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  1. My watch has a little box with the date in it where the number four should be. It is so small I haven't been able to see it since I turned 40-something. I put the "calendar" icon on the face page of my GPS. Since retiring it requires a bit of thinking before I can guess the date. After reading this topic, I don't think I'll worry about recording the date so much anymore.

    Funny you should say that. I often find myself caching without my watch on, so I put the calendar icon on my gps main menu, too.

  2. What I'm trying to avoid is having to do any searches at all. I'd like to be able to click on, say, D4 hides, then maybe switch to D3.5 if I can't find what I want near me, then maybe hop over to T3 if I want to hike a little. I want to be able to click stuff on and off as I browse, not have to do separate queries for every combination that interests me.


    It would be great if I could configure everything I wanted to, change it as many times as I like, all in one window at once.

  3. I don't know if this has been brought up before (it's hard to search the forum with such a vague description), but it would be helpful if we could screen the displayed caches by D/T as well as by type. The search function isn't very useful, because you just get a list and have to click on each one to see where it is.


    It would also be great to be able to screen the displayed caches by size, too.

  4. I know what you mean. I've had to mark three TBs missing from my caches, and I only have seven! I've even gone so far as to contact the people who say they took them in their logs to explain what should be done with trackables, but they don't respond. They just keep it.

  5. Thank you both for posting the REAL facts about the McD case.


    When I've tried to discuss what really happened, I usually get derided.

    It's been my experience that people rarely go past the soundbites. My basic premise in life is that no one, absolutely no one, wakes up in the morning and says, "I'm going to be an idiot today." They may indeed end up doing something stupid, but at the time, something led them to believe it was okay. Until you understand that, you don't truly understand what happened.

  6. Sounds like a simple misunderstanding to me. Some folks get a little picky about their FTFs, but I don't think this was personal. Just let it go and move on. It looks like it was logged as everyone wanted it to be anyway -- Fisher got the FTF that Lucky wanted him to have. Just goes to show, there are always two sides to every story.

  7. Walking away was probable the smartest thing, but I'd of been tempted to call the police and have the kid charged with assult.

    I'm not sure a really young kid can be held accountable, but his father can be. The kid probably only did it because the father was bad-mouthing you. You should have gotten his license and reported the incident to the police. Billed the guy for a new rod, maybe.


    Did you check the cache's log to see who it was?

  8. I had a geocoin what was supposed to go to Alaska. One guy picked it up and kept it forever (over six months, if I remember rightly). He kept visiting with it all over the place. I finally asked him to place it somewhere so it could continue on its mission, and he seemed quite put out. He did drop it in a cache and it promptly disappeared.

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