated by it.If you put in the destination airport, you would get an accurate time of destination, if the pilot went as the crow flies, you also see rotation speed,ground speed, landing speed, true altitude,and direction, I highly recommend it.
  3. There's only three playing, the other 50 or so are spectating, ther's only one other sport I can think of that doesn't have spectators. The reason I didn't sign up in the beginning is that I am lethargic, and the first to admit it, but mind you any game that the ball moves at an average speed of 146 yds. an hour, I could well be interested in, but then, will I still be drawing breath when the first goal is scored
  4. Has lethargy replaced enthusiasm, whats happened to TB football, if it wasn't for the cat it would have been an health hazard by now. Mind you it could end up in the Guinness book of records for the longest game in human history. My interest is watching it's progress and i'm getting pretty bored. PS. if there's any future games I want to be on the cat's side
  5. It's better to be indoor's wishing you were out there, than to be out there wishing you were indoors
  6. I'm sure if I put myself out I would be able to do some of the London multi cache's in the comfort of my armchair, with the dates and so forth. Not the first clue to Oranges and Lemons, that was a good one. Incidently Oranges and Lemons is the third verse to that particular rhyme, there are in fact 14 verses, and so perhaps you could do another one.Just for interest, some think that St. Clement Danes, in the Strand (who's bells do, on occasions, strike the tune of Oranges and Lemons)is the church referred to, but I'm sure you have the right one, it makes more sense. [This message was edited by philgn on August 13, 2002 at 08:37 AM.]
  7. OI! I will not have you casting aspersions on my mate McDeHacK,I have crept round many a bush with him, and not once has he made an advance
  8. The idea's have been put, I think it should now be up to dylanhayes to make the rules final, with no further discusion or arguements. It's his idea so asap. One final sug would be to outlaw ac's (acronyms) Le/jog for gawds sake
  9. My vote quote:Originally posted by SimonG:"Okay, so no one likes my idea of Techies v Non-Techies. Other people have suggested things like birthdays/phone numbers, but I think it needs to be something that's displayed in our user profiles." .............. Once the teams were selected, you could add your team to the user profile .................................................. It seems to me that the main things we still need to decide on are as follows: 1. "Where will the goals be? London/Edinburgh? Land's End/John o'Groats?" ................... Yes vote would be for as far away as possible, so Lands end/John o groats for me, otherwise Hornet would win solo .................................................. 2. "What will the teams be based on? Job description? Date of birth? 'Member since' date?" ............ No vote for member since, as more caches would have been visited on the oldies side, unfair advantage. Yes vote for birthdates or telephone numbers then add your team to your profile .................................................. 3." Who wins? The first team to score? The team with the most goals after a certain time?" .................. Yes vote for first goal scored .................................................. 4." What limitations are there on what caches the bug can be placed in? Mainland? Caches created before kickoff? Traditional caches? Should we exclude ones that are part of a multi where you have to do the other parts to work out the location?" ............. Yes vote for caches in situe on the day off kick off, traditional and multi caches .................................................. 5. "What other ideas should we incorporate? Allow other bugs to block? Disallow cache revisits?" ................ I like the idea of anything that would involve a bit of strategy, so allow blocking, I still like the idea of alternate moves, with a time limit perhaps of a week. .................................................. Cast your votes now... quote:Originally posted by dylanhayes:******************************************************* Don't mention the mushrooms ******************************************************* What mushrooms? Oh, sorry.
  10. Does anybody know what those 3 bod's that keep jumping up every 30 second's on BBC coverage of the comonwealth games signify, Does any game start with 3 bods leaping up, and going boo, does anybody else find it as irritating as I do.It's almost as confusing as the Groundspeak logo
  11. Team selection,? I dont like the idea of techies/non-techies, as I've been put in the latter, it sound's possitively defamitory, I know where ctrl,alt,and delete are. As for newbie/oldsters, I'd be an oldie newbie.How about the last two digits of your home phone number, 0-50 in one team 51-99 in the other.The blocking idea I like because of the strategy factor, if all caches between the ball and the goal were blocked, then it could be permissible to jump the caches.
