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  1. If you're going to ban virtuals, why not earthcaches? And if you're going to allow those, why not watercaches, or skycaches, or botanycaches? What's so special about geology?
  2. Ah. Thanks for the responses. I knew I was doing something wrong; I just couldn't figure out what it was.
  3. I have some geocoins in my inventory that I want to move to my collection, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. The option isn't available in the drop-down menu.
  4. I've been having trouble selecting caches from the map. You roll the mouse over, but the name doesn't pop up. (Chrome)
  5. If you were on a power trail that is acceptable behaviour. People can do this all they want on a power trail. I just don't want them trying to tell me that they were geocaching. That seems to be the gist of it. I'm not sure what to call power trails, but they aren't traditional geocaching. Some weird hybrid, I guess. Still, we have event caches and virtual caches and webcam caches, so not all caching is "find cache, sign log, return." Perhaps they should have their own category, like other non-traditional caches?
  6. I generally only look at logs as a last resort if I can't find the cache. I might browse them hoping someone left an additional clue to help me out. If you don't want spoilers, don't look at logs. That said, it seems entirely appropriate to me to ask the logger to modify his comments so they aren't too blatant. It's one thing to say, "It's not in the sprinkler heads," and another to say, "It's inside the gnome by the gate."
  7. No kidding. While many of the logs I get are pretty bland (TFTC), some make hiding these things worthwhile. They inspire me to go hide another and be as inventive as possible.
  8. I found a $10 Subway card once as a FTF prize. I sometimes leave gold dollar coins. I imagine the kids like that; it looks like real treasure.
  9. That sounds a little dicey. If the cache is okay for others to find, it doesn't really matter to them if the logs are screwed up.
  10. Perhaps it would be helpful to require new account holders (on any platform) to pass a short quiz before getting access to the geocache map. We could ensure they know not to keep trackables, not to take anything from a cache without giving something back, not to move or take the cache, what not to put in a cache, how to log, etc. It might cut down on some of the aggravation caused by people who don't seem to know the basic rules.
  11. Sometimes it's just ignorance. I don't usually revisit caches, but occasionally it happens when I need to drop off a TB or on a new geotour that incorporates caches I've already found. Since I needed to log that I'd been there, I used "found it" without understanding I should have used "write note." Once I learned of my mistake, I went back and corrected the logs, but they would still be there if I'd never found out. (Lost eight "finds" for that!)
  12. That depends greatly on your area. I grew up in southern England where they are positively monstrous and literally everywhere. I also grew up in Virginia where I never saw them. I had assumed we didn't have them in the US, until I did a cache here in Colorado the other day and was shocked to see a couple growing nearby. When I mentioned this to some friends, all of them said, "What are stinging nettles?" If you took your little kid to that cache and it came home with stinging welts on its arm, you wouldn't be happy if you'd walked in blind with no warning.
  13. Well, yeah, that would be pretty stupid.
  14. Sorry, but if your log is wet, then there's a problem and you should fix it. Don't blame the messenger.
  15. I disagree with #6. If there is a problem with the cache, the owner and those looking for it need to know. I've run into a few caches that were some distance from their published coords (over 200' in one case). I've also done a couple near poison ivy and stinging nettles that should have the "poisonous plants" attribute.
  16. Seems like cheating to me, but if they can live with it, I guess it's their problem. I would feel like a fraud taking that souvenir.
  17. I'd like to see a way to log a completed geotour, maybe even get a souvenir for each one. It would have nice to have something online to mark the accomplishment.
  18. I've left a new geocoin before, but I've also just picked out something nice, like a penknife or one of those space pens. I usually spend $10-20, although two of my caches didn't have any FTF prize. I felt like I gypped the first finders.
  19. I like that idea. It would have helped me out earlier. I just assumed the site wouldn't count more than one find for a given cache, but I was wrong.
  20. Perhaps we could have an "enable multiple found logs" option on caches? Then the owners could make it possible for those caches where it's acceptable, but the ones who don't know any better won't be able to mess themselves up. Just a thought anyway.
  21. Yes, I know the system will let you log multiple finds on the same cache (at least, I know that now). My question is more like, Should it?
  22. I did change the date, but the website wouldn't move it -- at first. It took a while, but apparently some internal check system kicked in and put it in the right place.
  23. Disregard. It sorted itself out. But, since we're talking about website logging glitches, I just changed a bunch of my duplicate "finds" into "write notes." I didn't realize the website would count another find on the same cache. Can we fix that? I imagine a lot of people just don't know and log a "found it" when they revisit a cache, which is what I was doing when I dropped off a travel bug or had to revisit a cache for a new geotour. I just didn't know what it was doing.
  24. At least, I think it's a glitch. I logged a cache incorrectly yesterday, so I changed my "found it" to a note. I finished the cache properly today and updated the note back to "found it," but the website isn't recognizing the new date (today). It still shows me logging it yesterday in the statistics page. Will this sort itself out overnight as the system updates itself, or is this a permanent problem? I would like it to show the find on the correct day because I'm working on filling up my 365 grid (stupid reason, I know, but what can I say?). I don't happen to have any other finds today.
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