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  1. ATTENTION Pocket Decoder owners!!! The first drawing for a Golden Pocket Decoder is TONIGHT, June 21st at 6:00 and we will be drawing 2 lucky winners! We will have an additional drawing on July 3rd and will be drawing out 3 more lucky winners. There will be drawings each month thereafter until the end of the year and you can see the schedule for these drawings and a list of winners on our website @ The Caching Place Remember....once you've entered, your name remains active for ALL future drawings, but you can only win once. If you have not purchased a Pocket Decoder but would like to enter the drawings, please see the instructions at the above link. The latest order of Pocket Decoders arrived one day early and have now all been shipped out!!! YIPPEE We expect the next shipment mid-week and will start shipping them as soon as they arrive! Everyone should have their decoders in time for the July 3rd drawing!! Good Luck everyone, and thanks for all your support !!!
  2. Sorry that you missed out on the preorder. There are still an additional 250 coins that will go on sale around the first week of July hopefully these will last a bit longer. Also, please check your email - I have sent you a message.
  3. Are the wheels going to be stock items too? Yes, the wheels will be a stock item. We've ordered 1,000 of the poker wheels and an additional 500 Pocket Decoders which are currently in production - The presale is running so folks who want to guarantee their purchase can do so. We're busy putting together some FUN "poker" challenges and will get these listed on the website soon. We will also be activating the link where you can "submit" wheel ideas for future productions.
  4. RE International Shipping: Here is the post from the other thread: ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Due to the recent increase in postal rates, there is a slight problem with the calculations of international flat rate priority mail. Our system is charging a much higher rate than it should, we will be refunding the difference at the time we ship your order. The actual cost for flat rate priority is $9.95 for Canada and $11.95 for all other countries. Maybe FSM or Eartha can combine the two threads for us!! Thanks
  5. The SALE is on!!! Those of you who get our newsletter know that already!! Not to worry, even though they are selling FAST, there are still plenty!! ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Due to the recent increase in postal rates, there is a slight problem with the calculations of international flat rate priority mail. Our system is charging a much higher rate than it should, we will be refunding the difference at the time we ship your order. The actual cost for flat rate priority is $9.95 for Canada and $11.95 for all other countries. Thanks everyone!!
  6. Santa has arrived!!! Talk about excitement!! Sharon called me late last night and said there was a package delivered from "Sweden" - she had opened it and when she saw all the gifts inside we knew it had to be from our secret Santa!! Due to a huge snow storm, I had to wait til morning to run over to her house so we could open our gifts.....I'm talking LOT's & LOT's of gifts!! Oh my gosh!! You guys went way beyond our wildest expectations and we are SOOOOOO thrilled!! Like I said, there were a lot of gifts, 2 of everything....Sharon unwrapped the red gifts and I (Georgia) unwrapped the blue gifts...we did it together and could not believe our eyes! The first gifts we opened were the beautiful embroidered table cloths and dollies...we can't wait to display them, they are simply wonderful! Next we opened the cutest little magnet angels, some traditional Swedish print Christmas cards, santa napkins, a little stocking with Swedish CHOCOLATE!!!! Umm....chocolate - the stocking also contained two cute little snowmen, an Indiana geocoin and a 2007 Swedish geocoin!! Last but not least were the two adorable little Santa's - they have have long beards and tall hats and we absolutely adore them!! Wow, you sure made our day!! Many thanks to you Naomi and your family for these wonderful gifts, Sharon and I and our families will treasure these gifts always.....did I mention we LOVED THE CHOCOLATE!!! umm...chocolate - boy it was good!! You are a SWEETHEART!!! Thank you so very much!!!! Photo's coming up!! God Jul & Gott Nytt Ar Onskar! Sharon & Georgia
  7. There is no difference in the colors, the difference in the coin is in the plating. Originally we had hoped to have the lower part of the turtle in black nickel, and the top part of the turtle in antique copper and antique silver. The AE of shiny gold and black nickel came out very nice because it didn't involve the "antique process" The problem the mint had was combining the black nickel with the antiquing process. The sample photos looked fine or we would not have ordered them, and yes, the mint has apologized for not realizing early on in the process that there would be a problem, and even though some of the coins we received came out nice, the majority did not. If a two tone antique combination can't be produced in the quality we expect, then it's in our customers best interest to produce a finish that everyone will be proud of. Hope that helps explain a little better.. ~ Georgia Edit to say: Thanks Tsun!! I didn't see your post before posting my latest response! Nicely done
