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  1. Hi Jerry- The Geocoin Store used to sell an amateur radio geocoin. Here's the link to it, but it looks like it's been sold out for quite some time. My dad got me mine (TB1DWGG) through a trade, but I can't find anyone selling one now. I know a local ham/cacher who one with another design that he had his callsign engraved onto. Maybe if we get enough hamcachers we can design a new one or bring back one of the old ones. -Sutter, Mr.Moo, KI6ZON (PS I really enjoy your podcast. I'm very behind on listening to it, though... )
  2. There was a discussion about this a while back, and the decision was if a frequency was used, it would be 147.555, however, many people were against the idea (they didn't want to monitor 2 frequencies, it and 146.520). I don't believe it was ever used much (we used it for W7G, the special event station at GeoWoodstock 8). I believe that 146.730 is a repeater input frequency. Probably not a good choice for simplex. -Sutter (Mr.Moo) KI6ZON
  3. Mr.Moo

    YAESU VX-8

    I tried to find a cache with my 8 once... It isn't too easy to line up the coords of the cache with the one's on the 8, but it can be done. Cool!
  4. I have a Yaesu VX-8 and use it for APRS a lot as KI6ZON-9. I have used it on my bike while Geocaching around town, but it is hard to tell who is Geocaching and who isn't - unless they give us a special SSID... KI6ZON-15 (Geocaching)
  5. Sounds like you have it all planned out. Sounds like fun!
  6. If there is, I will have no connection with it. It's a long trip from California, and I'm not sure I'm ready to do it again. Maybe you could try getting in touch with a local ham club out there?
  7. Hmm... For me on my Magellan Triton 500 it will sometimes crash on start-up and taking the batteries out and powering it up again worked. DOn't know about the GC though...
  8. That would be here. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=242091
  9. We have discussed it before as a transmitter like for a foxhunt, but we came up with a few issues. Mostly, the bomb squad.
  10. Thank you to everyone who will be helping us on July 3rd. All the spots are full, and most of the details of our operations are complete. Details: www.w7g.info/operations
  11. Since are looking good for W7G, the special event station at GeoWoodstock. Except one thing: I need more operators! Open time slots (in 24-hour Washington local time) are: 11:00-12:00 12:00-13:00 14:00-15:00 15:00-16:00 If you would like to help, feel free to email me through Geocaching.com More info is at www.w7g.info 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  12. I am organizing W7G, the special event station at GeoWoodstock 8 in Washington. We are planning on having two-meter simplex to check in on for Geocachers at the event to get a QSL card. We are thinking about using 147.555 for our simplex. Any thoughts? 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  13. Any additional developments on this? de AD4PZ Yes. I am working with some nice hams in Washington and we will be having HF. Preliminary bands are 10, 15, and 20 meters. All current info is at www.w7g.info
  14. Mr.Moo


    I just checked on EchoLink and didn't see you... May be some other time.
  15. Good luck with your test! 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON California
  16. Hello all! I thought I would also post this here, since not many people read the GPS and Ham Radio forum. I am looking for amateur radio operators to volunteer to help out at W7G, the Special Event Station at GeoWoodstock in Carnation, Washington. You can find more info, including a volunteer application, at http://www.w7g.info Thanks! 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  17. I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would add my experience with the Triton 500: I bought a 500 to replace my dead eXplorist 500. I almost wish I had gone for Garmin (but only almost). Being able to view full cache descriptions and hints is great. No need for the iPod Touch anymore, right? Wrong. There is no way to mark a Geocache as found. You have to delete them. The GPS is a little slow, but I like having the SD card slot on the side. Adding Geocaches to it is a disaster! The desktop program (which is required to load anything) is a clunky piece of Windows software. It only works on certain virtualazation prgrams (Parallels 5) and has hard to use. Overally, I would recommend the eXplorist 500 over the Triton 500. If you are a Mac user (good for you), this GPS will be a lot of work.
  18. Given that a cardboard box filled with garbage outside a dumpster was "blown up" recently in my area, I believe that proper labelling and landowner permission will help mitigate the risks. One option is, instead of trying to camouflage the cache, work with the landowner to make it look like as "official" as possible. One idea I had was to disguise it as a sprinkler control box, even with false controls showing if someone managed to open the lock without permission. But that's kinda why I made this post, as I wanted to see what others were doing... Labeling won't always work. We talked with a Geocacher who works with the local bomb squad and he said that even if a cache is labeled, they will still blow it up. I would suggest that you put it in some kind of fake panel. I like the sprinkler control panel, but I would suggest that you use something like an alarm box that would partly explain the people with devices. Good Luck! 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  19. I agree. The problem is, what about the bomb squad? There have been so many stories of caches that have been blown up (one of my dad's included). Not to discourage you, but what would they think when they found this package? It's not like you could put it in the woods...
  20. That's true, but you could use any police scanner or other receiver. You don't have to be licensed.
  21. The special event callsign has been finalized: it will be W7G
  22. The website for the Special Event Station is now up. I have contacted a local club up there and asked if they would loan us equipment. The website has a form to volunteer, so if you would like to help, please fill that out. Website: http://sites.google.com/site/geowoodstockham 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  23. Good news! The friendly GeoWoodstock folks have given me permission to do a special event station. I have posted more details on the GeoWoodstock forums at http://geowoodstock.com/index.php?option=c...2&Itemid=37 Now I need volunteers to work the station and possibly loan us HF equipment. 73! Mr.Moo KI6ZON
  24. Yes, I am technician too (I am taking General this Sat.) and I would like to do the net, but there aren't enough people.
  25. But a lot of people are Technician... not to mention getting everyone to hear each other. if they were region nets it would be ok but i dont think so for national Yes, that would be a problem. I think we just nned to do it.
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