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  1. Dankie Spesbona. Ietsie om my uit die tuin uit te hou.
  2. PieterM

    D vs T

    I also prefer to cache alone and I totally agree with you and Spesbona.
  3. Dankie Danie ! Ek weet dis moeite en neem tyd maar ek sien uit na nog statistieke.
  4. Thanks, will be interesting to see how things develop over the year.
  5. There are active cachers with 2000 plus finds but only 5 or less hidden. The Karma score gives a good indication.
  6. I predict it will get worse. Looking at the WC where I am from, cachers like to find caches and FTF's but are not prepared to give back. They like to find them but don't want to place them.
  7. Ditto I look at the stats everyday and find them very interesting.
  8. Thanks Danie for taking the time to post these interesting stats everyday.
  9. Thanks Danie for all these interesting stats and the hard work in producing them.
  10. What I meant was that I completed the matrix of 81 but 5 of mine was outside Africa, so it does not count. I was just wondering if there are other cachers out there in the same situation.
  11. Thanks Danie for the trouble of putting these stats together. I really appreciate it.
  12. Would like to join you on these if possible : Awaken the leviathan - depends on spring tide Arrr!!!! Ye Scurvy!!! general cape point cleanup
  13. I thoroughly enjoy all these stats that Danie produces. Although I am not very active on posting side I just love looking at the stats. Thanks Danie
  14. PieterM

    Where am I?

    Cathedral View near Keurboomstrand
  15. PieterM

    Where am I?

    Heeltemal reg Hesamati. Plaas maar nog enetjie.
  16. PieterM

    Where am I?

    Loerkop view near Greyton
  17. NO x100 Geocaching is not a competition.
  18. PieterM


    Well done Terunkie on your 1000 finds !!
  19. Thanks Henzz for starting this Scuba adventure finding thing. Thanks Andre for the use of your kayak to help me find Scuba Steve's caches. Thanks everyone for making this an enjoyable afternoon.
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