  8. I do not mind at all to wait, and to receive an outstanding coin in a quality finish. Thanks for taking a stand to provide quality control and at the end a great coin. Looking forward to more news Thanks Arne Whew....talk about Murphy's Law!! What a situation this has turned out to be!! We really appreciate everyone's patience. A HUGE thanks to Tsun for having the patience to go through this right along with us!! We've all learned a lot!! Here is the new plan: The coin is being re-minted because the manufacturer was unable to produce a two-tone finish in a quality that is acceptable. To replace the antique copper/black nickel version, we will produce a brushed copper version. Using the same beautiful translucent colors as on the original coin. Instead of two tone BN/antique silver, we will use antique silver. Again, using the same transparent color scheme as the original coin. We have ordered samples and will post the photo's once they arrive.....hopefully within a week - We are expecting the production to take about 2 weeks. As mentioned in an earlier post, now, that we have the correct information to pass along, we will send emails to all those who have ordered. If this change creates a problem for anyone, please contact us, we would be happy to refund your purchase. Again, we appreciate the kind comments from everyone, and your patience! Now....off to send some emails! ~ Georgia & Sharon
  9. Thanks keewee and you're right, there have been some issues with the mints lately. We've been pretty lucky up to this point, a few late orders some engraving issues, but never an issue with them sending us defective coins The defective coins will be sent back to the mint (at their request) to be used as an example of what NOT to send out to the customers!!
  10. Another update folks, We did receive the Turtle coins, unfortunately there are some issues with quality. To be honest, we're quite surprised that the mint released these for shipment. In the past, our mint has always had excellent quality controls in place to avoid these types of problems and we've never had an inferior shipment, believe me, we are as upset as you are! The issue seems to be with the two-tone process of combining Black Nickel with the antiquing process. It's this process that "delayed" the shipment in the first place! Hopefully, the mint can assure us, that the current issues can be corrected and the coins remade at the level of quality we all expect. This of course, delays the shipment once again, but in the end the buyers receive a coin they can be proud to own! We wanted all of you to be aware of this latest problem. We will send an update via emails to all of those who purchased this coin, as well as post updates here in the forums and on our website once we have a conversation with our mint. We take great pride in the quality of coins and customer service that we offer at TCP - we appreciate your support and understanding and are really sorry this has happened. Please feel free to email us if you have questions or concerns. Thanks! ~ Georgia & Sharon
  11. Hi folks! Looks like the coins "won't" make the Saturday delivery as promised!! Apparently the mint had some problems with the two-tone plating and only have about a 1/3 of the order ready to ship. I've been told that they will do everything possible over the weekend to finish up and ship the order to us on Monday. We 'should' have the entire order in hand on Tuesday morning and will begin shipping right away. As many of you have heard here in the forums lately, the mints have been having quite a time getting orders out on time as well as getting them out "correctly" - it's frustrating to say the least.....this is the 3rd change in shipping dates for this order! What's really annoying is NOT finding out until this evening that our promised "Saturday" delivery isn't happening!! We're really sorry for the delay, everyone is really excited, as we are, to get these cute turtles in hand!! I'm confident the wait will be well worth the reward!!! Thanks for your patience everyone, and hopefully there are no additional delays!! ~ Georgia PS...there should be no delays with the 2nd version, but we will keep you posted on them as well I'm keeping my fingers crossed they arrive a few days early to make up for these being late!!
  12. If you haven't heard about the Modern Day Outlaws game, there is still time to get a posse together to go round up 16 outlaws in the Moab Utah area. You will go on a virtual tour using a variety of jeeps, hummers and other vehicles. Pit your mapping skills and off road knowledge against players from around the world. See how high your posse places on the leader board. The sample coins have arrived from the mint and they look fantastic!! Two coins have been minted.....a 'player only' coin that will be available to those who finish the Quest, and a regular version available to anyone who wishes to purchase it. Both of the coins are trackable at Geocaching.com and each has it's own icon. The Players Coin is made of Antique Bronze, measures 1.75" and comes on a unique coin-spinning stand. The front plate of the stand will be engraved with your Player Name. This coin and stand set is only available for players finishing the game. The cost of $18 includes the coin, the stand and the engraving . . . not to mention an exciting fun filled tour of the canyon country of south east Utah. The Modern Day Outlaw regular edition coin is done in Antique Copper and measures 1.75" and is trackable with it's own icon. There are only 250 Copper coins available and this particular coin will not be minted again. The regular edition coin is $10. Click Here For More Information Have fun on the trail and thanks for your support.
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