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  1. I would be delighted to adopt Satan's Pit. My all time favourite cache.
  2. May I suggest that on the Geocaches(Yours) (owned.aspx) page that the 'favourite' 'Found it' 'didn't find it' and 'needs maintenance' counts are displayed as further columns. It would give a great overview of my caches as a glance rather than opening each and every one.
  3. I had been using the google maps to estimate distances between caches. How can I get a scale to display in the new maps as I zoom in and out? It's quite important for me to know that a pair of caches are 200m apart or 800m apart especially as I cache with 3-year olds in tow.
  4. I haven't received email about my caches being found for some weeks. The Groundspeak newsletter arrives ok though.
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