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  1. Thanks Craig But how do you copy the .img file to the gps i beleive the gps has no built in memory but i have a blank micro disk that it takes, you recon just unzip and copy the unzipped files to the micro disk and the gps will find them.
  2. Hi all As i say i'm new as they come, Just purchased a Garmin vista hcx to use motorcycling on my dirtbike, got lost once and it's not a good feeling. Anyhow My name is Steve and i live in NSW Australia and am in need of some help understanding the different maps where to get them and even info on installing. i purchased this device off the net and assumed it would have maps on it or use google earth/maps. Am sure someone has already been through this and can direct/advise me on the best maps suitable for me, never realised there would be such additional costs in map purchasing. Any help much appreaciated Thanks Steve
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