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  1. I am trying to synch my Magellan Explorist GC to Geocaching.com web site caches but they will not download. Has anything changed. I know using the explorist is cumbersome but I don't use a smart phone online. I can see all the caches, when I try to download to the GC nothing happens. I have loaded latest software updates, I think. Peter
  2. I almost caused a multiple pileup when on a large bridge lately, I think they though I was going to jump ;-)
  3. I just listed my first couple of Caches for review and I have two with the same name DUH !! Can I change the name?
  4. No, I have a yahoo address I want to use instead of the Hotmail account I created for Caching. So seeing the Hotmail is my Primary address and the Yahoo account already exists, it will not let me use the Yahoo address ????
  5. I want to use an email address that already exists, a Yahoo address, but it says that email already exists and I can't go any further. I do not want to create another address?? Peter
  6. I have an Magellan Explorist GC, how do I get the coordinates when I go to place my first cache so I can upload them.
  7. How do I delete my primary email address and add a new one??
  8. I was trying to delete all found caches while in the field from my Magellan Xplorist GC and deleted all built in caches. It will now not upload caches from my computer . Please help Peter
  9. I have noticed on ebay that the Garmin and Magellan GPS's in the USA are a third of the price than Oz, would they have Oz maps or would they be extra if I bought from USA PeeKing
  10. Hi all, my brother got me hooked on GeoCaching last weekend and we found 9 in one afternoon in Newcastle, NSW. He uses his Iphone which is fine, does anyone know the cheapest GPS to use and one that can have co-ordinates punch in rather than an address? Peter
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