  12. Another option would be to take the Heathrow express to paddington, and then a TAXI to your destination, you can't get safer than that, who's bias. Another tip would be to bring some wellies, this is England, we've had our two weeks of summer
  13. Another option would be to take the Heathrow express to paddington, and then a TAXI to your destination, you can't get safer than that, who's bias. Another tip would be to bring some wellies, this is England, we've had our two weeks of summer
  14. I think any idea that might inject a bit of excitement into the game must be good, but its difficult to overcome apathy. Another idea could be that each team moves the ball in turn, once a cache has been used it cant be used again, and the ball has to be put in a cache on the nearest minute, in the intended direction, i.e N51.14.000 to N51.15.000. so you could end up with the only available cache in the outer hebridies.A bit of strategy would be needed
  15. Below is a question (I thought) to contact@geocaching.com I would like to know how many new caches the sytem could cope with on one day. I have an idea about a geocaching challenge which would mean possibly several new cache reports on the same day, how many days before the hunt day, would you suggest the new cache report day. Thanks Philgn Below is the answer I don’t know what your question is. We receive many cache reports each day. Jeremy. So now we know
  16. I think it's got something to do with golf, I look like that after i'v hit a golf ball, club in two halves. Water hazard bottom left, two putts top right, and some prat put the flag in the bunker.
  17. I cant think why any land owner would be that petty as to destroy a cache, if a cache has been hidden sensibly, where no damage to fences, or crops would be incurred, and no cow or sheep worrying,was a result. I dont think trashing, if any, would be on a grand scale, as I cant see the street cred. in it. A bigger worry, as we all seem to be a bit pessimistic, would be gangs of hooligans jumping out from behind tree's and nicking your GPS and your sarnies.
  18. A points system could be a fairer way because of the distance some might have to travel. Another idea could be to award points for county boundaries, the more counties you go through, in a straight line, to the cache'site, the more points scored. Could be a lot of planning involved which would make it more fun. Rules would be made with a majority agreement. Must say the view/replies ratio is a bit dissapointing, will it ever get off the ground
  19. That does sound an horrifying experience, I can assure you that you had more right to be there than the armed lot,they would have been up to no good. For rabbits they would do better with a ferret, i'v never seen a deer there in 50 years (on and 0ff), so i can only assume they were hunting cows, surely not geocachers. it is a public right of way, I used to play around there when I was a kid. Private paths need a gate, which has to be locked once a year, to stop them becoming public right of ways, there is no gate on that path, or at least the path you should have been on.Anybody who wants to do it should enter from Coopers Lane Rd, next to the stables. Although I can assure all that you will not be trespassing, Doesn't the law state that to trespass you have to be doing damage.ps adrenalin burns cholesteral so its done you good [This message was edited by philgn on July 23, 2002 at 10:24 AM.]
  20. How much interest would there be in a geocache challenge, where perhaps all participent's, would report a new cache 2 days before a pre-arranged date, but hide the cache on the day of the hunt, then wizz off to find as many as possible between 8am and 8pm.The winner and new geocaching champion, would be the one who finds the most. Idea is in the hat, open to suggestions. Could the system cope.
  21. Page 28 would definately get the gold medal for that marathon, but I would have insisted on a blood sample, who can stay awake that long.Mc. and I will settle for the silver until someone does better.
  22. If a challenge is to be made then ground rules should be made. You never know it might become an olympic event. I would suggest the hours should be as in a good working day, 8am. to 8pm. If you can last that long running round the country side. Any other suggestions
  23. Who has done the most caches in one day, I will put foreward McDeHack and myself, who, on the 20th July, did 11, which included Stevanage stash, which alone took 90 minutes of searching. And if anybody beats that we'll take age into account
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